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Don't price like MoneyGram, be more like...

For all the talk of money transfer prices going to zero, the truth is we are nowhere close to that. Moreover, our brand new pricing API (covering 208 currency corridors) shows pricing is still highly variable across the market.

And pricing remains the number one lever to drive profit.
Aside from how out of touch MoneyGram's pricing is for the corridor (which may help explain some of their declining revenue), the cheapest provider at one value of course doesn't mean the cheapest at all values.

We've extended the chart above for a few players to highlight this:
The discrepancies above are only a tiny snapshot of the different customer acquisition and retention strategies being used across the sector.

Crunch the data and all types of variations appear that the naked eye and an interbank calculator simply can't pick up. 

But are you crunching? And do you have the right data?
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Our new Pricing API for cross-border payments

We've tracked bank and payment company pricing for years for clients ranging from banks and payment organisations, to regulators and investors.

Over the past year the one request we've consistently had is for a live API to track pricing in sector. The use cases:
  • Internal use to set pricing and respond to competitors
  • External use to compare yourself to the competition 
So we built it. And it's live. For 208 corridors and counting. Find out all the details here or get in touch below.
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Revolut steps up its perks

Revolut is taking the next big step by beginning to offer real perks. Its product is now looking more and more like a traditional membership card offering. Its large funding rounds and the growth demanded by investors is pushing a more traditional marketing approach.

This week, Revolut announced business card holders will get three months access to WeWork, and last week consumer premium members were given airport lounge access (a staple for premium cards). 

Just so we're clear, the card perk business is a big business with a few major competitors... :)
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