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Friends, Clients & Prospective Clients;

Welcome to Pincus Perspectives, a quarterly newsletter that will provide updates on the market and our company.  Our goal is to make this newsletter informative for our readers as it relates to both GA Pincus Funds and the economy as a whole.  We LOVE referrals, so please feel free to forward this email along to your friends.  Thanks for reading!

Market Commentary:
Coming off the turmoil caused by Brexit in late June, the remainder of the summer saw a relatively slow and steady rise for the overall market and economy.  The only real fluctuations came from members of the Fed hinting at rate increases and then in September failing to increase those rates.  Mid-September saw a small draw-down in the market and an increase in volatility when it was believed that Hillary Clinton might not win the coming election in a landslide; however, the futures market rallied after the debate indicating a projected Clinton victory in November.

During the quarter, Fixed Income securities held relatively flat, whereas the US equity market rose by approximately 3.5%. The big gainer in the quarter was international stocks with an increase of over 6%; however, that was countered by a 4.2% drop in the broad-based commodity index.  

The upcoming presidential election will continue to add volatility to the market, however, only time will tell which candidate will win and their impact on the US and global economies and stock markets. In either case, GA Pincus Funds will use its algorithm to generate profits from the market swings that a new President will bring.      

Other News:
We are continuing to enhance our 
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Our web designers are continuing to improve our site and next quarter we will be introducing our blog, Pincus Pontifications!  Pincus Pontifications will provide our readers with Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) investment suggestions.  We will translate ongoing current events into ETF-based trading ideas.  Let us know about a topic you are interested in and we will identify the best way to use ETFs to make you money!
GA Pincus Funds Overview
GA Pincus Funds is a Texas Registered Investment Advisor that creates Separately Managed Accounts for our clients using an investment strategy comprised of three main tenets:
  1. Active Management
  2. Low Cost
  3. Transparency
GA Pincus Funds Actively Manages all accounts; investing exclusively in Low Cost ETFs; while allowing all investors Transparent 24/7 real-time access to their accounts.
Our longest running account, split 45% fixed income and 55% equities, has outperformed all but one of its benchmark indices since inception.
Net of all fees, this separately managed account has outperformed its benchmark 11 out of the past 13 quarters, annually, and since inception
Pincus Performance Reviews
Typically, individuals use numerous investment vehicles and strategies to save and invest their assets. By the time people reach 30 years old, they have typically amassed a combination of different investment accounts such as: 401(k)s or 403(b)s, IRAs, SEP IRAs, Roth IRAs, Taxable accounts, Pensions, Profit Sharing Plans, etc.  With so many accounts, some of which have their own investment rules and regulations, it's easy to get confused.  That's where Pincus Performance Reviews come in to play.  

Our staff at GA Pincus Funds will sit down with you and will review all of your different investment accounts.  We will then provide you with a free analysis of your accounts so that you can better understand if your current investments fit your risk profile.  

Aside from the complexities involved in holding multiple investment accounts, you may have noticed that your investment advisors disseminate quarterly or monthly statements that you don't fully understand. Pincus Performance Reviews can help here too.  We will translate your statements, your products, and your performance, so that you may make the best financial choices based on your unique circumstances.  
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Investment Target vs Actual Q3, 2016 Performance
GA Pincus Funds Investment Challenge

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