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Maria Fleischmann, President/Chief Creative Officer

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Always the first Monday in September, Labor Day was the idea of Peter J. Maguire, a labor union leader who in 1882 proposed a celebration honoring the American worker. The date chosen was simply “convenient,” because it was midway between the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving.

Although the day’s focus on organized labor has diminished over the years, the holiday has become a way to mark the end of the summer season—and the start of the school year.
And, of course, a time for family and friends to gather, eat great food, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Innovative Gourmet can create a fabulous picnic or back yard barbeque for lunch or dinner so all YOU have to do is sit back, hang out..and enjoy. I mean--just b'cuz it's labor day-doesn't mean you have to work! #chillout
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The lunch sandwich may be as American as..well…apple pie. But let's face it-- slapping the same smears onto bread — day after day, week after week — can leave kids and parents a little bored.

A balanced, healthy meal will greatly benefit your child.

Statistics show that one in three children are overweight or obese. Since numbers for obesity in children are growing, parents should consider what their kids are eating for lunch and make sure that they have adequate nutrition.

Unhealthy food choices can cause unhealthy habits and behaviors. If kids aren’t learning to eat nutritious meals, it can lead to making bad food choices in their future.

When a child eats nourishing foods and maintains a healthy body weight, they have less of a risk for developing chronic health problems such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Eating healthy and regular physical activity can lead to a healthy body weight, which can help to promote a child’s self esteem.

It’s time to create new, interesting lunch box variations that keep everyone happy and healthy. Just click on the link below and--enjoy!
Click Here for Healthy Lunchbox Recipes
Kids aren't the only ones that need healthy meals.

And--Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.

Eating a nutritious breakfast (or brunch) sets the tone for the day and promotes weight maintenance and weight loss by sustaining blood glucose levels and your metabolism.

Soooo-the next time you have a breakfast meeting, consider kick-starting the day for your employees by ordering a healthy breakfast. 
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Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner.

Things are always hectic during the high holidays and sometimes you feel like the family gathering is over before you had a chance to sit down with your loved ones.

Let Innovative Gourmet handle all of the arrangements so you can enjoy quality family time. We'll tailor your menu to fit your specific tastes. Everything from roast chicken and brisket to bagels and lox, to teiglach and chocolate babka. We'll even bring the wine.

FYI-all orders must be placed by Friday, September 15, 2017. 
We wish everyone a happy, healthy and sweet new year!
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Cauliflower breadsticks and pizza crusts have been showing up on health food blogs for the past year or so, pushing kale chips and spinach smoothies to the side.

Here’s a really simple recipe for a low carb, paleo friendly bread. One bowl, no kneading, no resting time, you just throw all of the ingredients together, mix, place on a baking sheet in the oven, and 20 minutes later you have a delish loaf of bread.

Even those who dislike cauliflower will love this bread b'cuz the cauliflower is undetectable. And--it's a great way to sneak an extra serving of vegetables into even the pickiest of eaters diet.

The cauliflower replaces half of the almond flour which means you’re cutting down on a large amount of calories and carbs while increasing the nutrients in each slice. And FYI- cauliflower has an endless list of health benefits and is high in potassium, vitamin K, fibre, magnesium and vitamin C so there’s no need to feel guilty when you reach for a second slice.

You can use whatever leftovers you have in the fridge; jalapenos, cheddar and bacon---you can use any combination of flavors including sun dried tomatoes, thyme, basil, caramelized onions or feta.

This bread is great topped with butter, it toasts really well and is the perfect thickness to cut in half and use as sandwich bread. Prep time is less than 10 minutes and cook time is 20 minutes. 
Click Here for Cauliflower Bread Recipe


... and Snoballs for Kids...

If you live in Baltimore-there's no such thing as snowballs, snowcones or shaved ice. Here in Bawlmer, we have snoballs!

The snoball by its Baltimore definition, is refreshing, delicious, and even hydrating. And yet for whatever reason, it's virtually nonexistent in all but a few select cities across the U.S.

Although today this signature treat comes in a variety of artificial, neon flavors, its origins are much more natural. 

A lil snoball history… Many years ago, when ice became available for the first time in history, cooler, northeastern states would ship enormous blocks of ice to places like Florida and Louisiana.  The ice route passed right through Baltimore, where children would ask for shavings of ice – shaved, not crushed.  As this became customary, mothers began to prepare syrups to flavor the shaved ice.  Egg custard, a simple combination of eggs, vanilla, and sugar, and one of the easiest flavors to make, is still a favorite in Baltimore today.

**Amusing side note: Twenty years after the snoball made its debut in Baltimore, it was so popular that theaters sold it to patrons during the sweltering summer months.  Because theatergoers were generally the wealthier citizens, snoballs developed a reputation as an upper-class commodity. 

Now-- snoballs for adults are the "big thang" for special events. Lot's 'o different flavors to suit your taste buds mixed with your fave spirits, vodka, gin, rum or whiskey. Sno-tini anyone?

Why not wow your friends with a fab snoball station courtesy of Innovative Gourmet. For the kiddies AND adults!

Wednesday October 18 2017

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Join the Innovative Gourmet team for this amazing fundraising event that benefits the BSO Education Programs. 

The self-guided tour showcases six outstanding Laurelford kitchens where you can experience unique, innovative and beautiful designs of some of the area's finest architects, kitchen designers, builders and specialty contractors. 

Each home will feature a well-known local chef or caterer who will be preparing some of their fave culinary treats for you to sample. 

Check. It. Out!
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