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Dear EIT Health Scandinavia partners and friends,

With our network organisation finally successfully established, I feel I have accomplished my most important goal and it is now time for me to pursue new activities within the educational and training space with a focus in Copenhagen. I will therefore leave our EIT Health organisation as of September 1st. The Board of the Scandinavian CLC will undertake a search and a selection of a new Scandinavian CLC director, but I am very pleased to announce that Henrik Cyren, coming from the City of Uppsala, has accepted to act as an interim Scandinavian CLC Director as per September 1st. I am also pleased to welcome Christos Vaitsis as our new full-time Business Creation manager as of June 1st and Merike Leego as our new part time communication coordinator as of May 1st.

It has been a pleasure serving the Scandinavian CLC, and I wish all our partners, the Scandinavian CLC office and all of EIT Health a successful future!

Palle Høy Jakobsen | Former CLC Director EIT Health Scandinavia

Hello all,
As of the first of September, I have the opportunity to serve as the interim managing director for the Scandinavian CLC.
I feel very welcome and view it as an exciting and challenging task. A job that I am looking forward to take on.

I come from the public sector and have been involved with original Innolife application to the EIT organization as the head liaison for the city of Uppsala. I feel strongly about the Partners role and participation in the EIT Health community, and will focus and work to strengthen our partner groups - for the partners'  benefit as well as for the dynamics of the network as a whole.

The Scandinavian CLC is both strong and successful in EIT Health. We should take pride in that as we aim to make the Scandinavian partner group   even more accessible, coherent and joyful to be a part of and work within.

See you,
Henrik  Cyrén | EIT Health - Scandinavia
Managing Director (interim)/ Innovation manager 

Changes in Supervisory Board

The Partner Assembly approved as well some leadership changes in relation to our Supervisory Board.

The following new Supervisory Board members have been approved: Nora Benhabilès (France), Nathalie Virag and Helen Ward (UK-Ireland) and Jan-Olov Höög (Scandinavia).

The Assembly also approved a limited amendment of our Articles of Association for the purpose of creating an independent SB membership that enables EIT Health to elect an independent chair, in order to be compliant with the current EIT regulations. Alexander von Gabain has been appointed as an independent SB member. Alex has been a very active contributor to EIT Health for numerous years, is well acquainted with the EIT, and has left his duties at Karolinska Institute. Upon the Partner Assembly’s approval, the SB subsequently elected Alex as the new independent chair.

EIT Awards 2017, INNOVEIT 2017

The Scandinavian CLC is proud to have two of its currently running innovation projects nominated for the EIT Awards 2017, INNOVEIT 2017 event. The EIT Awards is a competition showcasing some of Europe's most exciting innovations from all the KICs. The two projects from Scandinavia are the only innovation projects nominated from EIT Health for the competition. Our warmest congratulations to the project teams!!!

The projects are:

1) Started in 2016, the MULTI-MODE Dementia Risk Score App is a novel and unique self-test. It is the only evidence-based app that can detect dementia risk among various age groups, using easily available demographic and lifestyle risk factors. More information here ...

2) Started in 2017, the Stockholm3 (STHLM3) test finds 20% more men with aggressive cancers and at the same time reduces the number of unnecessary biopsies by 50%. The test is now being prepared for roll-out in several European countries by early next year. More information here…

[ Read More about EIT awards and INNOVEIT event ]

Pillar and CLC Update


The Scand Campus group had a meeting Oct 2nd, where the main subject discussed was how to bridge between Campus and the Accelerator. Several ways to connect the Innovation Fellowship programme as well as the E-Labs were found. Both the Fellowship network and the E-Labs will be funded 2018 and are the two Campus projects receiving the largest funding. In addition they are both headed by a Scandinavian activity line coordinator. For 2018 there were six proposals with a Scand PI where five will be funded. In addition to these five projects the Scandinavian partners are involved in a large number of different activities. One of these is Innovation Day, where the idea was outlined from our CLC but is today headed by Imperial College.

Contact person for Campus pillar: Jan-Olov Höög, Jan-Olov.Hoog(at), Professor at Karolinska Institutet


A number of Scandinavian start-ups are currently participating in different Accelerator programs such as the European Health Catapult training and competition program, the GoGlobal MedTech program, the Product/Market Fit program and other. In Business Plan 2018, the Accelerator programs will be updated, such as the Head Start and Proof of Concept(HS/PoC) funding program, which will have an increased budget and updated focus areas. 15 Scandinavian start-ups have benefitted from HS/PoC in 2016-2017. 
In parallel to funding and business mentoring/coaching/scaling programs, the Accelerator is developing further its platforms such as the Crowdfunding platform with focus on bridging citizens, healthcare professionals and innovators cross-European-borders, to fund up to 10-20 start-ups in 2018.

[ Read More for Accelerator programs ]

Contact person for Accelerator pillar: Christos Vaitsis, christos.vaitsis(at), Scandinavian CLC Business Creation Coordinator

Innovation Projects

The Scandinavian Innovation work has been successful. Out of 11 submitted proposals led by a Scandinavian partner, 5 has have been selected for the 2018 business plan either as new projects or continuing (legacy) projects from 2016 and 2017.

3 out of those 5 were in the category Innovation by Design (IbD) and 2 of Innovation be Idea (IbI).
 The proposals submitted from the Scandinavian CLC have shown highest quality and two has been recommended for the outstanding proposal award (EIT). Those were the Multimode proposal and the STHLM3 proposal.
In this coming months we aim to further engage the work group in the Innovation Pillar. This to seek input and proposals from our multitude of partners. Primarily our public partners.
Another very important aspect to the work group is to attempt to quantify “impact” of innovation projects.
Contact person for Innovation projects' pillar: Henrik  Cyrén, henrik.cyren(at), EIT Health Scandinavia, Interim Director / Innovation manager

Workshop on supporting tools and financial and legal structure of EIT Health for Scandinavian Partners

The Scandinavian CLC has invited the Project Management Office (PMO) of EIT Health represented by Kareen Forissier to give a full-day workshop on the two main supporting tools of EIT Health, the Plaza and Connections platforms, but also on financial and legal structure of EIT Health, followed by 1-on-1 sessions. Plaza is the main (and official) tool for all aspects related to management of projects such as monitoring and reporting, and Connections is the platform with all information related to EIT Health and restricted only to partners e.g. events, news, map of all partners and key activities they are involved in, project workspaces, Living Labs, guidance tools etc.
Workshop participants aimed from each partner: legal & finance contacts, persons involved in projects both 2017 and 2018 (e.g. Activity Leaders), persons that need to be informed about Connections/Plaza platforms (where to find what and for whom in these platforms) such as new partner representatives and those who will potentially be involved in future projects.
The same workshop runs: Please register the latest by October 8!

Note:  Please, activate your Plaza and Connections accounts before attending the workshop. To be able to log in to Connections platform, a registration to Plaza is required first, so use the credentials that you have received for EIT Health Plaza to log in. They are identical and make sure you log in to EIT Health Plaza once before which will automatically trigger the sync of your credentials. This is a one-time action. In case you encounter problems, please contact

EIT Health Scandinavian CLC Partners workshop

The Scandinavian CLC will organize in January 2018 a Partner workshop (dates and further details yet TBD). The purpose of the workshop is to:
  • Increase engagement within partners
  • Prepare partners for participating in call for Business Plan 2019 projects (Innovation, Campus and Accelerator)
The workshop will be for both Core and Associate partners of Scandinavian CLC and ideally with more than one representative from each partner and from different areas per partner, e.g. Management, Innovation/Development, Business/Sales, Education/HR etc. Topics that we would like to address in the workshop include:
  • Presentation of the three pillars, Innovation, Campus and Accelerator, and opportunities within each
  • Description of the ambition and details of upcoming call for Business Plan 2019 projects (will be published December 2017)
  • Partners sharing stories of successful projects from 2016 and 2017
  • How to write a successful EIT Health application
  • Partners sharing experienced successful integration of three pillars
  • Networking sessions
More information on the workshop will follow to all partners in the coming weeks.

 News from EIT Health Scandinavian Partners

The University of Copenhagen, a core partner involved in a range of our activities, has just published its annual report on EIT Health activities for 2016-2017.

  Upcoming EIT Health Events 

EIT Health projects – financial and legal guidance (Copenhagen)
12.10.2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

EIT Health MOOC Workshop
12.10.2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

EIT Health projects – financial and legal guidance (Stockholm)
13.10.2017, Stockholm, Sweden

EIT Awareness Day
13.10.2017, Tallin, Estonia

BIO-PUB EIT Health Launch Lab - What is happening at Europe’s cutting edge of digital health solutions?
19.10.2017, Uppsala, Sweden

EIT Health Business Creation Weekend
27-29,10.2017, Uppsala, Sweden

Scandinavian CLC partners meeting
29.11.17, KTH

  Share Your News!

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