CEO Newsletter | November 2016

Dear EIT Health partners,

Last week’s EIT Health Summit involved far too many excellent presentations, discussions and important findings to cover sufficiently in this space. Please watch our website, the Connections intranet and our Social Media channels, for the Summit materials we will share, as well as information on follow-up activities.

One of the obvious overall conclusions I can make is that the creative energy and meaningful work to support promising innovation that we saw at the Summit was a natural continuation and culmination of the work EIT Health has been conducting all year. As we took time to review our progress, it was impressive to see how much we have undertaken and achieved. One particular theme that came up repeatedly was the need to involve patients – not only in their own care, but also in decisions about healthcare innovation. This was seen as the best way to get the full support needed to bring useful innovations to market. 

It was encouraging to see the intelligent and devoted entrepreneurs who competed in the Business Plan Aggregator, engaged partners presenting their Innovation Projects in the poster session, and eager learners describing their experiences with EIT Health educational programmes. The enthusiasm of all the participants was an energizing force that will carry us through the coming months, as we prepare and begin our second year of activities.

At the Summit we also launched the Partner Map, the Living Labs & Test Bed Network as well as an Ideas Exchange tool on Connections. Please have a look.

Among the changes we can expect in the new year is the addition of a new Chief Financial Officer. Stefan Halvax resigned from that position, an interim solution is in place and an active search for candidates is underway.

On 19 December we will be publishing the documents for the Business Plan 2018 Call. We will keep you informed about it.

"The Summit was a show of excellence and tangible energy, offering a demonstration of our achievements and ambitions. I want to thank our partners for their engaging participation."

Sylvie Bove
CEO EIT Health e.V.

 Update from the Pillars

Accelerator Update
+ The winners of the Business Plan Aggregator competition for 2016 were chosen after making their pitches at the EIT Health Summit. First prize winners, who were chosen by the jury were in Medtech: Coldplasmatech; in Biotech, MammaScreen and in Digital Health, Ontoforce. Coldplasmtech received most votes in the Audience Award. See full winners and project descriptions here.
+ EIT Health Accelerator has called upon experts within our community to apply to join the future Market Coach Network, where they can use their knowledge to mentor the entrepreneurs participating in EIT Health activities. Candidates who are ready to share their expertise are warmly invited to seek endorsement by one EIT Health partner and submit their application here.
+ A new brochure explaining how the Business Plan Aggregator works is online here.
+ The Accelerator was involved with the Think Health workshop, which encouraged eHealth start-ups, at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) in Munich, and EIT Health is supporting two start-ups who were in the programme. See more here.

Campus Update
+ EIT Health Campus invites all Core and Associate Partners to apply for the new call for proposals for Summer Schools and Short Courses, for activities taking place in 2017. The call will be published on 1 December here.
+ A new Campus Brochure outlines the EIT Health education pillar and all of our activity lines, and is available to share with anyone seeking more information. Download it here.
+ Check out our new video highlighting the benefits of Summer Schools, and please share it with your partners.
+ A new MOOC entitled “Recognizing and preventing frailty” began on 29 October. Part of EIT Health Campus’s digital stream of activities, the course focuses on frailty in older adults and was produced by FACET, an EIT Health Innovation Project.
+ A MOOC entitled “Healthy Ageing in 6 Steps: Let your environment do the work”, kicks off on 1 December. The course targets older people who want to learn how to live healthier and longer.

Innovation Update
+ Innovation Projects are described in a new series of fact sheets, which were shown in a poster session during the EIT Health Summit, and can be downloaded here.
+ The Innovation Projects Pillar is described in a new video, which can be seen in the web and Vimeo.

 Upcoming Events & Deadlines

1-2.12. Experts on co-creation, innovation and validation in health care and “hands-on living labs and test bed-managers” will meet in Madrid to develop a versatile and reliable network of validation facilities for EIT Health partners and to share best practices. Participants will also mark the start of the “EIT Health Living Labs Academy”, a new place to learn about running, optimising and using Living Labs.
5-8.12. EIT Health participates at the European Commission’s European Summit on Digital Innovation for Active & Healthy Ageing in Brussels.
12.12. The Business Creation Committee has its meeting at the headquarters in Munich, from 10:30am-4:30pm.
12-13.12. A workshop called "Translating science into clinical practice", covering the challenge of translating the research into clinically relevant and commercially viable products, is to be held in Helmholtz Zentrum München - Campus Neuherberg. The course was developed and supported through an EIT Health Innovation Project and created by the DZD German Center for Diabetes Research.
14.12. The Education Committee will have a daylong meeting at the headquarters in Munich, with a dinner for attendees taking place the night before, on 13 December. The event is posted here.
14.12. Design Thinking Workshop on Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship" in Barcelona seeks to identify companies' and other actors' needs, to develop creative ideas. See more here.
15-16.12.  At an EIT Health Workshop on EIT labelling of MSc and PhD programs Uppsala, Sweden, experiences from the 2016 labelling process and plans for 2017 applications will be discussed. Read more here.
1-3.02.17. The EIT Health Matchmaking Event in Uppsala will focus on all three EIT Health Pillars, bringing together 300 participants from the fields of science and enterprise for numerous one-to-one talks and interdisciplinary group sessions in order to address essential challenges within health and innovation. On the event site in Connections you will find instructions on how to book bilateral matchmaking meeting and the link to the dedicated tool, starting Monday, 5 December.

CLC & InnoStars Ticker

+++ BeNe: + The EIT Health PERSPeCtive workshop, a two-day- interactive event took place 7-8 November in Groningen. It allowed aspiring professionals to continue developing training to address the challenge of encouraging active living and healthy ageing.
+ A CLC-meets-CLC gathering took place on 10 November 10th in Rotterdam, where UK/Ireland partners met BENE partners.
+ A successful Partner Assembly of the BENE CLC was held 10 November in preparation for the Supervisory Board meeting at the end of the month.
+ EIT Health Belgium-Netherlands has launched a new call for Proof of Concept and Head Start funding, whose purpose is to accelerate market entry and create new economic activity. Apply here by 1 December. Find out more here.

+++ France: + The ProtectUrHeart living lab, held in Nice during 11-13 November, worked to improve prevention, education and management of cardiovascular disease and to launch a major patient empowerment campaign in the City of Nice.

+++ Germany: + EIT Health was represented at the booth of BIO Clustermanagement NRW GmbH (Associate Partner of EIT Health) at the BIO Europe in Cologne, held 7-9 November, and our CEO Sylvie Bove gave a speech. More info can be found here.
+ An EIT Health truck organised by the German CLC is visiting German partners facilities in an “Awareness and Roadshow” tour since 16 November and it will continue until 16 December. Staff on the truck share knowledge with partner institutions about EIT Health opportunities (ideation, call for proposal submission, matchmaking, funding, visibility, etc.). More info can be found here.
+ On 29-30 November 2016 the 6th Biomarker Conference organised by BioM (an EIT Health Associate Partner) takes place in Munich. EIT Health is represented with a booth and EIT Health CEO Sylvie Bove addresses the conference on 29 November. More information can be found here.
+ On 30 November in Munich, the German CLC’s fourth Partner Assembly of the year gives Core and Associate Partners an update about formal announcements, past activities and future strategic plans of the German CLC. Following the formal Partner Assembly the German CLC management is offering a bilateral cross-CLC meeting with InnoSTARS partners in the afternoon. More information can be found here

+++ Scandinavia: + EIT Health Innovation Day (iDay) took place 18 November in Uppsala University and Karolinska University in Sweden, as well as at København University in Denmark. The event is a new type of interdisciplinary forum where students, the public and private and public actors are invited to work together to find solutions to some of the many challenges facing the health sector. See more about the winning teams in Uppsala here.
+ Eleven start-ups pitched their projects in front of an audience mainly composed of academics, innovation and business hubs and research institutes at the Scandinavia Accelerator Event, held 9 November in Stockholm.

+++ Spain: + Seven promising projects received Head Start (HS) funding, meant to help develop market-oriented business ideas, and two projects received Proof of Concept (POC) funding, which is geared towards projects and business ideas in the early stages, when EIT Health Spain announced the winners of its HS/PoC Programme for 2016.
+ The Global Educators Network for Health Care Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GENiE) conference, brought roughly 80 representatives of universities and industry to Barcelona on 25-26 October to discuss ways to make innovation part of the curriculum for healthcare leaders.
+ A workshop entitled "Frailty: A Societal Challenge in Need of Integrated Solutions", held 27-28 October at the  Polytechnic University of Madrid, brought together a range of experts and project leaders to seek a complete definition and solutions for the concept of frailty, a state of high vulnerability to low-power stressors leading older people to a higher risk of becoming disabled.
+ On 20 October at the Barcelona Mobile World Centre, nine fellows from the third edition of the University of Barcelona Design Health Barcelona master (d·HEALTH Barcelona), which is also sponsored by EIT Health, presented their innovative health projects for the first time in public as part of their graduation ceremony.

+++ UK-Ireland: + As part of the “EIT Health UK/Ireland goes to Europe” tour, Industry partners of the EIT Health UK/Ireland CLC and the Core and Associate Partners of the German CLC joined a bilateral cross-CLC meeting in Cologne to exchange experiences explore ideation and initiate collaboration on 9 November. The Barcelona leg of the tour was on 3 November. Read more about the event in Germany here.
+ Thousands of students from different disciplines attended EIT Health Innovation Day (iDay) on 19 November at Imperial College London, the University of Newcastle and the University of Oxford, UK.

+++ InnoStars: + InnoStars is organizing LaunchLab team visits in November and December, with start-up teams from this EIT Health programme being hosted in Poland (Lodz), Hungary (Budapest), Portugal (Coimbra) and Italy (Campania). Each team is introduced to potential customers and asked to hold a presentation about the LaunchLab program for interested start-ups and entrepreneurs.
+ The last InnoStars Partners Assembly took place in Barcelona on 25 November, the day after the Summit. The meeting was held to summarize 2016 achievements and to prepare for 2017 calls.
+ Two CLC visits for InnoStars Members are organized before the year ends: On 30 November to meet the German CLC in Munich, and on 16 December to meet the UK/Ireland CLC in London.
+ Under the framework of Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) an InnoStars Innovation Day is being planned in Poland (Lodz), Hungary (Budapest), Portugal (Coimbra) and Italy (Campania) to disseminate EIT Health opportunities and to introduce winners of InnoStars Awards and InnoStars GoEurope start-up competitions to the public. Watch for more details.
  EIT Updates
Consortium chosen to establish EIT Food
The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) announced that the consortium has been selected to set up EIT Food, a new pan-European partnership bringing together leading businesses, universities and research organisations with the goal of boosting innovation, growth and job creation and putting Europe at the centre of a global revolution in food. Read more about it here.

Public consultation on implementation of Horizon 2020
A public consultation allowing all citizens and organisations to contribute to an open evaluation of Horizon 2020 has been posted online. According to the announcement, "Contributions are particularly sought from researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators and all types of organisations that have participated in Horizon 2020." Our partners can take part in this online consultation here.

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