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Dear EIT Health Scandinavia partners and friends,


The current period is important, as we had 150 EIT Health proposals submitted, including 88 for Innovation Projects (71 Innovation by Ideas and 17 Innovation by Design), 47 for Campus activities and 15 for Accelerator activities, of which some have made it through the review process and are currently invited to the hearings process. Scandinavian partners have demonstrated their engagement in the process by being part of the applicant group in many applications.

Locally, the Scandinavian CLC has awarded proof of concept/Head start grants of 50.000 Euro to six start-up companies in Scandinavia with links to our Scandinavian partners. At the moment, selected Scandinavian start-up companies join a competitive business plan competition process (European Health Catapult programme).

Our public partners met early in May in Copenhagen to see the Living Lab of the City of Copenhagen and to discuss joint EIT Health priorities for our city and municipality partners going forward.

The Scandinavian CLC will now adopt a one year trial period where we will invite up to 20 selected organisation to join us as Network Partners, a new partner category adopted for regional CLC activities.

Scandinavian innovation projects of 2017 have started their activities and preparations for 2017 summer school and innovation day activities have started among our academic partners.

Finally, we have within EIT Health launched a strategy process including surveys, interviews and a strategy meeting in order to get a feedback from our partners about the future direction for EIT Health.

With our network organisation finally successfully established, I feel I have accomplished my most important goal and it is now time for me to pursue new activities within the educational and training space with a focus in Copenhagen. I will therefore leave our EIT Health organisation as of September 1st. The Board of the Scandinavian CLC will undertake a search and a selection of a new Scandinavian CLC director, but I am very pleased to announce that Henrik Cyren, coming from the City of Uppsala, has accepted to act as an interim Scandinavian CLC Director as per September 1st. I am also pleased to welcome Christos Vaitsis as our new full-time Business Creation manager as of June 1st and Merike Leego as our new part time communication coordinator as of May 1st.


It has been a pleasure serving the Scandinavian CLC, and I wish all our partners, the Scandinavian CLC office and all of EIT-Health a successful future!

Palle Høy Jakobsen

CLC Managing Director,
EIT Health Scandinavia

Palle Høy Jakobsen,
CLC Scandinavia Director

Winners of HS/PoC call for projects

We are delighted to announce the winners from Scandinavian region of the EIT Health Head Start and Proof of Concept Funding Programme.

The winners are:

  • Karolinska Institutet Innovation AB with the project: ‘’Bactaviva’’. Bactaviva will offer novel services for prevention and treatment of imbalanced gut flora in a safe and convenient manner through collection and storage of individual healthy fecal samples, and delivery, on demand, of capsules for autologous fecal microbio.
  • Inossia AB with the project: ‘’Bone cement for osteoporotic bone to support active ageing’’. The new bone cement is adapted to osteoporotic bone, decreases the risk for new fractures, and help elderly people to continue to have an active life without pain and functional loss.
  • TATA Medical AB with the project: ‘’Fail-safe connector’’ to solve a global problem by protecting over 270 million infusion tubes per year from accidental dislodgement.
  • MyIndicators 46 AB with the project: ‘’MyIndicators’’. MyIndicators turns complex and qualitative goals - living a healthier life, into ongoing measurable and tailor-made indicators between healthcare centres and patients with multiple chronic diseases.
  • Tubus Technology with the project: ‘’TubusOne Product Market Fit in EU and U.S’’. TubusOne is a pneumatic low-tech communication device that help people with disabilities in arms and hands communicate via tablets and smartphones.
  • Physio R&D IVS with the project: ‘’Market launch of an innovative telerehabilitation solution for chronic diseases.’’ VAPA (Virtual Autonomous Physiotherapy Agent) is a novel solution that takes physiotherapy one step beyond already existing approaches, one step closer to patients.

Scandinavian participation on Catapult call for projects

20 applications were submitted to the European Health Catapult Prize Award Programme from startups, spin-offs and SMEs of Scandinavian Region. The applicants are distributed as follows:

    Sweden: 9

    Denmark: 5

    Estonia: 3

    Finland: 2

    Norway: 1


The Scandinavian CLC is currently reviewing the applications and will nominate the best 2 applicants for each of the MedTech, Biotech and Digital Health categories for the 2nd stage of the Catapult programme.

Scandinavian partners in Innovation Projects

Number of applications from Scandinavia to the 2018 call for projects:

11 innovation project proposals in total

       5 Innovation by Design
       6 Innovation by Idea

Communication in EIT-Health
To be more visible, EIT Health is launching soon new website, where each CLC will have its own sub-page. EIT Health has also set up several social media channels for your service (,, It is warmly welcomed to follow the social media channels for receiving speedy information. If you or your Communication Officer would like to post news to the whole consortium via these channels, please contact
Please be aware that there is a public LinkedIn group that can be populated with subgroups. If you wish to set up a space to enable conversation, someone will need to act as facilitator.
For including your news or events to the newsletters, please suggest these via our intranet EIT Health Connections, where are the special forms for that. The Editorial Board decides about news publication.
The EIT Health logos and the Brand Book are also available in Connections, under Guidance for Partners, in the Section “Communication and brand”: All activities must refer to the EIT Health logo, the EU flag and sentence “EIT Health is supported by EIT, a body of the European Union”.

The EIT Health logo is to be used for EVERY external communication, as well when acting locally (regional events, local press release, etc.). To the outside world, we have to appear with one logo. Only for internal communication of the CLC/InnoStars entities to their partners it is allowed to use the CLC/InnoStars logo. There are ready-to-use templates for presentations, documents, etc. in EIT Health Connections. They are fully in line with the Brand Book.
When you want to issue official press releases on behalf of EIT Health you have to validate them with Sabine Schumann, Head of Communications, EIT Health. You should send the draft press-release to:
MiniQ project story
MiniQ – a patient centered clinical decision support system for drug use in elderly people

Medication can be of more harm than benefit for elderly people. The growing proportion of elderly persons and their increasing drug use call for more vigilance against drug related problems. Many may be prevented through clinical decision support systems (CDSS); miniQ is one of the most powerful CDSS in Europe for optimizing drug treatment among elderly people. It is a web based system that can be integrated with existing electronic medical records (EMR) and can be used to aid drug prescription and drug utilization reviews. The miniQ system monitors drug use in elderly people, based on established quality criteria. It is accessible by physicians, nurses, patients, relatives, pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists, ensuring that drug-related problems can be quickly identified and resolved.

miniQ started receiving support from EIT Health as an Innovation Project in 2016. It is a complex system and its development started in 1997. It is successfully used the last decade in the Swedish healthcare context integrated to different EMRs. Karolinska Institutet leads the miniQ project in collaboration with partners from Spain - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and UK - University Hospital Birmingham (AHSN), West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN).

miniQ has now been translated into English and Spanish and is prepared for drug use analysis according to the European STOPP/START criteria. Work is currently underway to adapt the analysis module to the national drug formularies in UK and Spain. More information here.

Introduction of new partner Skåne

Region Skåne has been approached by representatives for the Scandinavian CLC with a request to apply for membership in EIT Health as a core partner. Region Skåne has, in collaboration with Innovation Skåne AB, considered the request and a first strategic analysis clearly indicates that Region Skåne could significantly strengthen its position with respect to European reach, innovation and growth by contributing to and participating in the EIT Health program.

Region Skåne is thus prepared to apply for and to start negotiations with the EIT Health management team on terms and conditions for core partnership.


Skåne is the southernmost county of Sweden. The population of 1.25 million inhabitants lives on 11 027 square km. Skåne has a central location in the south Baltic region, with close connection to Copenhagen. The regional administration is referred to as Region Skåne and has the dual mission to provide welfare services, mainly healthcare services, and to govern for the overall development of the county, including innovation and growth. Innovation Skåne is entirely owned by Region Skåne and should support Region Skåne in its dual mission and with a specific focus on innovation within healthcare.

In 2012 the Smart Specialisation Strategy was prepared by Region Skåne and approved by all main regional stakeholders, including the two main universities and representatives from the regional industries. The S3 strategy “The International Innovation Strategy for Skåne 2020” identifies three priority areas for innovation; Personal Health, Smart Materials, and Smart Sustainable Cities. The Personal Health priority area is extremely well aligned with the mission and the structure of the EIT Health Program. The S3 strategy is further specialised by a Life Science strategy for Region Skåne.

In 2016 Region Skåne and the municipalities in Skåne were for the second time selected as a reference site within the EIP AHA (Assisted and Active Ageing) initiative - a strong indication of the collaborative partnership within the county among the regional administration and the municipalities with respect to welfare services.

Region Skåne has taken a key national position regarding eHealth services and digitalisation within healthcare. In December 2016 a major eHealth innovation project “Nordic Industry Accelerator” was approved within the ÖKS InterReg program with Innovation Skåne as lead partner and coordinator.


  • European reach for companies within regional accelerator programs, within a specific focus on small companies with a high potential to become fast-growing
  • Further leverage of regional innovation strengths through European partnership and innovation projects
  • Benchmarking with other regions/partners with the objective to agree on joint strategic development plans
  • Leanings and solutions from best practises related to prioritised demands and challenges for the healthcare system in Skåne
  • Further develop strategic partnership and running joint activities (e.g. CAMPUS) within CLC associated partners in Denmark.


  • Systemic leadership regarding innovation and digitalisation within healthcare
  • Key competences regarding innovation process methodologies, e.g. pre-commercial procurement, systematic demand analysis, service innovation, user-driven innovation and quantitative effect analysis
  • “testbed facilities” for validation of services and products, and “reality-based innovation arenas”
  • Close partnership with public actors (regional administrations and municipalities) and universities with a joint ambition to addressing challenges and demands in the society through innovation
  • Extensive network of entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs within Life Science and eHealth


Bengt Stavenow, Innovation Skåne,, +46705181525
Lennart Svensson, Region Skåne,, +46768870445

Upcoming Events in Scandinavia

Folkemødet 2017 public forum

15.06.2017 - 18.06.2017, Bornholm, Denmark


GeneForum 2017, Registration Deadline 9 June

15.-16.06.2017, Tartu Estonia


Deadline 16 June:

DPhil/PhD Transition Fellowships

16.06.2017, Online


2017 EIT Health/ACM SIGCHI Summer School on User-Centered Design of e-Health and m-Health Systems

26.06.2017 - 30.06.2017, Dublin, Ireland and Stockholm, Sweden


Call for Workshop Participation "Prospective Teachers of New Executive Masterclasses in Healthcare Informatics"

26.06.2017 - 27.06.2017, Copenhagen, Denmark


Almedalsveckan retreat 2017

02.07.2017 - 09.07.2017, Visby, Sweden

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