UK-Ireland Newsletter | February 2017

Dear EIT Health UK-Ireland Partners and Friends,

The first two months of the new EIT Health year seem to have flown by with many of our BP2017 activities and projects kicking-off, and many more exciting initiatives and events still to be launched.

Thank you to all who contributed to the success of the first major EIT Health event for the year. With close to 300 attendees, more than 500 scheduled face-to-face meetings and a number of interdisciplinary sessions the EIT Health Matchmaking Event in Uppsala was nearly as big as the inaugural EIT Health summit last year. The event aimed to encourage all our EIT Health partners to collaborate across our three Pillars – Campus, Innovation and Accelerator - as we work towards the EIT Health BP2018. I look forward to hearing about the exciting proposals that will come out of the face-to-face meetings. The matchmaking event was closely followed by the 2017 Global Investor Forum in Maastricht where many EIT Health supported start-ups incl. Eartex and ProVerum Medical (which are supported by the UK-Ireland partnership), were given a platform to pitch to a global investor board.

This month EIT Health also launched a number of Participation Calls for its 2017 Accelerator programme including the 2017 Call for Applications for Headstart and Proof-of-Concept Grant Funding, where we will yet again award a number of non-equity grants worth up to EUR 50,000 to promising start-ups and entrepreneurs linked to our local partnership. And on this note I would like to congratulate some of last year’s winners and finalists on recent achievements: ProVerum Medical (winner 2016 round) successfully spun-out of Trinity College Dublin earlier this year and PhysioWizard (finalist 2016 round) was backed by Scotland’s top business angel investment syndicate Archangels. Congratulations to Conor Harkin and Kirsten Lord and their respective teams.

I invite you to peruse the sections below for further details on the highlights mentioned above, a listing of upcoming EIT Health events & deadlines, and some local news and funding opportunities such as Innovate UK’s funding competition: Innovation in Health and Life Sciences (Round 2).

Katharina Ladewig
CLC Managing Director
EIT Health UK-Ireland

"Congratulations to the teams from ProVerum, Eartex and PhysioWizard on their recent successes and presentations!"

 Katharina Ladewig
CLC Managing Director
EIT Health UK-Ireland
EIT Health 2017 Accelerator Programmes Launched


EIT Health has now launched its 2017 Accelerator Programme and is currently accepting applications from eligible individuals and companies to seek funding from, participate in or contribute to these programmes. Deadlines are listed below:

The Incubate programme

Launchlab - deadline for applications: 15th July 2017
Venturelab - deadline for applications: 31st March 2017
Caixa Impulse - deadline for applications: 22nd March 2017
I-Integrate - started in January 2017    

The Validate programme

Living labs and test beds - open all year
Market coach network - open all year
Point Lab - open all year
MAPS - started in January 2017
Product/Market Fit - deadline for applications: 31st March 2017

The Scale programme

European Health Catapult (formerly Business Plan Aggregator) - deadline for applications: 31st March 2017
Investors network - open all year
Crowd-financing platform - open all year
Headstart and Proof of Concept fund - deadline: 31st March 2017
GoGlobal programme - deadline for application: 31st March 2017

Please refer to the Invitation for Programme participation 2017 as well as the individual calls accessible from the main EIT Health Accelerator webpage to find out what each programme offers, decide which programme(s) is/are right for you, and how you can become involved.

 Pillar and CLC Update

Business Plan 2018 Call for Proposals (Accelerator Activities):
After the very successful implementation of the 2016 Business Plan and the recent kick-off of our 2017 activities and projects earlier this year, EIT Health currently invites all EIT Health core and associate partners to submit proposals to its BP2018 call. Calls specific to EIT Health’s Accelerator Pillar comprise a call for new Bootcamp programmes and a call for new GoGlobal programmes. Details can be found in the BP2018 call document. Proposals must be submitted by 12th April 2017 via the EIT Health  PLAZA platform. Support available to partners includes regular webinars (see further below) and a document which details the expected input fields for PLAZA.

2017 Headstart and Proof-of-Concept Call for Applications:
Applications for EIT Health 2017 Headstart and Proof-of-Concept Grants are now open and will close on 31st March 2017 (noon, CET). This funding is made available by EIT Health to individuals, emerging companies and SMEs, with the aim of accelerating market entry and creating new economic activity. The Proof-of-Concept funding is suitable for individuals and organisations that have a well-developed prototype and are ready to launch a product. Applications will be accepted from organisations that are not yet incorporated as companies, but we will expect that a company will be formed within six months of the funding being awarded. Headstart funding is open to established companies that are already trading but wish to explore new markets. All applicants must be based in one of EIT Health regions/countries of operation. A detailed description of the call for applications and the country/region-specific funding information can be found in this document.
Apply here

2017 Call for Applications for Product/Market Fit Funding:
Entering a new market as a health start-up requires correct market insights, knowledge of regulation, adequate contacts and a possible re-fit of your product and/or business model to the necessities of that market. Going on your own as a startup requires a lot of resources, time and money. The EIT Health 2017 Product/Market Fit Programme is offering startups a quick market scan in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Applications are now invited and will close on 31st March 2017 (noon, CET). Companies need to be at the right maturity stage and must fulfill a couple of basic requirements to profit most from the product/market fit service. A detailed description of the requirements can be found in the call for applications.

Apply here

2017 Call for Applications for GoGlobal Programmes:
EIT Health is now seeking applications from suitable companies and individuals for its 2017 GoGlobal programme. The target participant profile in the Go Global programme is a startup or young company that has started to sell within their home market and has the ambition to expand on the international market within the next 12 months. No requirements are made on the sales to-date, but proof should be provided that the product works and that customers are willing to pay for it. Any suitable company in the geography covered by the EIT Health CLCs can apply, but the company has to be recommended as a participant by the CLCs. There are no other requirements on having direct connections with/to EIT Health or its partners.

Apply here

2016 Accelerator Finalist PhysioWizard Closes Investment Round:
EIT Health congratulates Kirsten Lord and her team at PhysioWizard (finalists in the 2016 Headstart/Proof-of-Concept Funding Round) on winning financial backing from Scotland’s top business angel investment syndicate, Archangels, with support from Scotland’s leading medtech and digital health incubator, MediCity Scotland, which is part of the BioCity Group.
PhysioWizard is a Scottish early stage company, whose expert system has the potential to revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered. It is the world’s first clinically validated and CE Marked self-assessment online platform which has been proven to replicate a physiotherapist’s assessment with 93% clinical accuracy. The full press release by Archangels can be found here.

ProVerum Successfully Spins-Out from Trinity College Dublin:
EIT Health congratulates Conor Harkin and his team at ProVerum ((2016 Launchlab participant and  2016 Headstart/Proof-of-Concept Awardee) on their successful spin-out from Trinity College Dublin. The next opportunity to meet Conor and his team is at The MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit in Dublin (24-25th April 2017).

Registrations Still Open for Market Coach Network:
EIT Health maintains a European network of experts, who provide coaching and mentoring services to entrepreneurs and project leaders in relevant health/ageing areas through relevant market expertise and specific local knowledge. Interested individuals are now invited to register for this market coach network. By registering and mentoring our start-ups, the coaches will not only have the chance to interact with our exciting start-ups and entrepreneurs, extend their professional network at European level and find new business opportunities, but will also support start-up acceleration, SME expansion and business creation out of EIT Health activities and projects, for which we are extremely grateful. For a letter of support and further information please contact the CLC office. (


Business Plan 2018 Call for Proposals (Campus Activities):
After the very successful implementation of the 2016 Business Plan and the recent kick-off of our 2017 activities and projects earlier this year, EIT Health currently invites all EIT Health core and associate partners to submit proposals to its BP2018 call. Calls specific to EIT Health’s Campus Pillar comprise calls to expand the scope and reach of the following programmes: Training for Students, Training for Entrepreneurs and Innovators, Training for Health Professionals & Executives and Citizen Programmes. Proposed activities should offer training for and empowerment to students, entrepreneurs and citizens, and should focus around health-related innovation. Details can be found in the BP2018 call document. Proposals must be submitted by 12th April 2017 via the EIT Health  PLAZA platform. Support available to partners includes regular webinars (see further below) and a document which details the expected input fields for PLAZA.

2017 Summer Schools  - Registrations to Open Soon:
As in previous years EIT Health’s Campus partners will offer a range of summer schools and short courses. This year’s topics include: Digitising home-based health care; Innovation in Chronic Disease Interventions; Bridging innovation, didactics, faculty, students and enterprise; Digital Innovation in Diabetes Care; Big Data for Healthy Living; User- Centered Design of e-Health and m-Health Systems; Digital Hospital Transformation. Watch the EIT Health Campus website for details on how to register for your preferred 2017 summer school!
EIT labeled Master Programs Open for Registration:
Students can still register for the "Innovation in Healthcare Master" programme. See here for more details.


Business Plan 2018 Call for Proposals (Innovation Projects Activities):
After the very successful implementation of the 2016 Business Plan and the recent kick-off of our 2017 activities and projects earlier this year, EIT Health currently invites all EIT Health core and associate partners to submit proposals to its BP2018 call. Calls specific to EIT Health’s Innovation Pillar are the same as in previous years: Calls for Innovation by Ideas (IdI) projects and Innovation by Design (IbD) projects. Maximum project duration, funding limits, and thematic areas remain unchanged from previous years. Details can be found in the BP2018 call document. Proposals must be submitted by 12th April 2017 via the EIT Health  PLAZA platform. Support available to partners includes regular webinars (see further below) and a document which details the expected input fields for PLAZA.

Overview of 2017 Projects:
Fourteen new projects commenced in 2017 and add to EIT Health’s continuing Innovation Project portfolio. The complete list of 2017 projects can be found here, along with each project’s factsheet available for download. In 2016, EIT Health supported 22 innovation projects, which are featured in this video.



2017 Team Announcement:
We are pleased to welcome Ms. Roberta Giammaria as new Communication Support for the UK-Ireland CLC office (email: Phone: +44(0)7922097409). She will be primarily working Thursdays and Fridays. As for 2017 pillar leads in the CLC: Prof. Helen Ward will continue as the CLC’s Education Lead (email: ), Dr. Paul Anglim will continue as the CLC’s Business Creation Lead (email:;) and Dr. Katharina Ladewig will continue as the CLC’s Innovation Lead (Email: Please direct any pillar related questions/communications to them and all other communication to

PMO Visits to the EIT Health UK-Ireland CLC:
In order to assist EIT Health partners based in the British Isles with their BP2017 activity administration and their BP2018 proposal submissions, the CLC office has arranged for staff from the EIT Health project management office (PMO) to visit the CLC’s partners in person. This is in addition to the webinars offered by the PMO, which are open to all EIT Health partners on a regular basis.
The first CLC specific workshop will take place on 6th March 2017 at Trinity College Dublin and is open to all EIT Health partners based in Ireland. The second workshop will take place on 10th March 2017 at Newcastle University (details tbc). Other workshops to follow if needed.
 Our Innovators


EarTex develops intelligent ear defenders for heavy industry using advanced technology to improve workplace efficiency, communication and health & safety. The EarTex wireless ‘in-the-ear’ devices overcome the issues presented by hearing loss and hearing aids while also providing real time notifications to the wearer. The custom fit, modular design earbuds are far cheaper than traditional hearing aids as the user maintains control via a smartphone in real-time rather than relying on a third party. EarTex was founded in 2015 and joined EIT Health in 2016 as part of our Entrepreneurs network within the Accelerator Pillar.

Contact: David Greenberg

Antonios Chronopoulos

Antonios Chronopoulos is developing a novel, portable cancer diagnostic device that detects early stages of pancreatic cancer from a small blood sample. The palm-sized device leverages cutting edge microfluidic technology to enable automated label-free purification and ultrasensitive on-chip detection gìof exosomes. Exosome are tiny nanometre-sized vesicles released by tumours in the bloodstream, which have recently emerged as powerful circulating cancer biomarkers.

He holds a degree in Physics from the University of Athens and a Master’s degree in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine from University College London (UCL). He is currently pursuing his PhD in Bioengineering at Imperial College London and has recently be selected to join the Imperial-MIT Global Fellows Programme.

Contact: Antonios Chronopoulos
 Upcoming Events & Deadlines

28.02.17 / 22.03.17 BP2018 call: Introduction and Q&A Webinars
EIT Health will run a number of webinars in order to introduce you to legal and financial concepts in relation to EIT. These webinars will also be recorded and made available on Connections. The next dates are: 28th February 2017 at 10:00am (CET, GMT+01:00) and 22nd March 2017 at 4:00pm (CET, GMT+01:00).
Login details can be found on Connections.

06.02.17 Deadline 31 March: 2017 Call for Applications for Headstart, POC Funding
EIT Health is now seeking applications from suitable companies and individuals for the 2017 round of Headstart and Proof-of-Concept Grants, which can be as large as €50 000.
As part of its Accelerator activities, EIT Health provides funding for emerging companies and SMEs ... 
Read More

23.02.17 EIT Health Spain General Assembly
On 23 of February EIT Health Spain partner General Assembly will take place in the Science Park of the University of Barcelona.
During the meeting, we will give an update of the CLC's current activities and discuss future plans.

24.02.17 4th National Congress of Scientific Entrepreneurs
From 24 to 25 February, the 4th National Congress of Scientific Entrepreneurs, organised by the Spanish Association of Scientific Entrepreneurs (AEEC), will be held at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona.
This congress aims to promote the setting up of science and technology-based compa ... Read More

06.03.17 Call for Workshop Participation "Prospective Teachers of New Executive Masterclasses in Healthcare Informatics"
Within the framework of EIT Health, the University of Copenhagen, the Eindhoven University of Technology and the Copenhagen Business School (CBS Executive) are looking for prospective teachers who can help with developing a new cu ... Read More

07.03.17 6th BIO.NRW Business Angel Congress
New tools that can support investments in life sciences in Germany, including state assistance or European-based support from EIT Health and others, will be discussed at the 6th International Business Angel Congress of BIO.NRW at the Hyatt Regency in Düsseldorf on 7 March. EIT Health is a partner ... Read More

20.03.17 BIO-Europe Spring (BES)
BIO-Europe Spring (BES), the premier springtime partnering conference which takes place in Europe and every year attracts during three days international biotech, pharma and financial professionals, returns to Barcelona in 20-22 March 2017, following the success of the editions held in 2010 and 20 ... Read More

23.03.17 Workshops for Innovation Project leaders start 22 March
Senior executives leading EIT Health Innovation Projects can benefit from the intensive training offered through a workshop series designed exclusively for their needs, beginning 22-24 March in Barcelona.
Organised by IESE Business School, in collaboration with BIO.NRW and Leuven Universit ... Read More

12.04.17 Deadline April, 12: Calls for Proposals for 2018
The Calls for Proposals for EIT Health’s 2018 Business Plan has been published, and we invite all partners who might want to propose activities to download it from the link below.
The deadline for submissions is 12 April 2017, 16:00 (CET).

The Calls ... Read More

  Local News and Funding Opportunities

Masschallenge UK Recruitment Event
Have you ever thought about taking the plunge and working for a startup? Perhaps you’re looking for a new early stage venture to add value to. Whatever your reason, come along to an evening pitches done by startups taking part in the MassChallenge East London Business Booster programme on their companies and the roles that they're looking to fill in 2017. Each startup will have a minute on stage to pitch themselves and current opportunities in the business. It's fun, fast paced, and shows off the personality of a wide variety of startup founders. Find them after their spotlight on stage in the networking that follows and strike up a conversation about how you might be the next essential hire in their business or schedule a meeting to learn more about the business.
This event will be held on 23rd February 2017. Click here to register.

H2020 SME Instrument - 3 more cut-off dates in 2017 for health-related calls
In addition to EIT Health’s funding and support instruments for SMEs and start-ups, the H2020 SME instrument could be another source of EU funding for your innovative idea or healthcare product. The relevant health-related sub-calls all have 3 further cut-off dates in 2017 and interested individuals and companies should follow these links for further information: Supporting innovative SMEs in the healthcare biotechnology sector;  Accelerating market introduction of ICT solutions for Health, Well-Being and Ageing Well;

Third EU Health Programme - New call in Rare Disease Registries
The Third EU Health Programme is the main instrument that the Commission uses to implement the EU Health Strategy. Annual work plans of the Programme set out priority areas and the criteria for its funding actions. The total budget for the programme is € 449.4 million. The programme has 4 overarching objectives which seek to: Promote health, prevent diseases and foster supportive environments for healthy lifestyles taking into account the 'health in all policies' principle; Protect Union citizens from serious cross-border health threats; Contribute to innovative, efficient and sustainable health systems; Facilitate access to better and safer healthcare for Union citizens. The currently open call (Topic: Rare Disease Strategies) closes on 17th March 2017.

Innovate UK: Funding Competition - Innovation in Health and Sciences (Round 2) now open!
The UK Government has gone ahead with the second round of its Funding Competition Innovation in Health and Sciences. Businesses can apply for a share of £15 million for projects that support SMEs to develop innovations in health and life sciences. Innovate UK is investing up to £15 million in projects addressing technical or commercial challenges in health and life sciences (H&LS). The H&LS sector focuses on agriculture, food and healthcare. The aim of this funding instrument is to increase competitiveness for UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Further details about this opportunity can be found here.

Innovate UK: Funding Competition -  Biomedical Catalyst 2017 (Round 1)
The Biomedical Catalyst supports innovative solutions to healthcare challenges. Innovate UK, the Medical Research Council and Scottish Enterprise fund Biomedical Catalyst awards. The aim of this competition is to develop innovative healthcare technologies and processes that will help provide: disease prevention and proactive management of health and chronic conditions; earlier and better detection and diagnosis of disease, leading to better patient outcomes; tailored treatments that either change the underlying disease or offer potential cures. This competition has 2 award-levels: up to £200,000 (Feasibility Study) and £200,000- £1.5 million (Primer Award). For details on eligibility and how to apply see here. The next submission deadline is: 15th March 2017 (Topic: Regenerative Medicine)

Support for Irish SMEs and Start-ups
Enterprise Ireland, the Irish state agency responsible for the development and growth of Irish companies in global markets, invested €32 million in Irish start-ups in 2016 and supported a total of 229 start-up companies, the highest number to date in a single year. Investment was provided in the form of Competitive Start Funds (CSFs) and High Potential Start-Up (HSPU) funding. There are over 170 different Government supports for Irish start-ups and small businesses, and Enterprise Ireland developed a helpful Online Guide to help Irish start-ups and small businesses navigate the range of Government supports available. Upcoming Competitive Start Fund 2017 Call Dates
Read more 

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