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Do you love Stoa?  Do you love tournaments? 
You will LOVE attending our year-end national tournament called NITOC (National Invitational Tournament of Champions).  If you earn two green checks marks throughout this competitive season, you will receive an invitation (thus – invitational tournament of champions) to compete at our national tournament at Union University in Jacksonville, TN May 29-June 3. 

Even if you don’t qualify this year, consider attending to judge, learn, and get to know others in our league from across our nation.  You will LOVE the friendships you develop and be inspired for next year.  Each month we will send out this NITOC Nugget – a literal goldmine of information about our national tournament. 

Let us know your questions!  We love to hear from you. 


It may be chilly outside in many states throughout 'Stoa-land', but our NITOC forecast is bright, warm, friendly skies perfect for competition May 28-June 3.  Already over 40 tournaments have been on our Stoa calendar with students continuing to hone their skills as they strive to improve and earn a 2017 NITOC invitation. 

Last year, 575 students participated at our National Invitational Tournament of Champions making it one of the largest national home school competitions.  Students - press on with excellence to be among those working hard to excel in their speaking and debating!

NITOC is a 'team performance' that is only possible when we have many members all committed and pulling together.  We NEED YOU!  The proverb "many hands make for light work" is certainly true for NITOC.  There is a place for every person to serve at NITOC 2017!  We are currently in the process of organizing some of our teams, so it is the perfect time to get in touch and let us know you are willing.  Here are a few key areas & who you can contact to find out more:

Facility team - security, hall monitors - contact Ron or Kerry Beaman -
Sponsor/vendor/scholarship coordination - contact Patricia Shaw -
Timekeepers - contact Darla Magness -
Social event - contact Deb Riedy -
Photography/Video – contact Gary Cardinale -

All other areas of interest, please contact Angela Childress -


Great news to report!  Many of you asked for a facility with on-campus housing and we have it at UNION UNIVERSITY! You will LOVE living on campus during the competition!  
  • Fabulous price! $350 for the WEEK (Sun through Sun) That's just $50 a night! 
  • Fabulous location! (just walk to your competition room)
  • Fabulous features! (kitchen, washer/dryer, 4 bedrooms around a shared living room)
All reservations for campus housing must go through Stoa, not Union University.  Find out more details here, and reserve your room soon! 

Registration for dorm reservations open Feb 21 at 5pm CST!

Read through the instructions carefully.  This is NOT like registering for a tournament.  There will be differences. For example, when you register, you will immediately be placed on a waitlist so we can take the time to match you with the right dorm for you! Our goal is to save you time and additional processing fees caused through incorrect registration. Half-suite option is available if you are approved by the coordinator to share a suite between 2 responsible parties. All minors must be the same gender.

Also, with this dorm reservation process please be patient with our volunteer registrar as we tackle this enormous project for the first time in years. We welcome your kind communications, and your appreciation for our helpful Housing Coordinator.

If you prefer a hotel, you can read about those here:!


Eats and Treats!

Treat yourself to the Union hospitality!!! You'll be treated to on-site, freshly prepared items at every meal, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and soups at our salad bar along with hors d'oeuvres, treats and sweets for the entire week! This is all planned and coordinated with Union staff by our own Janine Wilkins, who prepared our delicious judge hospitality last year. Take the week off cooking and shopping and celebrate our children's accomplishments!
In addition, we are happy to announce the free refill Union Stoa tumbler!  Purchase one of these distinctive, functional cups (double wall, vacuum sealed), and refill your drink all week long for no charge at the Lexington Inn and of course the cafeteria! You will just LOVE it!

"I visited Union in September and got one of these cups - it’s my FAVORITE, y’all! Easy grip, comfortable lid, keeps my hot drinks hot and my cold drinks cold for a LONG time." - MelRae Ambs

Speech Committee Wants to Hear from YOU!

Do you love the new ballots?  Is Cold Reading spreading love in the tournaments you have attended? The Speech committee wants to hear from you! We have compiled a mid-season survey. Please show the love to the Speech Committee. Your answers will help us make the changes you think are important.  REMEMBER! This is a survey not a vote. That means competitors and parents need not have the same opinion. You can weigh in separately! Please take the time to let us hear from you.

Enter survey here!


Stoa Academy registration is now open!

Learn more about debate theory!  Discuss character and club issues!  Get tips and exercises to improve speeches!
Stoa Academy is for parents, coaches, and alumni.  Join us to receive valuable help, tips, and encouragement!  You will ♥love♥ it!

Register now to receive the Early Bird price!

MelRae Ambs and Angela Childress,
NITOC 2017 Tournament Directors 

Speaking Boldly.  Changing the world for Christ.

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