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Hi Friends, 

Because I won’t get to see you for a while, I wanted to reach out and check in with all of you. I hope this Special Edition news article finds all of you and your families doing well.

Since we were last together, I got all of our music room plants and trees home (with the help of my daughter Olivia). They seem to be happy in their new surroundings but I am certain they miss the wonderful sounds of your voices (talking and singing), songs (singing, clapping, snapping, instruments, music sound tracks), and gentle “two finger touches” on their leaves.

I think about our classes every day, and I’m realizing just how much I miss you! Here’s something that I do to make me feel connected with our Armatage music days… I think about what day it would be (Day 1, Day 2, etc.). At this point, here’s where we are: Monday = Day 4, Tuesday = Day 5, Wednesday = Day 1, Thursday = Day 2, and Friday = Day 3.  

Here are some things to try for fun and for feeling connected: 

  • Think about what day it is and what specialist you would be going to. 

  • Think about what you might be doing in your specialist class that day.

  • Think about your classroom and what your morning meeting might look like. What are things you would be discussing?

  • If you were in music class and it was your turn to take attendance, what would you choose (…what’s your favorite _____________?)?

  • When we clean up would you be a straightener today? If so, where would you go? What would you do? Which song would you hope to straighten?

Theses are just suggestions to keep us thinking about school and our routines that we follow during our day.

The vocabulary word for all of us this week will be a capella. This means singing without instrumental accompaniment. I am going to give each grade level a song or 2 to sing a capella.  Next week I will mix it up and send another song to review so we don’t forget what we have learned and worked on so far. Don’t worry if you can’t remember all the words… all that matters is that you’re trying and doing your best! ☺

I will keep in touch with ways for us to learn and stay connected. Remember – you are smart, strong, creative, talented, and adored by your music teacher who misses you very much. Take care friends!  Ms. Anita

Songs and Lyrics here


Songs and Lyrics
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