July 2016 Quimper Village Newsletter  
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John, blow your kazoo!  Paul, honk your horn!
The June 14th groundbreaking celebration will be held on the Quimper Village site near F Street and San Juan Avenue in Port Townsend.  Members of Quimper Village, the Port Townsend Chamber of Commerce, city officials, neighbors, and others involved in the project will be in attendance.  This is only the second Senior Cohousing in Washington State, and it will employ many local subcontractors and bring in taxes on the seven million dollar project to Jefferson County.
In a way, it’s been a long time coming, but compared to other cohousing projects, it has been speedy.  We’ve all worked together to make it happen.  However, and I won’t list their names for fear of leaving someone out, but we all know  the dedicated band who has done so much more.  
Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!
Now we look forward to the parting of the Earth, the flowing of the concrete, and the first timbers rising into the sky.  It’s a village … it’s Quimper Village!              ~JimD
Newsletter News
Quimper Village’s newsletter has struggled along for a while.  Busy people, often working alone, have done their best, battling time and recalcitrant computers.  This Newsletter is part of the larger QV groundbreaking.  

We now have a staff of several people, so you’ll know who to blame:   Cindy Alberti, Pam Clise, Jim Daly, Cheron Dudley and Jack Salmon.  A couple of us actually know where to find the “go” button on a computer.   
We plan on a monthly reporting of the important and the interesting.  If there’s news that fits, we print it. Your help will be welcome.  We invite your news, your suggestions for stories, announcements of important developments in our world.  We’ll look for stories about QV, Port Townsend, health, medical care, recreation, and any good “senior stuff.”
Right now, we need your help as we try to Name that Newsletter!  Our community should have a suitable name, one giving it an elevated status and dignity.  Suggestions like “Grizzle Gazette,” “Rigor Report,” “Cane and Able” will not be accepted (probably), although we will chuckle at them and probably report them.  Left over names may prove useful when we get around to naming buildings, walkways, our Common House (no, “Alferd G. Packer Café” is already taken).  Please send your elegant choice to Jack, who likes to get the first laugh. 
Winner of the contest gets a free glass of his or her own wine whenever we get around to announcing the name.  All decisions are semi-final.     ~JackS
The tree shown above is a Madrona to us Washington folk.  If you’re from Oregon it’s a Madrone.  If you’re Canadian, it’s an Arbutus, eh?  The Madrona is native to the Pacific Northwest.
These trees provide berries and nests for birds, food for many mammals, medicinal teas, and flooring material.  It makes wonderful firewood — better than oak!
It can grow to 80 or more feet high and as much as 8 feet thick, with evergreen leaves. 

July 3 - Picnic
July 14 - Groundbreaking
These happy people know that they have all necessary permits!!
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Commuter’s View
After the dock lines are cast off and the rush and rumble left behind, I put my face to the wind and inhale the air, cool and salty, blessed with whale breath; 30 minutes of uninhibited poetic waxing or waning…whichever…
Wait a minute, it’s not all idyllic, sometimes it’s raining or foggy, or I just sit in the car. And I’ve only seen a whale once, from far away, so that ‘whale breath’ thing was just to create a mood. Sometimes it’s diesel I smell or ripe flotsam. Then I hear the requisite car alarm, usually an Audi. Yet the ferry is always a welcome, if clichéd, interlude.
But it’s not about the literal journey nor destination. For this commuter, it’s about a slow transition to a new way of life, a new community. One foot in Seattle, one in the ethereal Quimper Village in its earthly form: the meetings, the laughter and tears, the people and whatever it is that holds and molds this community together.
The slow transition allows a growing knowledge of place and people. Best of all is staying over night. The ever-gracious Nancy has made me feel so at home, and Mena, Cheron, Grace and Janelle have all put up with me as well. It’s not exactly like the sleepless slumber parties of youth, though we do share stories of lives and families and cats. I treasure this time. It is a fine way to integrate into a new community.
But being in two places is being in neither. This slow transition frustrates. So often I feel distant and out the loops and hoops and whoops of daily community building. There’s community going on. Now.  And there’s work to do, right now, and I want to be there. Be part of this crazy magnificent village of strangers.
‘Til then I’ll pack my bags, rumble up I-5, wait for the ferry, breathe Orca breath, and hope I make it to the meeting on time.       ~CindiA

Purchase of a home in Quimper Village is offered and available only to individuals/couples whose principal residence is the State of Washington and who have obtained membership in Townsend Meadows Cooperative by way of its Offering Memorandum. 

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