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Purchase of a home in Quimper Village is offered and available only to individuals/couples whose principal residence is the State of Washington and who have obtained membership in Townsend Meadows Cooperative by way of its Offering Memorandum. 
Local color consultant, Diane Roberts, advises us on color and material choices for the Common House.
Site visits are always a happy occasion.
Above - Kitchens in individual homes and in the Common House. The walls in the storage barn are being constructed by our very competent Wood Chips. Each home will have a personal storage area.
Picnic at the beach with kite and kid. 
More photos from the picnic below.
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We all enjoyed a picnic at Ft. Worden State park. Good food, good fun and really good company.
Games and laughter were a large part of the day.
Songs from the 50’s Quiz

Remember bobby socks and the orange sweater with the high school letter?  If you do, these will be a piece of cake. The youngest among us may have problems.
Below are random lines from popular songs of the fifties. Your task, should you accept, is to identify the songs from which they came. The correct answers are at the bottom of the newsletter.

 1. Fe-fe, fi-fi, fo-fo fum….  He’s gonna get caught, just you wait               and see
 2. Since she left me, I’ve never been the same/’cause I love my            girl, ______ is her name
 3. Papa writes to Johnny, but Johnny can’t come home
 4. If I were king, dilly dilly
 5. Ya know when that shark bites with his teeth, babe/ scarlet billows start to spread
 6. A million years it seems/ Have gone by since we shared our dreams …
 7. I of course replied, something here inside, cannot be denied
 8. We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin’
 9. I was taking a bath … how was I to know there was a party going on?
10. Well she wears short shorts and rock’n roll shoes/ you ought to see her dance to        the yellow dog blues.
11. You may see a stranger across a crowded room, and somehow you’ll know …
12.  For love may come and tap you on the shoulder some starless night
13. Ooo ee, ooo ah ah, ting tang Walla Walla bing bang
14. I must declare my heart is there, though I’ve been from Maine to Mexico.
Timely Tips for Reducing Stress
     With much excitement and anticipation, we are realizing how close we are to finally, actually moving into our long-awaited village! Something to keep in mind, however, is that no matter how much of a positive it is, a move is one of the top 10 stresses, which puts us all at increased risk for health issues. Time to take a close look at this aspect of our lives at the moment and consider how we might manage and alleviate our stress. Read over the suggestions, choose what feels right to you, create your own ways, and take good care of wonderful you both physically and emotionally.
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Exercise often, to the extent you are able (Aerobic exercise will actually reduce the cortisol (stress hormone) level in your blood.   
  • Stand and stretch if sitting for too long
  • Spend as much time as possible outdoors.
  • Eat well, reduce your sugar intake, drink lots of water. 
  • Reduce caffeine intake ☕️
  • Listen to music (and move to it if you feel like it)
  • Take a good deep breath as often as you can, sigh out loud
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh.  Laughter really is the best medicine!  (Read Jack’s posts!)
  • Make lists, prioritize. What’s down on paper doesn’t have to rattle around in your head. 
  • Create tomorrow’s to do list before you go to bed, and then let it go.
  • Practice patience ~ everything in our home really doesn’t all have to be planned and  decided on before we move in
  • Speak up ~ unexpressed concerns are definitely stressful
  • Get a massage and Soak at the Sound 
  • Compare notes with friends about how stress is manifesting itself in your lives.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Mindfulness practices ~ Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation
  • Set aside a block of time that is just for you – each day, each week
  • Know that it’s OK to cancel a commitment, not answer the phone, change your mind if you need some alone time.
  • Have a good cry if you need to. 
  • And it is OK to be alone and do nothing!! 
  • So hopefully between ideas from our own creativity, suggestions from this list, and our intention to stay healthy, we can all arrive at our village rarin’ to go!   Feel free to share your own helpful hints, and have fun striving for a “stress free” transition to our whole new way of life.                                    …Marcia   
GrassPave Watering and Weeding
The GrassPave fire lane was hydro-seeded and daily watering began on June 28. We now have 20+ regularly scheduled volunteers and several more ready and willing when in town. Others provide hoses, nozzles, moral support and, in one instance, breakfast! What an awesome group!!!
On July 5, Doug spotted the first seedling sprouts! Excitement ensued! At the suggestion of the hydro-seeding experts, we added morning waterings on July 7 and are still watering twice a day. We never knew that watching grass grow could be such a blast! 

The best part about the watering AND weeding is that we are out on our property - working and laughing together - instead of sitting waiting to move in. We can see the community growing (along with the grass and weeds).                                   

The meeting of remarkable people: Living Life to the Fullest
“I believe that on life’s challenging journey all of us are trying to figure out our direction and purpose. We yearn to find our “true selves” and to believe that we are here on Earth for a reason. If we are lucky, we may be inspired by individuals we meet on the journey who have found their own pathway and encourage us to do the same.”                                                                                                  …Irene

               “I met Johnny Jones at his 90th birthday party when I was just 21. A friend of mine was teaching him to play the guitar and I accompanied her to a couple of the lessons. Besides wanting to learn a new instrument, Johnny had constructed himself a simple hand-built house out of concrete, drank coffee so strong that the spoon could almost stand up in the cup, laughed well and often, and bought retired race horses, often training them to become jumpers. He died a few years later when he was catapulted off such a jumper.  What a way to go, doing exactly what he loved in life.”                                                                                              …PamC 

                  “Some years ago, I was fortunate to meet, Mary Lou Slaughter. After a childhood of intentional denial of her heritage, she discovered that she is the great, great, great, great granddaughter of Chief Sealth, for whom Seattle is named. Later in life Mary Lou apprenticed with a Duwamish weaver and became a master Salish weaver herself. She is an advocate for Indian rights and culture and today her work is shown and sold in museums and galleries across the country.  Meeting Mary Lou at her home in Port Orchard was a reminder to me that we can change the course of our lives to work on becoming our true selves.”                                          ...Irene 

 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has."
              “These are the words of Margaret Mead -- a woman who inspired many people, including me. I met her at the Smithsonian Institution, a year before she died, while I was in the Office of Museum Programs. By that time in her life she was gray-haired and carried her distinctive wooden staff and wore her signature woolen cape. To me, a young woman raised in the '50s and '60s in the Midwest, she was exotic. Eventually, I too got a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies and became a museum curator and director. 
            When I met her, my expectations were exceeded.  She was gracious, inquisitive, and humble.  I hope to follow her graciousness into my old age.”                                                                                                                              …Jeanette

         “A Swiss gentleman, Louis Ulrich, who was about 30 years my senior, was well known in the Yakima area as a hiker and mountain climber.  The Ulrich Couloir on Mt. Stuart was named after him.  When he was young, only a few people would hike or climb with him because he would leave them in his dust.  When he was older, I would often go with him because he had slowed enough for me to keep up.  He loved to sunbathe on every mountain top where we would enjoy mountain views while we paused for lunch. Louis was a beautiful man, always drinking in the splenders of nature’s beauty.  He was fond of quoting the poet and mystic, Rabindranath Tagore.  Louis, I think, did not believe there was a God, so it is interesting that Tagore, who believed in the unity of all things in God was so prized by him.”                                                                                                    …Phyllis

“You only go around once; live and grab the gusto while you can”      …Anonymous
Survey Results
The Newsletter Team has been plugging away for a year, so we surveyed the members of Quimper Village about how we are doing. We received 17 responses and here is a synopsis of the results:
Q. Who should be the primary audience for this newsletter?
A. 70% said that members of Quimper Village should be primary audience but we should keep friends, relatives and interested parties in mind, too.
Q. What topics should be covered?
A. 65% agree that we should cover news about Quimper Village and it’s members. PLEASE no state or national news.
Q. What do you think of the photos in the newsletter?
A. LOVE the photos. More! Bigger! More shots of the interior of our houses.
Q. What about the length and type of articles included?
A. 25% preferred short, succinct articles. Most responses mentioned that the variety of articles has been quite interesting – so keep it up!
Music Quiz answers:

1. Charlie Brown
2. Donna
3. Gotta Travel On
4. Lavender’s Blue
5. Mack the Knife
6. My Happiness
 7. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 
 8. The Battle of New Orleans
 9. Splish Splash
10. Queen of the Hop
11. Some Enchanted Evening
12. Catch a Falling Star
13. Witch Doctor
14. Jamaica Farewell
Contributors to this issue: JimD, CindyA, PamC, JackS, BettyT, ArayaS, KayH, and CheronD.  Thanks!!
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