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 JULY 2022

The First Senior Cohousing Community in Port Townsend, WA
Jerry has been our beloved, reliable and accurate Treasurer since we started this cohousing journey together in 2014. He's hanging up his calculator and passing the checkbook to another. 

A Place to Call Home
        QV started about eight years ago with a few retired people sitting on a porch talking about our possible futures. We decided we wanted a cohousing community for people old enough to know the lyrics to our music, a place for both private and community life, a place to age but not marinate -- a place we would be happy to call home. More like-minded folks found us, and we began planning for something [literally] concrete. We needed a site, a place to build.
       We would need space for our homes, a big Common House, car parking, utility buildings for a shop, storage, art/hobby space, bicycles, and things we hadn’t thought of yet, all on one level – no steps up/down anyplace except curbs. An experienced member led a land hunt around the town and nearby. We found a site we liked, and a very persuasive member talked the public-spirited landowner into giving these senior citizens a very good deal! Time to get concrete -- but not too much of it.
       Our 6+ acres lie in a low valley. Area tribes used the tall grass meadow, never farmed, to portage between the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Port Townsend Bay. Our site design works to keep meadow around us. An organic farm and well-treed residences form our western and northern borders, and a paved public path gives our gardeners a chance to show off. Our eastern border is meadow, abutting a 10-12-acre hay field on a slope of the highest point in town, Morgan Hill. 
         It’s a pretty place, with patios and walks for admiring the plantings and views. Carolyn and I, and our neighbor Mack, grew up in Kansas. In early summer we like to sit on our porches next to the hay field, drink sweet tea (or something), watch the tall grass ripple in the breeze, and kibbitz as the hay farmer gets in his crop.
         Sure feels like home.   
What's been going on in the Village?
Rat Island Regatta 
Our excitement builds for weeks wondering if we can get our stamina up to race-level in time for an hour at full speed around Port Townsend Bay for the Rat Island Regatta. What boat? What crew? What wind from what direction? Rain? Tides? 
More than 40 human-powered boats began the race in a mass start from the Marine Science Center, across to Rat Island between Marrowstone and Indian Islands and back, dodging the Washington State ferry, and pulling through tidal currents termed rapids. 
This year, our Janet was in the stroke seat of an octuple shell with 7 other rowers in a 60-year-old Pocock wooden boat with 16 oars! Hard work paid off with a blue ribbon – First place (and only boat) in their category!
-Janet (in blue, below)
Bill finished first in his class for a half-marathon.

A couple of handsome fellows just outside the door.

When he's not running or making tacos, Bill enjoys giving Ajax a ride.

Ivar, Mark and Jack work together to complete a project.
Pirate porch party with Skip and Sue.
Neighbors in "C Pod" North side
The cardshark watches. Try to keep the beads of sweat from your forehead and for God’s sake don’t blink. Along with being a prolific writer, he’s an experienced poker player who is looking for your tell.  (BRAD)

She buzzes about the Village with a wheelbarrow in one hand and a small tree in the other, (is that possible?) She’s the diva of landscaping, the ballerina of botany. She learned her moves as a professional dancer in a prior life. (BARBARA)

She does deep dives into the fine print of cohousing and surfaces with legal pearls that keep us on track. Don’t ask her, you’ll get the fine print version. (KATE)

He’s had 641 permanent jobs to date and is presently looking for work. He makes delicious burritos and keeps the Village socially active. (BILL)

She’ll pound your stiff muscles into jelly and drumbeat your back till it hums. It always feels good when she stops, I mean better. She also makes great burritos and adores her husband. (KAY) 

She edits our newsletter and collects and arranges all the articles and pictures you see in it. She is outspoken and will often speak up where others might look away. Does she walk on water? Only if it's frozen. (CHERON)

She could organize a swarm of left-footed bees, and paint pictures of clouds and trees. I remember when linear perspective was an enigma to her. But that was long ago. (MENA)
Landscape Matures
From gray rocks, clay and mud to lush green grass and colorful trees, plants and flowers, Quimper Village’s landscape has matured. Progress has been well thought out and accomplished with lots of sweat and muscle, work parties, trips to the nurseries and expert advice.

Barbara and PamD co-lead the Landscape Team of Nancy, Carolyn, Phyllis, Anne, and Jane. Each member is responsible for a particular area: Monster Hill, Hobbit Hill, Front Garden, Olympic, Common House or the Memorial Grove. They maintain their area with the occasional help of small work parties and when necessary, The Landscape Brothers, a professional landscaping service. 

The Team selects deer-resistant and drought-resistant plants that fit the ambiance of the Village and coordinate with the flowers and bushes of our private gardens. The aim is to ensure that the landscape of Quimper Village is attractive and sustainable. And since the areas are now well-established, the emphasis will be on maintenance and simplification. An example of that is allowing our well-established grass to go dormant for the summer. It saves on water and labor. This year, the team has also worked toward using The Landscape Brothers to a greater degree.
Now can we relax? Maybe… somewhat. The trend to establish low maintenance plants, trees, and flowers, the introduction of outside help and the reduction of watering during the summer months has simplified the landscaping. Still, we want to keep the work that is fun and manageable, like the weeding parties, getting on the tractor and mowing the fields, moving plants about for a more pleasing arrangement. 
A good balance. Hats off to our Landscape Team!  
Newsletter Team: Jim, Araya, Cindy, PamC, Jack and Cheron
Special thanks to Janet and Nancy
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