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I need your help with this. We have a chance to make a difference ... to grab some attention for the gun rights movement ... and to make us all smarter. John Lott, noted gun rights researcher and author, has a new book out on Monday, Aug. 1st. It's titled "The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies." It's the latest, the best, and the most complete documentation of the gun-ban movement, complete with not just the stats, but with clear examples of how the media bias skews the debate, how "gun free" zones actually attract killers, how big-money liberal foundations (and the federal government!) are funding (millions of dollars!) "public health" studies which have only one pre-determined outcome -- banning guns.
Here's your action alert: The first two days this book is for sale on Amazon (, we need to run up the numbers so this book rises in the "best sellers" list. That'll show many people that there really are a lot of people who care about gun rights. Besides, you'll get a great book which delivers the intellectual ammunition I'm always talking about. You'll be better informed, and armed with that information, you will be able to discuss and debate the issue more persuasively. 
GunVenture: Season 1 - First Person Defender: Gun Store Robbery Trailer
This week on GunVenture: First Person Defender - Gun Store Robbery
The Choice is Clear.
Maybe not easy, but certainly clear.

It's really pretty simple. At the Republican National Convention, Chris Cox of the NRA-ILA was a featured speaker. At the Democratic National Convention, the talk was of restricting and banning guns. I have to say that after watching the RNC, and Donald Trump and his family, I came away with a much better feeling for the man, and I'm comfortable voting for him.
Yes, I know there are many gun owners who say they will help elect Hillary, er, I mean, vote for Gary Johnson. While I support the sentiment, we all must reject this suicidal urge to "send a message" by voting third party. Check the math. Gary Johnson gets Hillary elected. I wish that weren't true, but it's childish to ignore the facts. Or, to quote the philosopher, Mick Jagger, You Can't Always Get What You Want. 
Clinton is clear. She'll stack the Supreme Court with justices who will overturn Heller and McDonald. She wants SCOTUS to rule that you have no individual right to own a gun (I've heard DOJ lawyers say exactly that in federal court). 
Over the last half-century, again and again I've seen the gun-owning public "send a message," or "do what's right," and lose. Over and over. Why is it that a significant portion of Second Amendment supporters don't really care about winning? I will never understand it.
Guns & Gear: Season 8 - Time for TNT Trailer
This week on Guns & Gear: It's an explosive Liberty Safe torture test! Plus, we've got the latest for the Springfield Armory XD-S, we go wireless with Crimson Trace's LiNQ system for ARs, and check out a variety of carry options with the Freedom Carry holster from CrossBreed Holsters.

More Ammo For Your Debates
The gun ban lobby continues to push "studies" purporting to show that more guns equals more crime. Hard to believe, I know, since in the U.S., so-called "gun crime" has declined by half over a 20-year period which has seen as many as 100 million guns purchased. Time and time again the junk science of the gun-ban "scholars" gets debunked. Do you remember the "a gun in the home is 43 times more likely to kill a member of your family than it is to kill a criminal" nonsense from Arthur Kellermann? That debunked (and "corrected") study was in 1986. They have been cooking the academic books at least that long. 
The latest -- heralded by the mainstream media, of course -- tries to show that guns in the U.S. are the problem, as seen when compared to other countries. See the report on the Fox News website about the "study." Even Professor Gary Kleck, who is not a supporter of gun rights, exactly, but who did a fair and honest research project leading to the breakthrough book "Point Blank: Guns and Violence In America," called BS on this latest study, saying: “The Lankford ‘study’ is nothing more than junk science disguised as research, and never should have been published in a responsible scholarly journal."
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You've heard me say this before, but for crazy fun and real practice, get an adult air gun. Heck, get several. I had a chance to try several of the Sig Sauer air guns (rifles and pistols) recently when shooting video for GunVenture, and it was a hoot! Check out their product line. The pistols will fit holsters made for their centerfire handguns. You can practice drawing and shooting, and you can do it in your garage, back yard, or wherever you have a safe shooting environment. You want and need more trigger time.
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