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Guns sales. Up or Down?

Generally, we track the number of gun sales through the NICS background check numbers. To no one's surprise, NICS checks went down in January. President Trump took office, and millions of gun owners breathed a sigh of relief. Gun makers, on the other hand, quickly got nervous about sales, as did firearm retailers. In February, however, sales went back up. What can we read from this?

My take is that for the last two to four years, it has not been a fear of gun bans which has driven most sales. Sure, MSR sales probably benefitted from the constant concern that Obama would ban guns, as he promised, or that Hillary would ban guns as promised, if she were elected. What the media continues to miss in this story are the tens of millions of new gun owners who got started through the gateway of personal protection (witness the continued increased in carry permits). These people bought a first gun, then a second, and then started taking more classes and competing in IDPA matches, and then buying a third gun. In other words, they are buying guns, and they will continue to buy guns, irrespective of any political concerns.
My prediction? We'll see a renewal (if we haven't already) of the growth path of gun sales in the U.S. throughout 2017. I'll go farther and predict that we'll see continued growth in gun sales for the next five years. One thing that is driving this is a flood of new products -- revolvers, autos, shotguns, rifles, new cartridges, etc. We all succumb to the lure of the new and shiny. I, for one, don't have a problem with that. ~ Tom
"Gun Porn" and Instagram
Many people call it "gun porn." Pictures and videos of guns. If you like to look at guns and shooting (and who doesn't?), check out our Instagram feed. Not only are we putting up cool gun photos, but we're sharing some of the funny clips from the videos we shoot for TV. Posts give fans a glimpse behind the curtain of Gun Talk Media. 
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