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There are so many great things coming up for fans of Gun Talk Media! One of which is this new newsletter format, connecting you to all of our properties: Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio, Guns & Gear, GunVenture (formerly GUNTALK Television), First Person Defender, and GunDealio. With so much to cover, we'll be sending one newsletter every few weeks that encompasses it all - Truth Squad stories, the latest in legal news and politics, the newest firearms and accessories, plus videos, deals, and more... All in one place!

This Week on Gun Talk Radio
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently handed down a decision that the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee the right to carry a concealed gun in public. CalGuns Foundation's Gene Hoffman visits with Tom this Sunday to discuss the case. Tom is also talking ammo and more with Black Hills Ammunition's Jeff Hoffman. And get ready for an After-Show within the show! Tom is in Ohio this weekend, so Jim and Michelle will join Tom on the air for Hour 3 of GTR (4p-5pm Eastern). Call in with your questions, or just sit back and enjoy the fun! Find a station near you, and tune in on Sunday from 2pm to 5pm Eastern.

Elections, what elections?
In case you haven’t heard, we will be electing a new president in November. Here is a GREAT site from NSSF to check where candidates stand on gun issues: This is also a helpful place to register to vote, absentee vote, find a polling place and more. Share this with your gun club, shooting buddies, friends and family. There are NO excuses – gotta get out the vote!

New Gun Talk channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV
We’ve just added more ways for you to watch your favorite Gun Talk shows and videos. Introducing the Gun Talk Roku channel (Click here to add the Gun Talk channel to your Roku Device), and the Gun Talk Amazon Fire TV channel (Click here for the Amazon Fire TV channel) ! You can watch all the past seasons of Guns & Gear, Gun Talk Television, and First Person Defender -  plus, more content (and an Apple TV channel) is on the way!
Truth Squad in Action
The following letter is from Amelia:
"A few weeks ago I went to lunch at one of my favorite fast food joints (A&W) in close proximity to my work. Good price, good food, wonderful people. That day I noticed beside the door a new sign that read "No weapons on premises" with a line through a picture of both a gun and a knife. I took about three steps in the door and said to myself "Nah, I can't." And walked out.

I decided to write an email. I remember hearing you tell about some instances where signs were put up without management/owners being aware of it, and after learning of it the signs being taken down so I figured it couldn't hurt. They would never notice my missing business if I just stopped going so I wanted to tell them why I couldn't go back.

I started my letter with everything I liked about the place in detail. The food, the staff, the ice cream flavor rotation, the price, the location being right across the parking lot from my store. I then went on to say how I was so disappointed that they would put a sign up saying that I was no longer welcome there. It wasn't that my gun and knife were not welcome, but that I wasn't. I politely covered the reasons why I felt the need to carry and why I felt the need to avoid places that would prevent me from doing so. If I didn't like the place so much I wouldn't have bothered.

Being a national chain I figured my letter would either be ignored or I'd be told off in a professional manner.
A few weeks went by and I guessed it was the former, but I finally got a response from local management.
He told me that this was an HR decision that he was required to help enforce. He told me that he agreed with me and also had his concealed weapons permit and understood why I was choosing not to come back. He told me that he would forward my message to the corporate office and let me know if anything changed.

The very next day, I received this message:
Good news! Apparently there were some important people at our office that were not aware that these signs were posted. The signs have been removed. We have no policy against patrons carrying weapons legally. Thank you for reaching out to us!"

How awesome is that? Just one little email from a fan changed something big. Those signs really bother me and I do my very best to not shop at locations where they are posted. Not doing so hasn't changed a thing. It hasn't affected my life a bit and it hasn't affected their business. They don't know me. They don't know why I shop or don't. My pitiful $7 isn't going to make or break them. Communication is the only way to make a difference.

If something is bothering you, don't just say "oh saying something won't make a difference. I'll just quietly go elsewhere." Let someone know why and be nice about it. It doesn't matter who you are. You CAN make a difference."
Ryan shoots the new Smith & Wesson Shield on Season 8 of Guns & Gear, starting June 27th on Sportsman Channel!
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GunVenture debuts on Monday, June 27th on Sportsman Channel!
Explosive Quality Control testing with Liberty Safe on Guns & Gear Season 8! Tom sends the dust (and safe) flying with one well-placed shot. Does it survive? You'll find out!
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