Home Defense, Empty Chamber Carry and the Sig Sauer P320
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Home Defense. Are You Prepared?

Decades ago, Col. Jeff Cooper, in one of his newsletters, said (paraphrasing) "If you are reading this, and you can't reach out and touch a firearm, you are not prepared."
You've heard me say on the radio that I carry a handgun, even when at home. Now, I admit that sometimes (rarely) I'll remove my handgun and put it next to me. It's still within reach. I also keep it in the holster to protect the safety, the trigger guard, and the gun, itself. If you start doing regular web searches for "home invasion," you'll see how quickly those happen and how brutal they can be. There's no time to jump up and get a gun from another room (let alone, from a big safe) when people (often multiple bad guys) have kicked in the door and are coming in.
Even if you don't want to wear your regular carry gun at home, consider stashing away a small revolver or auto. Playing the odds, chances are that if you are shooting at them, they are heading back through the door for an escape.
It's a good idea to always be reviewing your security situation. Lights, locks, alarms, driveway sensors (good to get a head's up when someone is approaching), carry techniques and trauma kits. Hey, this morning I looked in my truck and realized I had three small trauma kits in there. I guess I kept stashing them away "just in case." I'm good with that.
Home Invasion Foiled by Armed Homeowner - First Person Defender
Speaking of home invasions, in this episode of First Person Defender, we give our Good Guy a Liberty Safe handgun safe, the Ruger LCR, and a Crimson Trace laser. See what happens!

Round in the Chamber - Real Life Story

On the radio show, I talked about the problems of carrying a pistol with an empty chamber (Here and Here). Two callers said they do that for safety. They don’t want the gun to “go off.” Yeah. It won’t do that unless you pull the trigger. So, they are saying that they don’t trust themselves to not pull the trigger at the wrong time. That’s a problem. Also, neither one had thought about the real-world possibility of needing to draw and fire with one hand. How do you rack the slide to chamber a round when your offside hand and arm are tied up? Fighting off the bad guy, injured, holding a loved one while you retreat, etc.? Look, it happens so quickly that having one in the chamber is a must. Here's a story out of Brazil that makes you think.

I received an email from “BB” about just this type of thing. He was very lucky he wasn’t killed when he couldn’t draw, rack the slide, and shoot the man who was trying to kill him with a knife. There’s much to learn from this first-hand account. Here's his note here

History repeats itself as people are buying up the Sig P320 pistols in all configurations after Sig won the U.S. Army handgun contract. It's been that way since the 1911 was adopted. The Beretta 92 gained massive popularity when the U.S. military chose it as the official sidearm, so it's no surprise to see the P320 getting all this attention. Hey, it's a great platform!
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