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By God! They Won't Take MY Guns!
Uh huh. On the radio, in gun stores, and at barber shops (are there still barber shops?) you hear a lot of proclamations that gun owners will stand up to the police and refuse to give up guns which are being confiscated. Yeah. Sure. 
Friends, when it gets to that point, we have lost the Second Amendment. Make no mistake about it -- that's where Hillary Clinton wants us to be.
When Obama's administration issues new definitions and directives requiring gunsmiths to be licensed as gun manufacturers, changing the definitions to make it harder and more expensive for ammo companies to make ammo (just this week), and changing import rules to cut down the number of guns brought in, we already are in the early stages of confiscation.
When the armored car is in front of your home, and the officers there are quite willing to kill you if you resist, it's too late. 
Why can't gun owners see that the fight against confiscation is underway right now?  Why can't they see that the way to defy confiscation is to PREVENT it with action right now? What action? The boring, non-violent, but effective way. Voting. Getting involved. Volunteering to help local, state, and national candidates. And also by supporting someone who can actually defeat Clinton. 
I've said for years that many gun owners would rather fight than win. They really don't care about winning if it requires them to actually get into the political fight. I have strong words for them, but I'll keep those holstered for now.  
This one really is quite simple. To prevent confiscation ... to prevent gun bans and magazine capacity limits and background checks on buying ammunition and all the other restrictions being pushed (and passed) around the country, you -- WE -- simply have to defeat the gun banners. We send them home. 
How to do that? Every day from now to the election, you wake up determined to talk to one more person about their safety and their ability to protect themselves and their families. Remind them that Clinton keeps saying she wants to overturn the Supreme Court decisions which affirm there is an individual right to own guns. 
Remind them of the confiscations which have already happened in the United States -- especially in the middle of natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina) when the police where not there to protect anyone, and when every man, woman, and child was on his or her own.  
Then ask, "How can you support someone for president who advocates taking away your ability to protect your family?

Every day. Full commitment. Talk to one more person. Get them registered to vote. Get them on board. 
Do that, and if we succeed in defeating the gun-banning Clinton machine, we won't have to stand in our doorways in defiance.
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Congratulations to Kim Rhode (Bronze-Skeet), Ginny Thrasher (Gold-10m Air Rifle), and Corey Cogdell (Bronze-Trap), on their Olympic Victories in Rio!

And a very special acknowledgment to Kim Rhode, for medaling in her sixth consecutive Olympic Games: a feat achieved by only one other Olympian in history!
Are You a Protector?
If you carry a gun for protection, I'd like to ask a very personal question, and it requires you to look hard into a mirror for the answer.
The Question:
Do you have the skills needed to protect yourself, your family, and others?  Can you draw from concealment and put two shots on a target within three seconds of a start signal? Can you shoot, move, and give orders at the same time?  Can you? Have you done it in training, and then repeated it in practice? Can you clear a malfunction in your semi-auto pistol, get it reloaded, all while moving to cover?
Please understand that this is not advanced stuff. It's bare minimum. 
At least get a DVD on concealed carry or defensive gun fighting. It's a start, and it will show some of the skills you need. Then you need to find training and commit to it. I happen to like the DVDs that Gun Talk produced with VATA Group's Greg Lapin and Destin Mounts, and Shootrite Firearms Academy's Tiger McKee. Not because they're our DVDs, but because I have trained with these guys. You might be surprised what a day-long training class can teach you, let alone a few days, or even a week.
It's training that lives with you every day.
It's not easy to look into the mirror and realize that you have been fooling yourself, but I fear that's the case for many. If that's who is looking back at you, then start making changes. Today.
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