June 1, 2018
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Do You Communicate?

Of all the skills that are fundamental for fighting – move, communicate, shoot as necessary, use cover and think, the communication is one of the most difficult. We communicate with people every day, but under stress the ability to communicate is something that won’t happen if it’s not part of our standard response.

You communicate with the threat, issuing verbal commands, telling them what you want them to do. According to the documentation, the presence of a firearm and strong verbal commands will diffuse the situation. When the threat(s) don’t comply then we gain compliance with accurate fire. Now, there are some situations where you wouldn’t issue verbal commands in order to maintain the element of surprise, but if you don’t make communication part of your practice you definitely won’t remember to do it.

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This week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk® Radio, from 2pm - 5pm Eastern, Tom's talking more banking issues from Intuit/QuickBooks with Honor Defense's Gary Ramey. Plus, Team USA World Skeet Champion Dania Vizzi, and the Council To Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports' Cyrus Baird. All that and more - Call 866-TALK-GUN with your questions, comments, and range reports!
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Faster With a Laser? You Decide.

Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham puts Crimson Trace lasers to the test: Does the laser help him shoot faster than iron sights?

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Back to School
Struggles in Transformative Thought
A few months back, I enrolled in school. Not many students attend the school, perhaps for good reason. Learning doesn’t come easily to folks my age. It must be in our DNA to avoid things unknown because I avoid uncomfortable situations that extend my reaches. NO MORE. I’m transforming my thought process because my life and family’s lives depend on it.

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