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2nd Newsletter for Estonteco

Dear international guests,

Our National Jamboree "Estonteco" is approaching and besides giving you a first birds-eye lookout on the camp ground* we would like to inform you about further details about the camp's program and infrastructure.

By now, you should have already successfully completed the registration procedure (if not, let us know and we will help you). Please don't forget to collect all important information which you need as a leader from your group members such as medical information, parent's permission for going swimming, etc. You find attached a template for the medical details of your participants. It will only be necessary in case of medical care. It is therefore sufficient to have this in hardcopy with you on the camp, there is no need to send this information to the camp team.

By handing in your registration, the camp fee is due. Your German host group will receive two invoices for the international participants. In early March, you should have received a first installment of 50€ per person, and in early June the second installment of 120€ plus optional shuttle costs per person. For your information, the grants (if applied for and confirmed by us) will also be paid to the German host group. Please organize the payment of the participation fee for the International group with your host group directly. Ensure to cover all possible costs (longer stay, extra program, additional food costs on the camp, etc.). In case of questions, feel free to contact us. 

For your information also, there will be a pre-camp on the camp ground from April 28 until May 1st. Invitations are sent out from the camp staff to the German groups and the subcamp teams. Participation for International guests is not necessary, explicitly due to cost constraints. But maybe this is an interesting opportunity for the German host groups to collect more information first hand and get an impression of the camp ground. Feel free to contact your host group to align your questions before the pre-camp.


Month Date What?
February   28th → End of final registration



→ 2nd Newsletter: Berlin trip, finances, travel information, health insurance, camp rules, infrastructure
→ Final info about grants
→ First payment rate 50€ per person
April   9th → 2nd Webinar: What does a typical BdP camp look like?


→ 3rd Newsletter: Estonteco content, subcamps, programme, international evening
→ Full payment 120€ per person (including optional transportation: 150€ Bus to/from Berlin, 175€ Bus from/to within Germany)
June   tba → 3rd Webinar: Last infos
July  1st

→ Deadline for cancellation with full reimbursement
→ 4th Newsletter: Swapping, merch, packing list, last infos
August  26th July -
   5th August
→ Estonteco
September   → wrap-up und reflection / feedback


In order to assure the best preparation possible for Estonteco, we offer you three webinars on the most essential topics. Our first webinar on the registration procedure has already taken place in January. In case you missed it, the information is available on our homepage. You will find it under Publications, where we will add more documents that we also send via email.


2nd webinar: What does a typical BdP camp look like?
With this webinar we want to give you important info on what might be different at our camps compared to yours.

It will take place on the 9th of April, 2017, 3 PM CET (GMT+1:00).
You can join from:

  • PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android (make sure to have it ready beforehand):

  • Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll):
    +16465588656,156650476# or +14086380968,156650476#

  • Or Telephone:
    Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
    Meeting ID:
    156 650 476
    International numbers available


3rd webinar: Last infos
Here we want to give you the opportunity to ask pressing last questions and we will give an overview on the last preparations needed on your side.

Additional Info:
You will receive separate mailings regarding the technicalities for the webinars (exact time, link to connect or phone number to dial in).


Generally the participation fee for international guests are set to be 170 Euro. This includes food (for 35€ p.P.) and program. It does, however, not include transportation. All German groups are able to use bus transportation from and back to their home city, this is also available for International groups for an additional 65€ per person (30€ p.P. from Berlin) for a round-trip, if you dont organize your own transportation. Note: in case your home city is close to Germany, this may also be available for your group, please contact us to arrange this in time.

All costs generated in Germany are eligible for the grant, in case you applied for this. 


In case you would like to use our bus shuttle from Berlin or any other city inside Germany (and close to Germany), please send your itinerary details to by End of March. For shuttle services from Berlin, please provide your flight details (airport, flight number, arrival time, number of participants), and/or train details (train station, train number, arrival time, number of participants). Please also send us the same information for the departure, so that we can organize the needed busses right away.

Berlin City Trip

Further below you will find the camp schedule. You will see that on Thursday, August 3rd, the German groups spend the full day with their district. The international groups can spend the day on their own and organize program individually. As an offer, we will organize trips to Berlin for all International groups. The full day trip includes some sightseeing, time for shopping, but also an activity to explore the city. You will receive more information in the upcoming newsletter. Please note that for the additional bus transportation, we ask for an additional 30€ per person for the round-trip. This program activity is not available for your German host group.

Visa information

With your registration documents, you also indicated who of your participants needs visa. You will receive official invitation letters for these persons and we will assist you to obtain necessary visa. In March, we will send you the necessary documents and coordinate the process.In case of problems, please contact us.


The camp ground in Großzerlang presents itself with two major challenges:

  1. the camp is surrounded on three sides with water. One of them is protected landside and must not be entered or used for swimming. The other two lakes are open for swimming. The camp staff is working on professional supervision, especially as both lakes are rather large and are also inland waterway transportation routes (for barges, but also sailing and "leisure" boats). Please communicate clearly to your participants to adhere to the camp rules regarding swimming. 

  2. hospital and medical institutions are considerably far-off and only reachable with great effort. Participants with known medical conditions should therefore take with them needed medicine and drugs. Inspection of the vaccination record is required as well as the execution of all missing vaccinations before the start of the camp. The camp will ensure medical treatment for all cases using three levels. First level means first aid done by the group leader (plaster, minor accidents) - make sure that one in your group is trained in first aid and that you have a first aid kid with you. Second level is done in the subcamp for more severe problems, and third level is done by a central medical team. Here, you will find professional doctors that will handle all other cases. They also ensure ad-hoc transportation to the hospital, if needed also by airlift or ambulance and adequate assistance. Costs for this are covered through your insurance.

Eletricity and Water

Drinkable water will be available at all times. There will be no energy outlets in the subcamp areas. That means also that all smartphones will run out of batterie the sooner or later. Please brief your participants in order to circumvent frustration. In case an emergency phone is needed (i.e. for offsite activity) this can be charged. 

Neither will there be internet connection nor Wi - Fi. 

in case you are wondering why, we would like to invite you to the next webinar that also not only discusses typical BdP camps but also explains some of our scouting traditions. 

Camp rules

We consider the scout law a good base for the camp rules.

A scout is courteous

  • Keep the peace at night between 1 and 7 o'clock. During that time everyone who wants to sleep shall be able to do so. Please be quiet and also consider this in...

  • We want all the participants to be able to move safely on the campgrounds. Do not use bikes and cars for they endanger the safety of the participants.

  • Keep your dog on a leash

A scout...

  • Please mind the youth protection act in accordance with alcohol and smoking. No alcohol consumption on the camp grounds in public. No smoking on the campground and the cafés. 

  • Wear proper footwear on the camping grounds. No Flip Flops.

  • Swimming only allowed at designated spots and under supervision. 

A scout is a friend to animals (and nature)

  • the surrounding area is a nature preserve. Do not cut firewood. Do not use the forrest, lake or the meadow as toilet or for the disposal of waste. Especially the areas behind the lake are not to be entered.

  • Do not use soap or shampoo when bathing in the lake. 

Camp schedule and previous information

Here you find further documents you might find interesting:

You have questions?


We hope this Newsletter has given you some insights with regard to what is awaiting you during the upcoming months. If you have questions or requests, contact us at any time at

We are excited to welcome you in Germany in 2017 and hope to hear from you in the webinar.

Yours in Guiding and Scouting & Herzlich Gut Pfad,

Friedemann Barthel,
Head of the international Team,
Direct Line: +49 173 2327962

Skype: friedemann.barthel

* camp ground pictures by Peter Brümmer for "Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP) e.V.

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