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First Information package for German National Jamboree 2017

Dear international groups,

Thank you for your interest in our National Jamboree. You might have already gotten more detailed information on the camp but to let everyone have the latest up-dates, this e-mail shall include all the basic information we have so far.

This information will soon also be available on an English version of our official homepage
However, if you do have any questions, feel free to ask us anything.


When: Wednesday, 26th of July to Saturday, 5th of August 2017*

Where: Großzerlang, 110 km north of Berlin, Germany

Who: Guides and Scouts between 12 and 25 years of age with their group leaders. Positions in the International Service Team (IST) upon availability

How much: approx. 170€ /person**

Pre-registration: send us an email with appr. participation numbers and age groups by 31st of December

Binding registration: will follow in January until End of February.

* longer stays are possible when taking part in the construction and deconstruction of the camp camp, or when having organized home hospitality/pre- or aftertours with your host groups

** The camp fee covers the participation fee, meals and program, this can be reduced by grants (please see below). Travel costs, possible home hospitality, pre- or aftertours as well as pocket money are not included. Applications for funds in your country or in Germany are possible; once assigned, your host group will be able to assist you in the process.

What is the German National Jamboree?

Every four years, members of BdP (German Association of Guides and Scouts) are invited to gather at their national jamboree, the so-called "Bundeslager" or "BuLa" for short. 5000 participants and around 500 Scouts and Guides from all over the world will come together to build a large tent city, and to experience our shared Scouting and Guiding spirit.

You and your group will be assigned to a subcamp of around 500 people each where you will be staying with your German host group.

German Guides and Scouts sing, sleep, and eat in their traditional black heavy-cotton tents - and they even prepare food in their "Kothen" and "Jurten".

Traditionally, the entire camp makes do with as little electricity as possible. Therefore, please note that opportunities to charge phones or other electrical devices will be few and far between. Moreover, no wireless internet connection will be available. But fear not: the 10 camp days will be loaded with exciting outdoor activities in a back-to-the-roots Scouting atmosphere that won‘t let you miss anything.

The camp's motto for 2017 is:

Estonteco – experience the continent

Our tent city will be a space for different walks of life, nationalities and cultures to engage and get to know each other while we build our camp world from scratch. Our program activities will pick up these themes as well, focusing on how different cultures co-exist and inspire each other.

Your presence as international guests is an integral part of the camp‘s concept and will greatly add to the cultural diversity around. We look forward to sharing German (Scouting) traditions with you, and learning your customs - for example regarding food, music and dances - in turn.

Host groups

We want to make sure you and your group can dive right into the camp experience. This is why every international group will partner up with a German Scout troop. If you are not yet set with a German host group, we will match you up by the end of 2016. This way you will have plenty of time to work out campsite/cooking/program arrangements together.

In the past, many groups have seized the opportunity to put together a joint tour before or after the camp, or to organize a home hospitality. This is, of course, up to you and your host group.

Your host group will also be able to assist you with the camp registration process, travel planning and finding funding. The latter, however, will require a fast commitment as the national deadline for funding applications is 31st October 2016.


Get in contact with your host group at your earliest convenience if you already have one

Until 31st of Dec. 2016: Pre-registration of your group

Until end of Feb. 2017: binding registration

Dec. 2016 – April 2017: Exchange information with your host group and prepare your joint camp experience

More Information

Please feel free to contact us at with all your questions and requests.
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If you are interested in coming as an International Service Team member, please contact us for further information.

You can also find us on facebook.

We are excited to welcome you in Germany in 2017!

Yours in Guiding and Scouting & Herzlich Gut Pfad,

Friedemann Barthel,

Head of the international Team,
Direct Line: +49 173 2327962

Skype: friedemann.barthel

German Association of Guides and Scouts (BdP)
German National Jamboree 2017

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