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1st Newsletter for BuLa 2017

Dear international guests,

we are looking forward to welcoming you at our national jamboree "Estonteco - Experience the Continent" in 2017. With this newsletter, we would like to give you further official information on the timeline until next August as well as the application procedure and the content of the national Jamboree. This information will soon also be available on an English version of our official website. However, if you do have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us (

If you haven't received the previous, first information let us know and we will send it to you!


Month Date What?
January  15th → 1st Webinar: Registration procedure
February  28th → End of final registration

 31st → 2nd Newsletter: Berlin trip, finances, travel information, health insurance, camp rules, infrastructure
→ Final info about grants
→ First payment rate 50€
April  tba → 2nd Webinar: What does a typical BdP camp look like?

→ 3rd Newsletter: Estonteco content, subcamps, programme, international evening
→ Full payment
June  tba → 3rd Webinar: Last infos
→ 4th Newsletter: Swapping, merch, packing list, last infos
August  26th July -
  5th August
→ Estonteco
September   → wrap-up


In order to give you the best possible preparation for Estonteco we are offering three webinars on the most essential topics. A webinar is a virtual seminar with a presentation and the opportunity to ask questions.

The topics will be:

1st webinar (15th of January): Registration procedure
This webinar offers you a step by step guide through the registration forms and information on costs and payment.

2nd webinar: What does a typical BdP camp look like?
With this webinar we want to give you important info on what might be different at our camps compared to yours.

3rd webinar: Last infos
Here we want to give you the opportunity to ask pressing last questions and we will give an overview on the last preparations needed on your side.

Additional Info:
You might need to register for the webinars. We will send you more information on that next week. The dates for the 2nd and 3rd webinar will be announced in the following newsletters.


Our national Jamboree Estonteco will be divided into eight subcamps. They each have a topic and a theme. You will be in the subcamp with your hostgroup. Your host groups will choose the subcamp in course of the next few weeks. Maybe you can talk about it with them and decide which subcamp appeals the most to both of you.

Each subcamp has its own international subcamp manager. He or she will be your contact person for everything concerning the programme side of the jamboree as well as subcamp specific planning (e.g. camp construction, food preparation, infrastructure, communication problems, ...). After your registration, we will get you in touch with him/her and from then on they will be your first contact person for your final preparation as well as during the camp.

Registration procedure

On 15th of January, we will offer a webinar to guide you through the registration procedure. Subsequently you will get an email with a few forms from us. These will ask you for specific information on your group members. This is the final binding registration for Estonteco. The deadline to electronically hand in the filled-out forms is the 28th of February 2017.

Due to privacy protection rights in Germany, we will also ask you for permission for the official usage of pictures and videos that might be taken of you during the camp.

Alongside our registration process please don't forget to collect all important information which you need as a leader from your group members such as medical information, parent's permission for going swimming, etc.

Contact with Partnergroups

By now you have probably already had the first contact with your host group. There are a few things you could already talk about with your host group right now in order to make planning easier for both of you and ensure your stay is as perfect as possible. Here is a list of ideas:

  • Cooking: What are the food arrangements? Who is going to do the food shopping? Who is going to cook? What is the food going to be like?

  • Pre- or after-tour / home hospitality: Are you going to arrive early or stay longer? If so where are you going to stay?

  • Tents: Will your host group provide you with tents or do you have to bring your own?

  • Traditions: Are there specific traditions you have at camps that you or your host group would like to carry out?


In our Newsletter in May you will receive more information about the content and the programme of the camp. Your host group will for sure be able to give you some information about it in the meantime. We would like to inform you about the parts of the programme for which we would welcome your participation as international guests.

  • International Evening
    At Estonteco we will have an international evening which will be on the second night of the camp. At this evening you will be able to present yourself and your country. You will get a stall at which you can offer typical games, traditional clothes, food, drinks (please no alcohol) or other items from your country. There will also be different stages at which you can do a small performance ( maximum 10 minutes). You can already start planning this and we will ask for your material requests in our newsletter in May. We will also put you in touch with other groups from your country if there are any so that you can plan this together.

  • International singing circle
    There will be one evening at the camp on which we would like to hear and share music from all countries present at the camp. We will all meet together and are looking forward to learning songs from your country. In order for everyone to be able to join in, we are going to prepare a song booklet. For that we would like to ask you to send us one song or song action game you would like to teach us, so that we can print it in this booklet.

  • International toothbrushing
    What does everyone do at camp in the evening? Yes, brushing your teeth. Because it is a great way to get to meet people and because toothpaste tastes different in every country we offer "international toothbrushing" every evening. We have collected many toothpastes from all over the world and it would be great if you could add one from your country to our collection and join us for a fun way of caring about your hygiene!


You have questions?

We hope this Newsletter has given you some insights with regard to what is awaiting you during the upcoming months. If you have questions or requests, contact us at any time at

We are excited to welcome you in Germany in 2017 and hope to hear from you in the webinar.
Have a good start of the new year!

Yours in Guiding and Scouting & Herzlich Gut Pfad,

Friedemann Barthel,
Head of the international Team,
Direct Line: +49 173 2327962

Skype: friedemann.barthel

German Association of Guides and Scouts (BdP)
German National Jamboree 2017

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