This one is big. End of the Financial year Big. Clear-out-the-warehouse-and-put-a-sizeable-dent-in-the-huge-amount-of-stock-we-have big.

Tonight and for the next 24 hours only we are smashing out one of the best import deals we have ever managed to secure. A brilliant Cotes-du-Rhone from one of the oldest negociant houses in France - Barton & Guestier.

Barton & Guestier are one of the most widely respected International purveyors of fine wine and have been in the trade since the 18th century (having counted the likes of US President Thomas Jefferson as one of their earliest associates and master blenders). Over their long history, they have managed to cultivate an impressive list of growers and winemakers to help produce high-quality, appelation focused wines from the premier regions of France, and today's deal - the 2016 Barton & Guestier Cotes du Rhone marks one of their best releases yet.

As long as the stocks last we are knocking the Cotes du Rhone out of the park - so to speak - at the unheard of price of just $12.50 a bottle. That's right. $12.50 a bottle in 6/packs, for proper, classified Cote-Du-Rhone. No Vin de Table here, this is the real deal; a Grenache, Syrah & Carignan blend made to the very exacting standards of the French appellation laws. Sourced from the 2016 vintage (which has already been heralded as one of the best in the last decade) this will be the kind of wine that you will just keep coming back for, time and time again. It has been carefully hand-picked from some of the most established growers in the southern Rhone Valley, vinified, barrel aged, cellared and then shipped all the way to Australia, and is festooned with flavour, depth and tannins.

Don't believe me that this is a big deal? Well how's about we take a look at what our friends and fellow retailers in the United States sell this same wine for, and then you might get a better picture of how much we want to get this bottle of wine into your hands., one of the leading online liquor retailers in the United States, have listed this wine in the past for the princely sum of $22 USD a bottle, or in Australian dollar terms, $29.33. Throw in the usual taxes and import duties that our government likes to tack on, and you getting nearer towards $35 a bottle to secure this very same wine from a leading retailer in one of the most competitive wine markets in the world.

Does that give you a better picture of how much actual, real-world value you are getting with this one?

Well, I guess we also shouldn't forget the other side of the coin, in fact possibly the most important part about the whole offer - is the juice in the bottle absolutely top notch? Yes. Yes, it is. We are talking a big step up from the usual supermarket Rhone imports you come across. While those wines are normally just juicy bright fruit dominant reds with no substance, this 2016 Barton & Guestier Cotes du Rhone is all about backbone and structure, with red currants, pepper, smoked charcuterie and plums all providing the upfront flavours, while the tannins and graceful acidity play a part in keeping everything fresh.

Let's be frank. This is no Hermitage from J.L Chave, but at $12.50 a bottle, in 6 packs, and with a discount that will never be repeated, it's definitely a wine that you want to have by your side. Keep a case in the fridge. Keep a case under the stairs. Keep a case at the holiday house, and even keep a case at the next door neighbours. It's that good, and it's that much of a steal that you can grab as many as you want.

Get in now Cotes du Rhone, from the oldest established negociant house in all of France, for just $12.50 a bottle. Hard to say no to that.
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