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Vol. 5, No. 9, May 2021

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May 3-7
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 14
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FAU High School Graduation Ceremony
May 19
School Advisory Body Meeting
May 26
Last Day of School
May 31
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August 11
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As the 2020-2021 school year draws to a close, there are many wonderful opportunities to celebrate and appreciate those around us. We start with Teacher Appreciation Week on May 3rd - May 7th and Nurses' Appreciation day on May 6th. We are so fortunate to have Nurse Deborah and all the phenomenal educators at A.D. Henderson & FAU High School! Please take a moment to thank them for all that they do every day for our children.
We enter May in full-swing with many culminating events that have us all buzzing with excitement. We look forward to welcoming our new kindergarteners and incoming students while sending our FAU High seniors out into the world. The FAU High School graduation ceremony will occur on May 14, 2021 and 8th-grade promotion ceremony will take place on May 26. Be on the lookout for details in our weekly emails regarding tickets, COVID-19 protocols as well as safety and security.

Every single one of our students is truly remarkable. As I read about all of their accomplishments in this past month alone, I am taken aback at how lucky we are, from our Elementary students placing in Academic Games to our 2nd graders learning about rocks and soil on their virtual field trip. We had three Middle School students compete alongside our FAU High School athletes and qualify for State Championships. And lastly, our High School students are also doing incredible things like placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the 34th Annual Engineer It! Design competition and having a new Rotary Scholar of the month be selected. These are just a few of the many highlighted student accomplishments within this month's newsletter.

I want to say thank you for another wonderful school year. Despite the many challenges faced, I am 100% certain that it has provided us the opportunity to serve our students and community better. As we look forward to the 21-22 school year, please take these last few weeks to not only finish strong, but to appreciate the journey this year has gifted us with. 

#owlsimpact #owlsignite

Mrs. Bees
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” --Steve Jobs

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We are excited to continue offering an opportunity to make a lasting impact through the A.D. Henderson & FAU High School K-12 Student Enrichment Annual Fund. This year, we instituted a crowdfunding platform that will allow you to easily share the annual fund with friends, family, and social media networks and encourage them to support the school!

Gifts to the K-12 Student Enrichment Annual Fund will impact your child and enhance all school experience areas, including academics, athletics, arts, extra-curricular activities, technology, and student life. Every gift counts regardless of the amount. Please participate at a level that is comfortable for your family. All contributions are tax-deductible and can be made by cash, check, credit card, or donated stock. Gifts can be made with recurring payments online, and most gifts qualify for corporate matching gift programs.

Make Your Impact Felt Today!

Elementary School Updates

Second Grade Scientists

Our lucky 2nd graders took a virtual field trip over to the Owls Imaging Lab at FAU High School. Drs. Tricia Meredith and Alexandra Lolavar created virtual hands-on activities for our students to complement our Earth's surface unit in science. They learned about soil and different types of rocks while enjoying an incredible surprise - a real moon rock!

Exploravision Competition

Congratulations and thank you to Team BioBot and Mrs. O'Sullivan for all your hard work. Team Bio Bot recently uploaded their finished project for the final round of the Exploravision competition! Explore their completed project below.

We are incredibly proud of Anya and Annabella! Good luck, Team BioBot!

The BioBot

Middle School Updates

State Science & Engineering Science Fair

Congratulations to the following middle school students who competed in the Science and Engineering State Fair this past week. We are very proud of you and your dedication to conducting your research and positively impacting our future. We are especially hopeful to continue hearing of their success as they have recently been accepted to FAU High School for this coming school year.

Grace Phelps is a finalist who received a special award from the St. Lucie Science and Engineer Fair and a $50 cash award. Phelp's project was a two-year continuation project where she conducted the second part of her research at her house. This project aims to determine the zinc oxide concentration at which Anthelia glauca coral become exposed to coral bleaching. According to the project, every year, 30 million tons of sunscreen enter coral reefs resulting in mass coral bleaching events. Phelps conducted this project by setting up three aquariums and putting different concentrations of zinc oxide into each aquarium daily for 14 days. The project found that coral experienced coral bleaching at 5.59 grams of zinc oxide.

Patrick O'Leary is a three-time state science fair finalist at A.D. Henderson University School - a first for our program and an incredible accomplishment. We are so proud of his dedication to his many projects around campus. Patrick's project was also a two-year continuation project where he conducted the second year of research at his house. This project assesses whether an underwater camera and a buoy can identify sharks using a monorail system to alert beachgoers when a shark is approaching. The purpose of this research is to prevent shark attacks from occurring at beaches. The buoys use machine learning to identify sharks and then alert lifeguards of their presence. 

Speech and Debate

Our Speech and Debate Team has had a busy month full of competitions and winning various awards! Congratulations to all students and Coaches Potter and Adams!

Southeast Florida Civics & Debate Initiative #3

  • 2nd place- Caitlin Yaralli- Informative Speaking
  • 2nd place- Nicholas Ostheimer- Lincoln Douglas

Northwest Florida Civics & Debate Initiative #5

  • 1st place - Katherine Mosley - Declamation
  • 1st place - Caitlin Yaralli - Informative Speaking
  • 1st place - Nicholas Ostheimer - Congressional Debate
  • 2nd place - Asher Licata - Congressional Debate
  • 2nd place - Michael Gomez - Congressional Debate
  • 2nd place - Celina Gray Detwiler & Katalin Jenkins - Duo Interpretation
  • 3rd place - Arianna Lian & Ellen Vance - Duo Interpretation
  • 3rd place - Nicholas Ostheimer - Declamation
  • 3rd place - Nathaniel Leslie - Original Oratory

Florida Civics & Debate Initiative State Championship

  • 1st place - Nicholas Ostheimer - Congressional Debate
  • 2nd place - Caitlin Yaralli - Declamation
  • 3rd place - Celina Detwiler Gray & Katalin Jenkins - Duo Interpretation
  • 4th place - Colton Smith-Nash - Congressional Debate

Palm Beach Middle School Forensic League #8

  • 3rd place - Caitlin Yaralli - Declamation

High School Student Newsletter

The Student Government Association (SGA) at FAU High School has been working on developing the first student-led newsletter for the school. The main goal of this newsletter is to serve as a connection for students across campus and as a source of information about school events and student affairs from a student perspective. A team of 7 students has worked diligently to collect news sources and write articles for the newsletter. We hope you all enjoy reading the first edition of SGA’s newsletter!

SGA Student Led Newsletter

High School Updates

The past month students took their writing Florida Standards Assessment. In May, upcoming state tests include the Biology EOC and the Florida Standards Assessment in Reading. To accommodate our 10th-grade students for the FSA reading test, all 9th-grade students will attend school virtually on May 19 and May 20.  
9th-grade students successfully registered for their first semester of classes at FAU for the fall term and are excited to begin their next academic journey on the FAU campus this fall. Besides taking their state-mandated tests, 9th-graders will take finals in their classes and/or completing final projects. For the courses in which students are taking a final exam, finals week will occur between May 24-26th. Teachers will be distributing more information regarding finals in the coming weeks.  
As the year comes to a close, we want to encourage students to stay academically motivated and focused in all their classes to bring the year to a successful end.

34th Annual Engineer It! Design Competition

Sophomores Lily Landstrom and Kamila de Berry earned 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places at the 34th Annual Engineer It! design competition organized by the Florida Engineering Society and the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium.

Lily was the 1st place winner of the egg drop in the high school division. For this challenge, students create the lightest possible containers to protect raw eggs dropped from 50 feet from the basket of a bucket truck. Landstrom's container weighed just 74.7 grams, 10 grams heavier than the egg it was designed to protect.

Additionally, Landstrom was the 2nd place winner of the water bottle rocket challenge in the high school division, and de Berry earned 3rd place. Rockets are launched with compressed air and 355 mL of water to achieve the most extended overhead time. Landstrom's rocket had a hangtime of over 6 seconds. 

Engineer It! is an engineering design contest for students in grades 1st - 12th with awards of $5000 in cash and prizes. Elementary, middle, and high school students are challenged in categories to test students' understanding and use of science and engineering principles. No kits are allowed - all students must make original constructions for a model roller coaster, a model rocket, and an egg carton for a 3-story high egg drop.

Mathematical Association of America's, American Mathematics Competitions

Several of our students participated in either one or both of the Mathematical Association of America's American Mathematics Competitions, known as the AMC. Based on contest results, FAU is a School of Honor for the AMC10 Contests and a School of Merit for the AMC12 Contests. Congratulations to Christopher Cox '21 and Christian Engmen '22 as they qualified for the intermediate examination, the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME). 

March Madness Math Competition

Congratulations to 9th grader Luke Carey who placed 2nd, and David Edelstein, who placed 8th in the Perennial March Madness Math competition!

Science Olympiad

Way to go, FAU High Science Olympiad teams! All three teams competed in the state tournament on March 27, and team A earned 10th out of more than 60 teams in this very rigorous competition. Our top winners and their events are listed below, but we are proud of all our team members that competed.

Also, a big thank you to our Parent Teacher Organization for their financial support of the Science Olympiad teams every year - your support makes it all possible. 

Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunset Annual Scholarship Gala

On Monday, May 3, the Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunset will hold the 8th Annual Scholarship Gala honoring exemplary seniors from FAU High School. Mr. Daniel Cane, President & CEO of Modernizing Medicine and Governor Desantis' appointee to the Board of Trustees at Florida Atlantic University, is the keynote speaker. Our appreciation also goes out to the City of Boca Raton Mayor, Scott Singer, for his support and participation in this event. Our Scholars of the Month for the 2020-2021 school year, each earning a $500 scholarship, are below.

Lastly, a huge congrats to the Scholar of the Month for April 2021, Mathew Lopez!

SeaPerch Underwater Robotics

The Cane Institute hosted an entirely virtual SeaPerch Underwater Robotics qualifier tournament in collaboration with the FAU College of Engineering. Teams were judged on their technical reports and team interviews. We are proud to announce that two of our teams at A.D. Henderson have qualified for the International SeaPerch Underwater Robotics Competition!  

Team "Chicken of the Cs," composed of Josh Scarpinato, Ken Liu, and Jessica Devagio, won first place in our virtual qualifier competition. Chicken of the Cs is conducting a Citizen Science project using oysters to clean contaminated waterways in collaboration with Miami Water Keepers. 

Team "Kingfishers," comprised of Patrick O'Leary, Isabella Lackner, Hudson Whitehurst, and Nicholas Ostheimer, earned a Wildcard spot directly to the International SeaPerch Underwater Robotics Competition for their innovative work with Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with the Chasing Coral Project at the University of Queensland, Australia. Their project uses a seaperch robot to scan a reef, compare pictures of the reef with a neural network of photos from healthy reefs to determine the health of the reef the seaperch is swimming over. This project could be implemented by anyone, anywhere in the world, with an inexpensive SeaPerch ROV and an underwater camera.

Congratulations to both of our qualifying Seaperch teams! Good luck at this year's virtual International SeaPerch Challenge!

canCODE Hackathon

A group of ADHUS middle school students, including Patrick O'Leary, Mark Zagha, and Aiden Phipps, represented The Cane Institute in the canCODE Hackathon this month, earning an Honorable Mention. Congratulations!

STEM@Home Mailers

We hope you have enjoyed receiving the STEM@Home mailers throughout the year! Please don't forget to log onto iNaturalist and add an observation about your Florida Butterfly Orchid if you have not already done so. We will be sending home our last TCI STEM@Home this month which focuses on meteorology, the study of weather!  

3D Printing

TCI has been working with Mrs. O'Sullivan to 3D print over 225 individual designs created by our 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students through the use of TinkerCAD software. Our elementary students have learned to use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to design keychains. As a bonus (and science lesson), we printed their keychains in a glow-in-the-dark filament. We are finishing up these prints and cannot wait to see their faces when they see their designs!

Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Nance's Marine Robotics Class received an invitation for two students to complete the Nvidia AI specialist certification. In addition, Mr. Nance and his class received an Nvidia grant to provide several Nvidia Jetson Nano 2G development boards to develop artificial intelligence projects.  We can't wait to see what artificial intelligence projects our students create!

World's Smallest Art Show

Using the pocket microscope provided in an earlier TCI STEM@Home mailer, we invite students to submit photos to the Microscope Photography album on Artsonia. After a faculty vote, the top 10 pictures will win a $15 Artsonia gift certificate to order a face mask or other merchandise with the microscope photograph on it. The contest ends May 13, 2021, at 5 pm.

For detailed instructions on how to enter, visit:

Questions? Email Mrs. O'Sullivan.

View the World's Smallest Art Show

Khan Academy's Breakthrough Junior Challenge

Is your child great at explaining math or science concepts or filmmaking? They could create a video for a chance to win a $250,000 scholarship. Khan Academy is proud to partner with the Breakthrough Junior Challenge video contest. Students ages 13 through 18 can create a short— under three minutes— video explaining a challenging concept in physics, mathematics, or the life sciences in an engaging, illuminating, and creative way. View this video for more information.

Stay up to date with all events and announcements within The Cane Institute for Advanced Technologies by following us on our social media platforms:

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Academic Games

National Academic Games Results

Congratulations to our outstanding Academic Games teams. For the very first year, we competed in all divisions of the Academic Games Competition. What a fantastic group of students at A.D. Henderson & FAU High School, and wow, did they show just how stellar they are. Hundreds of students from all across the United States competed in four divisions across four events; Presidential History, Current Events of 2020, Theme decade of the '90s, and Propaganda. This National Competition took place for two weekends and was the culmination of a year-long program. Thank you to the phenomenal coaches Mrs. O'Sullivan (Elementary), Ms. Gass (Middle School), Sarah Palumbo (Alumni Advisor), and Mrs. Palumbo (High School).

The top 15 winners were: 

Presidents Event 

Elementary Division 4th – 6th Grade

  • 9th Place - Hannah Harianawalla  

High School Junior Division 9th – 10th Grade

  • 1st Place - Asna Nayani
  • 2nd Place - Lara Tunca 
  • 3rd Place - Elizabeth Insuasti 

High School Senior division 11th -12th Grade

  • 4th Place - Christian Engman 
  • 8th Place - Victoria Karaluz
  • 9th Place - Seymour Haque 
  • 11th Place - Ian Dowling 
  • 15th Place - Cassidy Johnson 


Theme Event 

Elementary 4th – 6th Grade 

  • 8th Place - Maarya Harianawalla  
  • 9th Place - Hannah Harianawalla  

Middle School Division 7th - 8TH Grade 

  • 11th Place - Isabella Lackner 

High School Junior Division 9th -10th Grade 

  • 1st Place - Elizabeth Insuasti 
  • 2nd Place - Asna Nayani 
  • 4th Place - Christian Farese  
  • 5th Place - Luke Carey  
  • 6th Place - Maryam Imram 

High School Senior Division 11th -12th Grade

  • 1st Place - Christian Engman 
  • 2nd Place - Cassidy Johnson  
  • 3rd Place - Mckhaila Mckenzie  
  • 4th Place - Seymour Haque  
  • 6th Place - Shyan Braswell 
  • 8th Place - Lotoya Willis 
  • 10th Place - Chris Cox 
  • 11th Place - Ian Dowling  


Current Events History

Elementary Division 4th – 6th Grade

  • 2nd Place - Hannah Harianawalla
  • 3rd Place - Maarya Harianawalla
  • 5th Place - Michael Gomez   

Middle Division 7th - 8TH Grade

  • 6th Place - Sabrina Scarpinato
  • 11th Place - Mark Zagha  

Junior Division 9th -10th Grade

  • 2nd Place - Elizabeth Insuasti
  • 3rd Place - Asna Nayani
  • 4th Place - Mallory Thomas
  • 6th Place - Christian Farese                                     

Senior Division 11th -12th Grade

  • 1st Place - Seymour Haque (Tie)
  • 1st Place - McKhaila Mckenzie (Tie)
  • 2nd Place - Cassidy Johnson
  • 3rd Place - Shyan Braswell
  • 4th Place - Christian Engman
  • 5th Place - Lotoya Willis
  • 6th Place - Ian Dowling
  • 9th Place - Christopher Cox  


Propaganda Event 

Elementary Division 4th – 6th Grade

  • 6th Place - Maarya Harianawalla
  • 7th Place - Michael Gomez
  • 10th Place - Caitlin O'Sullivan

Junior Division 9th -10th Grade

  • 1st Place - Luke Carey

Senior Division 11th -12th Grade

  • 3rd Place - Victoria Karaluz
  • 5th Place - Seymour Haque
  • 8th Place - Cassidy Johnson
  • 9th Place - McKhaila McKenzie
  • 10th Place - Christopher Cox                                   

Overall National Rank Top 15

Elementary Division 4th – 6th Grade

  • 2nd Place - Maarya Harianawalla
  • 3rd Place - Hannah Harianawalla
  • 9th Place - Caitlin O'Sullivan 

Middle Division 7th - 8TH Grade

  • 12th Place - Mark Zagha  

Junior Division 9th -10th Grade

  • 1st Place - Elizabeth Insuasti 
  • 2nd Place - Asna Nayani 
  • 6th Place - Lara Tunca  
  • 10th Place - Mallory Thomas  
  • 11th Place - Christian Farese
  • 14th Place - Luke Carey  

Senior Division 11th -12th Grade

  • 1st Place - Seymour Haque
  • 2nd Place - Cassidy Johnson
  • 3rd Place - Mckhaila Mckenzie
  • 4th Place - Shyan Braswell
  • 5th Place - Christian Engman
  • 6th Place - Lotoya Willis
  • 8th Place - Ian Dowling
  • 14th Place - Christopher Cox
  • 15th Place - Victoria Karaluz

Math Academic Games

Congratulations to our Math Academic Games players for completing the Math Academic Games Season. This year due to online restrictions, we had to adjust Equations, typically played with cubes in person. This Game of Creative Mathematics involves authentic learning experiences and problem-solving at the highest levels. All grade levels play with the same set of procedural rules. However, each division level of competition introduces increasingly more complex mathematical concepts for the players to use. Players are challenged to use their mathematical knowledge and develop new skills in progressively more competitive ways. Players usually learn more from applying their expertise in the competition than in their standard classroom studies.

Elementary Division (grades 4-6) players concentrate on the six basic mathematical operations (+ – x ÷ ^). At the Adventurous level, which introduces variations to the basic game, such concepts as factorials, greatest common factor, least common multiple, averaging, fractions, negative numbers, decimals, and percents are made available to the players. Please see the elementary division variation sheet to view all of the challenges our players are encouraged to use in competition.

Middle Division (grades 7-8) players continue to use everything available to the Elementary Division and new concepts such as working in bases other than base ten, fractional and negative powers and roots, and different challenging middle division variations.

Junior and Senior Division (grades 9-12) players compete in everything available to the lower levels. They may also choose new concepts such as modular arithmetic, imaginary numbers, and other challenging junior variations or senior variations depending on the division.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Math Academic Games this year:

Elementary Level grades 4- 6:

  • 1st Place - Leia Barnett
  • 2nd Place - Caitlin O'Sullivan
  • 3rd Place - Maarya Harianwalla
  • 4th Place - Katelyn Lackner
  • 5th Place - Hannah Harianawalla

Middle School Grades 7-8:

  • 1st Place - Daniella Fermin
  • 2nd Place - Sabrina Scarpinato
  • 3rd Place - Stefanija Dimova
  • 4th Place - Josh Scarpinato
  • 5th Place - Bella Lackner

High school Grades 9-12:

  • 1st Place - Luke Carey
  • 2nd Place - Chris Cox
  • 3rd Place - Ian Dowling
  • 4th Place - Victoria Karaluz
  • 5th Place - Seymour Haque

OPK12 Research Committee / Research Collaborations

Our schools continue to support innovative research conducted by faculty at FAU and other universities. Here the current projects we are involved in:

  • We have partnered with Aimee Arias from FAU's Department of Political Science and Associate Dean for Research and Creative Achievement to create a South Florida High School Model European Union (SFHSMEU). This program allows students to engage with European Union institutions in an active learning exercise formatted as a conference simulation. The grant also includes two continuing education teacher workshops designed to help teachers understand how they can include the EU into the subjects they teach and prepare students for participation in the SFHSMEU. Registration is free and open to all South Florida high school students and their teacher advisors.
  • Katie Miller from FAU's Department of Exceptional Student Education and Lara Costa from UNC Chapel Hill received a grant from the Institute for Educational Sciences. They gather writing samples from 4th-5th grade students to see the relationships among writing skills, writing performance, and writing quality.

If you have any questions about any future studies or generally about research being conducted at our school, please contact us or explore our website.

The results from our past research collaborations have been published in peer-reviewed articles and presented at national and international conferences: Publications and Presentations from Research Collaborations

We have a lot of exciting updates on our student researchers. FAU High School had an impressive performance at the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry's Annual Research Symposium. FAUHS students and alumni delivered a total of 40 presentations. Daniela Rivera-Cintrón won second place in the Business, Marketing, Finance & Public Administration category for her presentation "The American Food System: Food for Thought?." Arman Alexis also won second place in the Engineering category for his presentation "Utilizing Virtual Reality to Augment the Efficiency of Analyzing CT Scanned Organisms." Mallory Thomas and Numana Luqman won first place in Environmental, Ecological & Marine Sciences for their presentation "Utilization of Waste Concrete and Natural Seawater for CO2 Capture." Imtisal Imran won first place in the category of Health and Medical Sciences for her presentation titled "Assessment of Preexisting Immunity to Childhood Immunizations within Peripheral Blood." Ten FAUHS students also presented at the Annual Life Sciences South Florida STEM Undergraduate Research Symposium, where Kate Maier won second place for her presentation "Systematic study of robustness of deep learning models for skin lesion classification and melanoma detection."


We are also very excited to share some new student publications. Diego Jerez and Eleanor Stuart recently published their study "A deep learning approach to identifying immunogold particles in electron microscopy images" in Scientific Reports. Alumna Caralin Branscum also has a recent publication in Crime, Law and Social Change titled "A content analysis on state human trafficking statutes: how does the legal system acknowledge survivors in the United States (US)?"


For a comprehensive list of past student publications and presentations, you can visit Student Publications and Presentations.

Florida Science & Engineering Fair

While the Florida Science and Engineering Fair was hosted virtually this year, our FAU High science and engineering students earned several awards through perseverance and hard work. Julianna Lian earned 2nd place in Cellular/Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, and Natasha Mayorga took 3rd place in Microbiology. Lucia Stawikowska scored 4th place in Engineering, Sarah Habona received an honorable mention in environmental engineering, and Jimmy Joseph brought home a special recognition for engineering.

We are especially excited to announce that Julianna Lian will be continuing on to compete at the International Science and Engineering Fair on May 16. Way to go to all our science fair participants and researchers!

Owls Imaging Lab Field Trips

Lastly, The Owls Imaging Lab (OI Lab) has been quite busy! We hosted Ms. Celesti, Barzey, and Picard's second-grade classes and talked about how we can use microscopes to study the physical properties of rocks and soils. Recently, third-grade (thank you to Ms. Foste, Gomez, and Arlt) also visited the Owls Imaging Lab to talk about plant adaptations and use different microscopes in the lab to take a closer look at various kinds of seeds, roots, and leaves.

Our first middle school classes visited the OI Lab when we hosted Ms. Cheva's seventh graders. We studied how microscopes use lenses and prisms to create magnified images and explored how the scales on butterfly wings act as prisms to reflect the bright colors we see.

Owls Athletics


The HS Tennis Team had a great showing at the District Tournament with the girls' team finishing 3rd. Lara Tunca made it to the finals in the 5th Seed Tournament and 2nd Double Team with Priyanka Perumalraja!

Track and Field

The track and field team had a fast start at the 2A District 14 Championship. Both boys and girls 4x400m were crowned District Champions! 14 Athletes will compete on May 1 at the Region 4 Championship to qualify for the state meet.

Regional Qualifiers:

  • 4x400m Girls- 1st Place- Hannah Mendez, Maya Smith, Jayden Noel, Maisha Atkinson
  • 4x400m Boys- 1st Place- Carlos Santiago, Daniel Saviano, Clyve Gassant, Lucas Shuckerow
  • 4x800m Girls- 2nd Place- Saviano, Santiago, Zachariah John, Gassant
  • 4x800m Boys- 3rd Place- Julia McDuffee, Jadeyn Collins, Noel, Atkinson
  • Atkinson- 2nd Place- 200m and 400m
  • Devin Willis- 2nd Place- Javelin and Discus
  • Smith- 2nd Place- 300mH
  • Gassant- 3rd Place- 800m
  • McDuffee- 3rd Place- 3200m
  • Mendez- 3rd Place- 100mH
  • Shuckerow- 3rd Place- 400m
  • Lucia Giangaspero- 4th Place- 300mH
  • Hector Nevvarez Anguiano- 4th Place- Shot Put 

Along with the above regional qualifiers, we had three middle school students who competed with the team this season. All three have qualified for the State Championship in Bradenton, FL, on May 22. The high school runners and coaches took these young owls under their wings and pushed them right to the State Championship.

Olie Hallstrom, 7th Grade

  • 800m - Best Time: 2:17. 26

Abigail Quin, 8th grade

  • Triple Jump - Best Jump: 8.85m

Michael Winfield, 8th Grade

  • 200m - Best Time: 24.00
  • 400m - Best Time: 54.65

Congratulations to all these student-athletes, Coach Childs, and Coach Castillo!

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K-12 Counseling Newsletter

At the most fundamental level, we are social creatures hardwired for human connection. Our psychological health and well-being depend strongly on our ability to form close relationships. So, when we experience successful relationships and a sense of connectedness and belonging, we do better. Teaching students the strategies and skills they need to establish, build, and maintain healthy relationships is an essential part of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Please click this link to read our Monthly Counselor Newsletter to learn more! 

Establishing Healthy Relationships

General School Reminders

Gold Level Green District Award

We are proud to announce that Florida Atlantic University Lab School District is a 2021 Gold Level Green School District by the Florida Department of Education for a third straight year. This recognition of our green school initiatives at the district level is in honor of our adopted practices that will conserve our natural resources, promote sustainability, and reduce the operating costs of our district. Florida's Green School Network only recognizes three school districts at the Gold Level.

We appreciate the Florida Department of Education working closely with our school district to empower opportunities both in and outside the classroom for students and staff to grow into environmental champions and gain the skills they need to flourish as future leaders.

Green School of Excellence

We are proud to announce that A.D. Henderson and FAU High School have been recognized again as Green Schools of Excellence for the 2020-2021 school year through the Green Schools Recognition Program. This program recognizes public and private schools in Palm Beach and Martin counties that use ongoing "green" programs, projects, and practices to instill a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainability in their classrooms, on their school grounds, and throughout their communities. Through the Green Schools Program, K-12 schools are recognized for creating healthy and green environments for their students. Green School of Excellence means that we have hit the highest standards of the pillars of Green Schools. The pillars are as follows:

  • School grounds enhancements that encourage the use of the grounds as a learning environment and enhance the area's ecological integrity.
  • Improving school sustainability through the conservation of energy and water, solid waste reduction, and green transportation practices.
  • Fostering health and wellness through initiatives focused on gardening, nutrition, physical fitness, and social-emotional well-being.  
  • Integrating curriculum that will prepare students to understand and act on current and future environmental challenges facing South Florida.
  • Involvement with the community that fosters partnerships within the school building and with local organizations in an effort to create environmental awareness and build student leadership.
  • Development of school-wide green culture through practices and policies that reflect a whole-school commitment to sustainability. 

Thank you to all of our students, families, staff, administration, and volunteers for helping to make this award possible.

Safety Updates & Reminders

As a reminder, please continue to obey the posted speed limit while on campus, remain buckled while driving, as well as refrain from using a handheld cell phone. Students must be wearing a properly-fitted face covering and school-issued ID on a breakaway lanyard before exiting the vehicle.

2021 ADHUS & FAUHS Parent Survey

Each year, we ask our parents and families to provide feedback to facilitate continuous improvements within our school. Please take about 15 minutes to complete this surveyIndividual names, email addresses, and IP addresses are not collected. Results will be used internally to assess our effectiveness and determine potential student and school needs. Thank you for your valuable recommendations and feedback. The last day to complete the survey is May 7, 2021.

Testing Information

The DOE requires all public school students in grades 3-10, attending school either in-person or virtually, to take all required state assessments in-person. Remote or at-home proctoring of state assessments is not permissible. Health and safety testing provisions have been made for students receiving instruction both virtually and in-person. Strict protocols will be implemented to ensure the health and safety of your child(ren).

Please find the Spring 2021 Testing Schedule here.

For specific information related to your child's grade level, please view the letters linked below:

PTO Update

Teacher Appreciation Week

Don't forget Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3 through May 7. Please take a moment to thank our K-9 teachers who work tirelessly and diligently for our virtual and in-person students. 

Business Sponsorship Program

The PTO kicked off a new initiative in partnership with A.D. Henderson & FAU High School called the PTO Business Sponsorship Program. The annual program offers two (2) levels, allowing partners to choose a package that best suits the needs of their business. All costs below are for the entire calendar year, running from January to December each year.

A.D. Henderson & FAU High School Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

A.D. Henderson & FAU High School is a national exemplary model for school systems and teacher preparation programs improving education for diverse student populations through innovative, faculty-developed research and curriculum.

Mission Statement

The school has a three-fold mission of (1) being a demonstration site for teacher education; (2) developing curricula; (3) conducting research.
(F.S. 228.053)
A.D. Henderson University School & FAU High School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Title I Targeted Assistance Program.

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