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Vol. 5, No. 1, September 2020

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September 9
Middle School Virtual Open House


I wanted to begin with a warm thank you for the ongoing support and cooperation we have received during this time for our faculty, staff, and students. Although we return to a school year where we trade pencils for mousepads and classrooms for living rooms, all I can express is immeasurable gratitude for how well we have navigated through this.

Despite having to adapt to a non-traditional learning environment, our teachers have been working non-stop to provide the best online instruction focusing on engagement and strategic learning plans. Our students continue to shine as we see their dedication and hard work every day.

We started the school year in full swing with an incredibly successful drive-by style Meet the Teacher event. Students physically distanced as they were introduced to their educators and were provided a tech pack containing all the learning tools they’d need as we continue virtual learning. Our virtual parent workshops were phenomenal, full of informative pieces to assist everyone during this time.

Our focus remains on following CDC guidelines to anticipate every student’s needs and provide a safe environment that promotes health and social distancing. To read the most up to date announcements regarding our campus and safety measures, please review the announcements area on

If you are yet to join our Parent Teacher Organization, please do so by visiting their website linked here. Their support for our K-12 faculty, staff, and students has given us the chance to take on so many unique and innovative school-wide projects.

We look ahead to another school year full of continued improvement and innovative ways of bringing back our faculty, staff, and students in the safest environment possible.

We hope to see you all soon!

#owlsimpact #owlsignite

Mrs. Bees
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” --Steve Jobs

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Elementary School Updates

K-12 Tips for Promoting Literacy from Home

Now, more than ever, it is important to be sure that children are reading every day so that they continue to grow as readers. Just Read, Florida! is a statewide reading initiative that prioritizes reading in Florida's schools and beyond. Below are some of the great tips they are offering for reading and writing at home along with some amazing resources to help along the way. 

High School Updates


FAU High School had a great first few weeks back at school. Teachers spent the first few days building their virtual classroom community by using many virtual educational websites. All teachers use Canvas to push out student assignments, so students should regularly be checking Canvas to stay on top of their work. In addition, many teachers use other platforms to keep in touch with their students such as Remind, Slack, Google, and Discord. Please make sure your child has enrolled in these messaging platforms to receive important updates from their teachers or as another way to contact them.  


Even in the virtual classroom, all teachers want to remind parents and students of proper classroom etiquette and behavior.  

  1. Students should be visibly present in each class.  
  2. Students should inform teachers of any technical issues that they are encountering.  
  3. When taking tests, students need to begin the test immediately once the teacher commences the test. 
  4. When partaking in breakout classrooms, all students are still responsible for engaged, respectful, and appropriate interactions with their peers.  

Based on the successes of the past few weeks, we look forward to continuing a great year together. 

FAU High School - Jupiter Campus

The students in the inaugural class of FAU High School – Jupiter Campus, in Partnership with the Max Planck Academy have officially started! This momentous program will change lives as students embark on their coursework and research opportunities. Our student center building in Jupiter is open and operational, at a reduced capacity, to students Monday-Thursday for the Fall 2020 semester. The students are excited to be in courses, with about half of the students being in-person. Thank you for your continued support of these amazing students! Watch out for further updates as students embark upon life-changing discoveries in neuroscience, data science, biology, psychology, and more! 


The Cane Institute worked hard this summer to re-envision the STEM program at A.D. Henderson & FAU High School. After 3D printing and distributing over 2500 personal protective equipment (PPE) items to local hospitals in May and June, we transitioned to developing robot kits to support our middle school STEM electives during distance learning. TCI created and distributed close to 100 Lego robots, Micro:Bit robots, and SeaPerch underwater remotely operated vehicles to give these students authentic, hands-on robotics while distance learning at home.


Now, TCI is creating, packaging, and distributing TCI STEM@Home mailers for K-9 students to use at home to help keep students engaged in authentic learning experiences. The first of these mailers will be going out this week and includes a Virtual Reality viewer so students can go on virtual field trips, experience virtual labs, and explore outer space! While they are being mailed by the TCI STEM Program, students can also use these VR viewers to supplement any of their curricula and explore on their own! Students are scheduled to receive two TCI STEM@Home mailers per month. Some will include opportunities to “virtually” compete with your classmates in online competitions. We invite you to post pictures using your TCI STEM@Home activities on social media and tag the FAU Cane Institute.

Stay up to date with all events and announcements within The Cane Institute for Advanced Technologies by following us on our social media platforms:

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OPK12 Research Committee / Research Collaborations

The OPK12 Research Committee is exploring innovative ways to engage with our research collaborators in our new remote format. We are currently exploring how to effectively continue a project that began last year with our collaborators, Katie Miller from FAU’s Department of Exceptional Student Education and Lara Costa from UNC Chapel Hill. Below is a summary of their project:

  • Katie Miller from FAU’s Department of Exceptional Student Education and Lara Costa from UNC Chapel Hill received a grant from the Institute for Educational Sciences. They are gathering writing samples from all 1st-5th grade students to see the relationships among writing skills, writing performance, and writing quality.

The results from our past research collaborations have been published in peer-reviewed articles and presented at national and international conferences. Take a look at some recent publications and presentations from our past collaborations: 

  • Laursen, B., Altman, R. L., Bukowski, W. M., & Wei, L. (2020). Being fun: An overlooked indicator of childhood social status. Journal of Personality.
  • Launder, S., Anderson, S., Miller, K.M., & Finnegan, L. (2020, February). Examining the impact of strategy instruction on 8th-grade students’ essay writing. Presented at the Eastern Educational Research Association Annual Conference, Clearwater, Florida.
  • Miller, K.M., Anderson, S., Finnegan, L., & Launder, S. (2020, October). Easy as TEAC? Using strategy instruction for planning and drafting and the impact on 8th-grade students’ essay writing. Accepted for presentation at the International Literacy Association Annual Conference, Columbus, Ohio. 

If you have any questions about any future studies or generally about research being conducted at our school, please contact us or explore our website.

The FAU High School Research Program is thriving even though we have gone virtual! All research classes are currently being held online and students have already begun to hear from several speakers including Dr. Amy Tift and Dr. Tricia Meredith. 

The Owls Imaging Lab (OI Lab) was recently expanded and now is fully equipped for a variety of research experiences. The OI Lab is currently offering a virtual lab training experience to an unlimited number of students via Canvas. In the course, students are introduced to the equipment in the OI Lab, learn how to operate the equipment and explore the research applications of the lab, and develop their own protocols for their specific research goals. Students involved in this self-guided course can advance their research experience by gaining useful skills for future research experiences, building their CV or resume, and create a research foundation that will allow them to explore their research interests. Students interested in enrolling in this online training should register here.

The FAUHS Research team is also hosting monthly Research Meetups for students to connect with other FAUHS student researchers. Students can bring their research questions or just come to chat with fellow researchers about hot topics in the FAU research community. The first meetup will be held virtually on September 10th, 1-2 pm. Students can register for the online meetup here.

Lastly, Science Fair has changed quite a bit this year. The entire program will happen in a virtual format and students will make video presentations for submission instead of printing posters. These changes are fantastic news for anyone interested in participating, but was worried that they might not have time with all of the new changes to education. The FAUHS research program is working on innovative solutions to help students achieve research goals while staying safe. Students can reach out to Ms. Jasmine Coyle for any advice or guidance on next steps.

Virtual Learning Tips for Parents

The faculty & staff at A.D. Henderson & FAU High School worked hard all summer to create the best virtual learning experience for your children. We added key technology, software, training, and teachers worked tirelessly on lesson plans to make the best out of this new situation. Below are a few ways you can support your child at home while we tackle this adventure together:

Create a Positive Learning Space

Children thrive with consistency, so having a set space for school is important. Whether this space is in their room, at the dining table, or tucked away in a special spot, they should have all of the items to be successful: a tabletop to work on, their Chromebook, paper, writing utensils, reading books, textbooks, etc… and, almost, most importantly, peace and quiet.

Limit Distractions

Children will need to speak freely when they participate in class, so limiting distractions is important. If there are parents or siblings in the room talking, the student might not feel comfortable participating or may be too distracted by the noise. If your child feels the space isn’t conducive to learning, consider moving the space. If moving the space isn’t an option, consider making a “quiet zone” schedule so that others in the house know when they must be quiet when entering that specific room. 

Be Supportive, but Allow for Mistakes

It’s easy, especially when kids are younger, to accidentally “over help.” The teacher asks a question, your child responds with the wrong answer, and you find yourself whispering from two feet away. We hear you, super supportive parents, (and we’re glad you are there) but don’t be afraid of the wrong answers! We embrace the growth mindset, even virtually, and while it’s difficult to watch kids falter, it’s the mistakes that lead them to true growth. Teachers can best assist students who are doing their own work. If your child is struggling, or you would like more ways to be supportive during the school day, reach out to your child’s teacher(s). 

Take a Break… a Real One!

Teachers at every grade level are working in extra breaks during the day to give everyone time to step away from their devices. Talk with your child about their “break plan.” If there is an opportunity to go outside, suggest they go for a bike ride, take a walk, do yoga, stretch, or get a snack. Whatever they choose, make sure they are giving themselves a real break.

Remember We are Here for You

These are trying times, and the teachers, counselors, and administrators are dedicated to the success of each child. Let us know how we can help… and if you’re not sure “how” let’s come up with a plan together. #owlsunite

Owls Athletics

We hope everyone had a great summer. Currently, due to COVID-19 athletic events have been postponed until further notice. Please take this forced break to complete the State Mandated Courses, we have links to all of them on our athletic google site, and submit your certificate to Coach Childs.

Go Owls!

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General School Reminders

Mental Health

Save the Date: Counselor Coffee Talk: Wednesday, September 30,  9:00-10:00AM

Topic: What is SEL: The Benefits of Social Emotional Learning 

Participants will learn

  • What Social Emotional Learning (SEL) means.
  • How SEL is implemented at school and home.
  • The connection between mental health and SEL.

Zoom registration information to come soon!

Lastly, be sure to check out the K-12 School Counseling Program webpage to check out this month's K-12 SEL Counseling Parent Newsletter!


Each year, the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) mandates that schools conduct several safety drills to protect students and staff in case of an emergency. These include evacuation (fire), severe weather (tornado), and lock-down drills. This year is no different. Because of the current pandemic, the FDOE has provided schools with flexibility and guidance for conducting these safety drills. The health and safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance. When students return to school, you can rest assured that we have planned drills that meet the requirements of the mandate, while adhering to social distancing and other CDC guidelines.

Families Experiencing Homelessness

If you or someone you know is experiencing housing transition, there may be support that we can provide. The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 2001 defines homelessness (families in transition) as those lacking a fixed, regular, or adequate nighttime residence. This definition includes children (PreK-12) who are sharing the housing of other persons (doubled-up) due to their family’s loss of housing, economic hardship, pandemic, or similar reasons. The primary nighttime residence of students experiencing homelessness may also include hotels, motels, trailer parks, camping grounds, emergency or transitional shelters, cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations, or similar settings. Our school policy outlines resources available in our approved Homeless Education Program and can be found on our school’s website by following this link. 

If you would like additional information or assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Dr. Tammy Bresnahan


District Title I Liaison

District/School Homeless Liaison

National School Lunch Program Director

Testing Information

The Florida Department of Education released the statewide assessment windows for the 2020-2021 school year. Students in grades 3-10 will test in various subjects in the winter and/or spring.  A more detailed schedule will be forthcoming. 

Art in the Capitol Contest

Hispanic Heritage Month Theme and Student Contests

This week First Lady Casey DeSantis announced that the theme for Hispanic Heritage Month will be Celebrating Untold Stories and Contributions of Hispanic Americans in Florida and released information regarding the student art and essay contests and Excellence in Education awards. Hispanic Heritage Month is recognized and celebrated in the United States from September 15 to October 15.

PTO Update

Join the ADHUS PTO and support our K-12 faculty, staff, and students! 

The PTO helps provide:

  • Masks for the school
  • Funds for classroom supplies
  • Technology
  • Sports equipment
  • Additional music sound system
  • High school outdoor seating area
  • Teacher professional development
  • And many other programs.

Click the link below and sign up today: 


Business Sponsorship Program
The PTO kicked off a new initiative in partnership with the school this year, the A. D. Henderson & FAU High School PTO Business Sponsorship Program. There are four levels of contributions to customize your business donation. You can see their ads online and in the circles.

SLA Family Newsletter

SLA Management has redone the A.D. Henderson & FAU High online cafeteria portal. Please make sure to check the portal and find out about the great offerings our dining services provide.

Each month our cafeteria service, SLA Management, features a newsletter with health and nutrition information, upcoming features, and other interesting articles. This link houses the email archive from SLA Management.

A.D. Henderson & FAU High School Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

A.D. Henderson & FAU High School is a national exemplary model for school systems and teacher preparation programs improving education for diverse student populations through innovative, faculty-developed research and curriculum.

Mission Statement

The school has a three-fold mission of (1) being a demonstration site for teacher education; (2) developing curricula; (3) conducting research.
(F.S. 228.053)
A.D. Henderson University School & FAU High School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Title I Targeted Assistance Program.

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