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Children with SLCN not reaching expected levels in year one phonics

The Year One Phonics Screening results were released recently and yet again, we’re seeing that children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) are being left behind. The latest results showed that less than half of children with SLCN reached the expected level in phonics; skills that are closely linked with speech and language processing and that are crucial for learning to read and write.

Of course, in order to be successful readers, children will need good phonics in addition to a range of other skills. A strong vocabulary, good comprehension and an understanding of books and how they work will also all play an important part in how children learn to read.
How Early Talk Boost can help
Early Talk Boost, our targeted intervention for 3-4 year olds with delayed language provides children with many of these skills. Our evaluation showed that following the intervention, children made on average six months progress, helping to narrow the gap between them and their peers.

The intervention itself is delivered three times per week during circle/story time by a trained early years practitioner to a group of up to eight children over a nine week period. It is supported by an initial training package and includes an Early Talk Boost Tracker to help identify appropriate children for the intervention and to measure their progress. The intervention also includes a workshop for parents/carers to enable them to develop children’s communication and language skills at home.
More Information
To find out more about how you can get Early Talk Boost for the children in your nursery and organise training, contact me, Raili Frost, on 0207 843 2515 or email Alternatively, you can access training through one of our Licensed Tutors, who can often offer the training for less than I CAN. Locate your nearest one on our Licensee Map.

Raili Frost

 Early Talk Boost Team
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