November 2016

Hearing the message of DASH Network through his daughter, Ella Boone, Al Spinks and wife,Tamara, were moved to provide a major gift to help asylum seekers find housing, friendship and freedom here in DFW.

Donor puts feet on faith to bless DASH Network

Al Spinks knew nine months ago he was called to make a difference, he just didn't know who that difference would be for.

"Al's generosity can be described as radical, beautiful, and heartfelt, and has an astounding impact on our ability to reach more asylum seekers," DASH founder Ashley Freeman said, grateful for the generous financial gift.

Hearing a lenten message from Pope Francis, Spinks was moved when the leader of the Catholic faith urged his church to give up indifference toward others instead of the usual alcohol, candy or other indulgences typical in today's society.

Spinks said he was also moved by the words of Christian John Chrysotom who said, “No act of virtue can be great if it is not followed by advantage for others. So no matter how much you spend fasting, no matter how much you sleep on a hard floor and eat ashes and sigh continually, if you do no good to others, you do nothing great.”

Spinks decided to fast from indifference, setting aside his income during lent to put toward a good cause. With the Syrian and North African refugee crisis in the news daily, he felt certain this was the cause he was called to.

"In any way I could, I hoped to help carry their burdens, their fear and their uncertainty of their situation. While I was not certain where exactly I was supposed to give, I knew the Spirit would lead me to it," Spinks said, admitting he did this Lenten practice somewhat loosely. "I had been searching for just the right organization in which to donate, yet as Easter passed, I had not found one. I began to feel as if I had failed at my good intentions."

While visiting with his daughter, Elle Boone, and her husband, Micheal Boone, who have volunteered for DASH, Spinks and his wife, Tamara, were told about how DASH volunteers were working to help asylum seeker MJ, whose family is still in Zimbabwe awaiting his asylum approval. Moved, Spinks said they knew immediately DASH was the ministry the Lord had in mind for their gift.

"Immigrants, refugees and especially asylum seekers have such a difficult journey, I know Christ identifies with them when, in Matthew 25:40, He instructs, 'Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me,'" Spinks said. 

"Al first began supporting asylum seeker, MJ personally to temporarily relieve the immense financial strain he was under, and then, after learning more about the organization at the dessert reception, decided to make a monumental donation to DASH of $24,000 over the course of a year." 

"The impact of this is incredible. 
Since we help an asylum seeker for a year with $2,000, that means his donation provides food, housing and friendship for 12 asylum seekers for a year! He has literally changed the lives of an entire community of asylum seekers. Plus, this money helps propel DASH to the next level, enabling us to grow as an organization, in sustainability and in reach so that we can continue to welcome more asylum seekers.

The Spinks' attended the Dessert Reception in October, where they heard MJ's story and testimonies from Ashley and others involved in DASH. Seeing the welcoming love of Jesus and DASH's two-handed approach of love and meeting practical needs, they were convinced DASH's mission would now be their mission as well.

-Kyp Shillam

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Check out the newest version of our logo! We hope that the addition of the mandala communicates a multi-cultural, international feel at a glance. It was designed by Johnny Phipps, a DASH Compassion Advocate and graphic designer. A big thanks to him from all of us!

Goal met: DASH is officially becoming a non-profit!

With so much to be thankful for, DASH founder Ashley Freeman says the ministry, which helps to care for the needs of asylum seekers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, has reached an important goal.

"We have been working toward becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, which is an expensive process. Well, I'm proud to announce that with the generosity and support of our donors at the recent Dessert Reception and ask event, DASH will begin doing business as a non-profit starting January 1, 2017," Ashley said.

This new status continues to be good for DASH donors.

"Donations to DASH have always been tax deductible, because we function as a ministry of The City Church, which is a tax-deductible non-profit. Starting next year tax receipts will come from DASH instead of City Church," Ashley said.

The new tax status also opens doors for the DASH ministry.

"The biggest reason that we felt it was time to file as a non-profit was our desire to expand to help more asylum seekers, but The City Church is at it's max capacity," Ashley said of the small church with a big heart. "We desire to link other churches and communities together in DASH, and eventually plant other branches in other churches. Becoming an independent non-profit, could be a better platform for those partnerships."

So look for changes in the way we do some things, but not in the caring, respect and practical love DASH shows the asylum seeker community we serve.

-Kyp Shillam



Upcoming Events

Give the gift of Jesus this Christmas!

To sign up, and see details Click here!
We are excited to share our online Angel Tree with you for an opportunity to bless an asylum seeker this Christmas, and we pray your heart is blessed as well! Each asylum seeker's contact information will be listed online, so you can contact them directly to schedule a time to drop off your gift. Or if you prefer, email Janelle Munson at, and she will coordinate a drop-off location and ensure your gift is delivered in time for the holiday! 

Here's a peek at the link wish list!
Berhanu – tablet for online classes he's taking.
Vincent – Piano keyboard to practice music
Muhyi  – Laptop, new or used would be great
Raphael – Cell phone service. Contact him for details.
Saba – Ladies' winter jacket size Large
Freweini – Queen sized sheets, vacuum
Freweini's kids – X-Box One
Elim (10 yr. old girl) – Twin sheets, long sleeved navy polo size 11/12
Jacob (9 yr. old boy) – Twin sheets, long sleeved navy polo size 9/10
Nahom (7 yr. old boy) – Twin sheets, long sleeved navy polo size 7/8
Martine – Women winter coat size large, women's tennis shoes size 10
Mike (college) – Men's coat size Large, men's tennis shoes size 11
Sara (HS Sophomore) – Women's coat size Large, tennis shoes size 10
Dan (middle school) – Men's coat size XL, tennis shoes size 8
Gustavo – Hat size 6.5, gray men's Timberland boots size 7.5
Theresa – Gift card for women's clothes, gift card for boots (Boot Barn or Cavender's)
Fatima (7 yr. old) – Barbie Doll House
Gustavo Jr. (4 yr. old) – 
Rebecca (4 months) – Boots or gift card to buy boots


Recent Events

What a wonderful day the DASH family had, celebrating Thanksgiving with our asylum seeker friends!
Not only was there great food and friendship, but we were able to share the meaning of our American holiday and show the seekers how their plight today mirrors the plight of the pilgrims who came here over 400 years ago. 
We are thankful for their presence in our lives and for allowing us to serve them and share our faith in Jesus Christ.
Here are some photos and quotes from those in attendance on what they are thankful for...

Pray for...
  • Abundant financial provision for expansion
  • God's wisdom and guidance as we expand

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DASH Network exists to love asylum seekers by serving their physical and relational needs.

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