Jan 2017

Thank you to all the wonderful people that brought life to the Orphanage of Pa van der Steur. 

We were so fortunate to know you.
From complete strangers you become close friends. 

Helping us without asking for anything in return.
We are so grateful to you for being part of our life.

Wawan was born deep in the jungle of Borneo. As a little baby he lost both his parents so he was raised by his grandparents. Wawan was not a healthy baby and sadly his grandparents thought his time on earth would be
As there were no other children in that part of the jungle, Wawan always played by himself. His only friend was his dog. Together with his dog he had the whole jungle and river to himself. It is a miracle that no accident ever happened. 
When Wawan was 4 years old his grandparents fell sick. They tried to put him in several orphanages as they hoped an institution would take care of him if something would happen to them. They prayed for an orphanage to feed their little boy and put him through school. Unfortunately they were disappointed time and time again.
The desperate grandparents started to lose all hope until someone who visited them in the jungle told them about the Orphanage of Pa van der Steur in Jakarta.
It was hard as they would probably never see their grandchild again. But in the hope for a better future they asked their friend if he could accompany Wawan for the long trip to Jakarta. Wawan had never left his grandparents or the jungle before and it was a scary journey for him.
But his fear disappeared when he was welcomed by all the other children with open arms.
He never had a friend before now he has 65. Although he does not speak bahasa Indonesia yet, Wawan is the Tarzan among the little boys. Everyone enjoys his jungle screams every morning trying to wake up the other boys. 
We will do anything we can to nurse Wawan back to health and to make his grandparents’ dream come true: that one day their grandson will stand on his own two feet in this society.

If you ever have lived in "the-middle-of-nowhere" with nothing but jungle and rivers around you, it's totally amazing when you suddenly can take a bath in a tiny tub, and learn what to do with a toothbrush. But the most exciting thing is that you suddenly get a large purse, almost as large as yourself, and that you go to school. And Oh My....if anyone dares to take the bag off her back, they could hear her tarzan scream ! Even at bedtime the bag must go to bed too.
She has only been with us for one day....little Melince of 4 years old. At the age of 1 she fell of a bridge. It left her left hand and left foot crippled. Her parents never took her to a doctor. Despite this tragedy, this little girl is a delight to be around and the big smile on her face is contagious to everyone in the orphanage. She makes a movement of pain when I gently massage her crippled arm. But at the same time she puts her other arm around me to give me a warm hug. 

'Awwww sweetheart....we will do everything in our power to help you !'
The first few days in the orphanage are overwhelming for each child that is left here. They are sad and miss their parent or care taker that has dropped them here. Fortunately after the scary first few weeks the sadness slowly fades away as they realise the increased chances they will have in life by receiving an education.
Dewi's mother has two children. She gave her oldest daughter of 12 away to work with a family. Dewi, 10 years old, is her youngest child and all she has left.
It was 3 weeks ago that she came to me asking whether we could take care of her youngest child. She wants a better future for her child but doesn't have the means to send her to school. We told her we would take care of her little daughter.  
Yesterday Dewi’s mum came back to the orphanage with tears in her eyes. She said she couldn’t live without her daughter. She said she would take Dewi back to live a life with other children that don’t go to school.
"Please.. let your child stay with us where she can get an education. If your situation improves, you will be free to take your daughter back. I can only imagine how hard this must be for you, but taking her away now means taking away her future. We all love Dewi” I begged the devastated mother.
The idea of this little girl going to a life like other children under a bridge broke my heart. Silently I prayed that my words would reach the sad woman in front of me.
In the distance she saw her daughter playing with the other children in a school uniform. A picture she had always dreamt of for her child. 
Slowly she got up. Still sobbing she grabbed my hands before she walked away.
It was moments later that I called Dewi. "Promise me that you will always tell us when you are sad. Your foster parents and I, we all love you" I whispered to her softly.  For the first time I saw a glimpse of a smile on her face and a little sparkle in her eyes.
For months now our children have been guided by the "Inspiration Factory Foundation". A foundation that inspires underprivileged children to reach their dreams. The first step was to write down their dream on a piece of paper and hang it over their bed.
We are now moving towards the second step : to create a super concrete real life situation. It's so challenging for our children to learn how to be more creative and innovative in their ways of thinking. It's definitely fun and enjoyable for them

How can you help us ?

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