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If you tried to sign up to my newsletter in 2021, you may have been wondering if you made the list. For those who have been on this list for years, you know that you can only expect a few irregular newsletters in any given year, sometimes only one. So in case you are wondering, this is the second newsletter for 2021. Which means I don’t bother you unless there is actually something newsworthy to say. Imagine what our lives would be like if the news media had the same policy….or the government.

But this newsletter has become necessary because I need to update those of you who have been waiting for the appearance of the new Limited Edition Riverwood Electrics, which were due for completion this month. So here we go…

Riverwood Electrics - Limited Edition Series 2

This series of electrics will now have a new completion date for February next year. I know this is a disappointment for those of you eagerly awaiting the opportunity to choose between one of the eight guitars in this 2nd limited series, but I have been held up by various circumstances throughout the year that have slowed down my progress, not least of which have been the supply chain issues caused by governments’ policies regarding the Wuhan Virus.

But I have some really nice wood for the tops as well as some different woods for the bodies of these guitars that should offer plenty of eye candy when finished. And I can also promise some unexpected surprises among the eight which hopefully will make up for the extra wait.

Until then, if you think you might like to own one of these guitars, you can find more details on my website here.

On the bright side, the interruptions throughout the year have given me an opportunity to get back to a project that has been long over due.

Classical Guitar

Throughout the year I have been redesigning my classical guitar model from the ground up. This was inspired by a commission to build a seven-string classical and I took the opportunity to revisit the six-string as well. I have built several versions over the years, so this was an opportunity to put all that I have learned, up to this point, to good use. I have already begun construction on both the seven-string commission as well as a six-string version and they are shaping up to be something quite special. Both these instruments will feature the Motuhake Tree for the back and sides, paired with Waingarara kauri for the soundboards. Both are cutaway versions but non-cutaway versions will follow later. If you would like to register your interest, or have any questions, please email.

Well, that is all for this newsletter, and I guess for 2021. The main thing to take away is the update for completion of the next riverwood electrics. In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas, enjoy your holidays and have a Happy New Year!


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