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It’s been a few months since our last newsletter, so let’s catch up on what’s been happening and get some idea of what’s coming next.

1. Sign-In Changes -  If you’ve used Google or Amazon to log in at one of our sites, we're yanking those options due to low usage. More info here:
[Mediocre:Forum: Help I Can't Log in with Google or Amazon]

2. Checkout․org - We're embarking on an ambitious new project. Native storefronts for publishers and tv media. Preview the plans after this culture summary by Snapster:
[Meh:Forum: & Synapse / Woot / Mediocre culture]

3. Catshirts? OMG! If you dove in and read about our Checkout․org initiative, you might think we’re giving up on retail ourselves. Not so!  Join in and help right from the start as we build a small print shop in our new HQ facility and follow that with a brand new graphic tee shirt site concept. Where do fans of Meh and Mediocre go to do this?  At of course.

4. VMP Sign-ups are closed - We stopped allowing new users into our program a few weeks ago. We’re on the verge of launching two new membership programs to replace it. Because we appreciate them, and so they can feel especially elite, VMP members as of March 1st, 2017 are grandfathered in and will also get automatic membership into the future membership programs.
[Mediocre:Forum: Last chance to join - VMP is closed to new members after March 1st]

5. New over on our MorningSave site (now part of the Checkout․org platform) is our Meh Encore event. If you missed out on an item during its Meh feature, you may still be able to catch the encore. More info here:
[Meh:Forum: Meh Encore]

6. Meet Sam, the new lead Meh writer, who comes to us from The Onion, as well as Woot. Jason, the former lead, is off to Australia, though we’re still wrangling Meh’s Sunday playlists from him. Meanwhile, Sam is currently in Cambodia, searching out new ways to say funny things about power inverters and Bluetooth speakers.
[Meh:Forum: Doing The Write Thing]

7. Murder, She Wrote Trading Cards - If all that seems a bit too sensible to you, did you know lots of now-familiar stars once were special guests in Murder, She Wrote? Bryan Cranston, Courtney Cox, even Bill Maher showed up to murder or be murdered. Jason made trading cards for each of them, for some reason, and threatens to make more if asked. Check ‘em out:
[Meh:Forum: Murder, She Wrote Guest Star Trading Cards]

and, because Murder, She Wrote is the best show of all time, Matthew added much-needed lyrics to the beloved theme song:
[Meh:Forum: Murder She Wrote Theme (with lyrics)]

That should mostly catch you up on where we are. We’ll be sending out a few notes in the next few days and weeks about new things to come. Until then, see you in the forum.

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