Hey Whats up Eibonites! 

Shawn Lewis here this time. My partner in crime Stephen Romano is uber busy this week finishing the lettering on Zombie Issue #5 and believe me, folks, its gonna blow your goddamn minds! Peter and Ann are back and kicking some serious zombie ass like you’ve never seen! You will SEE the humans fight back against the New York Zombie apocalypse and MORE. Yes, its a real sequel to the classic film ZOMBIE! Pat Carbajal and Chris Hall (Fatboy) are working some serious fucking magic with this one, check out some exclusive sneak peeks!


We’ve got so much great shit in the works folks!  Our Lucio Fulci licenses are still going strong with THE BEYOND, HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY and NEW YORK RIPPER all in the works. Plus we’ve got William Lustig’s MANIAC, Charles Band's LASERBLAST and MORE coming later this year. 

But I’m most excited about our original comic series BOTTOMFEEDER. Stephen and I have been working on it for close to 10 years now. See, it was originally intended to be a film staring Joe (Day Of The Dead) Pilato but we were never able to secure the 3.5 million we need to shoot it properly. Damn shame, that, because BOTTOMFEEDER would have been a great horror/exploitation arthouse film in the vein of classics like HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP and BAD LIEUTENANT. (Only even MORE fucked up, if you can believe that.)  But if you know me, you know I never give up on a dream . . . or a nightmare.  I just couldn't bear the thought of it never seeing the light of day, the script is so damn good. So we’ve adapted it for a comic series and gave it a "250 million dollar budget” upgrade! Pat Carbajal has been slaving away on the art for close to 5 years now. Just wait till you see this bad ass bitch. It's gonna rock your world.

In other news, Zombie Issue #4 comics and extras just arrived in our shop and we have begun the assembly process!  They will be shipping in just a few weeks.  We get many questions about our pre-orders and assembly process, so we thought it would be fun to give you guys a little behind the scenes info and pics of our printing and assembly process. 

After Stephen and the Art Gang are done making their magic, the books, sleeves and extras all go to press at three different print shops across the world. We have the comic books themselves printed at a state of the art printing factory overseas and since you are an Eibon customer, you know they do some of the best printing on the market. We’ve yet to find a printer that beats their amazing quality.  Because we have a good ongoing relationship with printers, we are able to make lower runs at affordable prices, thus keeping each issue limited and highly collectible.  The EIBON SLEEVE covers are custom manufactured right here in California from an original die-cut design Stephen came up with himself, just for this company.  That's right, the EIBON SLEEVE is totally ours, from conception to final execution.  We were sitting around going 'what would make our comics totally unique?"  And that was the idea we seized on.  So if you see anyone else doing this . . . well, just remember WE FUCKING DID IT FIRST!

Once the comics are printed, they are shipped to us on a big ass ship. While we wait for the slow-boat from China we have the Eibon sleeves and brochures, printed in Cali and the trading cards and other extras are printed in New York. For this issue, the 5-Inch vinyl records were pressed at Erika Records in California, and they did KILLER work! 

A few weeks later, all these boxes of all this cool ass shit arrive here at the Eibon Shop and the real fun begins! We have about a week of signing cards and stickers for the signature edition. Stephen Romano signed this batch:

Then the assembly process begins. Rebecca Lewis (the Eibon Office manager and my wife) is in charge of assembling all the extras, stuffing them in sleeves and getting them ready for sealing and shrink wrapping.

Once Rebecca is done with assembly I seal each book in 100 gauge polyolefin plastic wrap with this cool sealer! 

After I’ve sealed them all in polyolefin, the next stage is the actual shrinking of the plastic. I use an industrial heat gun to shrink them, its similar to a hair dryer but puts out more heat creating a shinny professional looking wrap. We’ve experimented with using a big expensive shrink wrap tunnel to save time but found the best way to make our comics look nice and "display worthy" is to shrink each and everyone by hand. We suffer here, believe me, but we take pride in what we do and its worth it to offer you the best product we can.

Once they are all tightly shrunk and looking sweet as hell we apply the stickers to the outside wrap. Either I, Rebecca or my two kids apply the stickers, we usually all take turns with this. Yep it really is a family affair, and cheap labor! ;-) 

The last step here before we ship...hand stamped shipping boxes! My wife hates this part. Maybe in the future we will have our logo actually printed on the boxes, but for now, much to my wife’s chagrin, we will continue to do stamp them by hand. Eibon Press is truly a do-it-yourself operation, offering super limited edition, hand crafted merch, no doubt about it. 

To be clear,  we do it all in our shop BY HAND so we can offer the most ratified collectible comics to you at the lowest possible price. If the assembly, shrink wrap and extras were all done by our printer we’d have to double what we charge and that would suck. Its our goal to keep them affordable and offer the best product possible. 

I think we nail that with every issue. 

And speaking of issues . . . while I was writing this, our production samples of GATES OF HELL #2 just came in.  FUCK.  Cover to cover, this is easily our best looking comic issue to date.  Check it out:

At Eibon, we strive to keep increasing the quality, from what actually goes into the creative end of the books, to the stickers we put on the outside.  And let me tell you, it just gets better and better.  GATES 2 and ZOMBIE 5 are just gonna blow your minds!  

AND DON'T FORGET . . . we still have some ZOMBIE #4s left in stock. Act now because they are running low. Only about 85 copies of the Vinyl version are left.  And we still have copies of ZOMBIE 1-3, so you can complete your collection. But keep in mind Issue #1 is almost gone, and Issue #2 is next in line to sell out.  Zombie Issues 1-4 encompass the entire film adaptation of the classic movie.  So get them NOW!



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