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Top Drawer is proud to present its exciting human capital solutions

We believe that Recruitment is the first step to having top talent on your side.

At Top Drawer we continue to offer 16 years of recruitment solutions for permanent, temporary  and contract requirements. Beyond this and in the face of tough times, we know how important holding onto the right people is;

"Get a RETENTION strategy to stay ahead."

We've learnt some things from young talent: 

  • Time is money
  • Knowledge is a click away
  • Experiences and personal growth are the meaning of life
  • Feeling heard means a lot
  • Ideas need to be visual and creative 
Our personal development and wellness sessions are quick (2 hours tops), cost effective (we come to you) and speak the visual, creative language that young talent speaks.

Top Drawer is proud to introduce Business Psychologist, Paul Bushell, who will be facilitating these programmes.
A 2 hour interactive process, where participants use a visual map to navigate steps for creative goal setting and problem solving.

This includes useful tips for communication, wellness, connecting and personal development.
A ‘desk drop’ box containing a DIY step-by-step process, which takes participants through the steps (with practical tools) of Design Thinking. Participants can complete the process in their own time, and the tools contained inside are reusable and practical. Design Thinking is a systemic methodology which allows users to find creative, systemic, empathetic solutions to just about any problem.
A 2 hour interactive process for corporate mentors and coaches. This is a great boost to existing or starting internal mentor programs. 

The process uses a visual map to outline the process and keys skills associated with effective mentorship.

Drop us an email or give us a call to learn more about our exciting new services.

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