Isakson Living Update for May 2016:  Vote Today! 

  1. Did you see Commissioner Bob Ott's letter clarifying his position on Isakson Living? Read the scanned version here!  

  2. ICYMI:  AJC Article: Tim Lee is up for election. So is his enemy. Conspiracy time! "Normally, when folks run for political office, there’s a time-honored progression. They get mad about something, arrive at public meetings with placards, lead their neighborhood association and get appointed to governmental boards like zoning or ..." Read more here.
  3. MDJ Article on ECCA Candidate Forum: Race for east Cobb BoC seat heating up
  4. MDJ Article:  Isakson Living project becomes major campaign issue in Cobb Republican Primary set for May 24. Johnathan Page is challenging Bob Ott for his seat on the Cobb County Board of Commissioners. A major backer of Jonathan Page criticized Bob Ott's zoning decision on Isakson Living: In a recent MDJ article, Jim Rhoden, a major supporter of Page, criticized Ott's decision to deny the Isakson Living zoning next to East Cobb Park, called "Tritt Walk" in the article. Read more here.
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