Happy 2017!  We wanted to give you an update on where things stand with the Tritt Park efforts.  
  • The Board of Commissioners met today, January 10 at 9:00 AM to vote on funding Park Bond 2008, and the Board approved $24.7 million of the $40 million, thus completing an important first step toward full funding!  You can read the Cobb Parks Coalition newsletter about it, or follow them on Facebook
  • In a work session meeting last week, Chairman Mike Boyce and the Commissioners agreed to vote on approving the $24.7 million and look at options for financing the other $15.3 million of the full $40 million Park Bond 2008 Referendum.
  • The FINAL list of Park Bond 2008 properties has NOT been decided on yet, and the Commissioners are visiting properties in addition to the original 13 property list the Parks Committee submitted in October.   The Board of Commissioners have about 90 days to finalize their lists before the park bonds are issued.  The 2008 Park Bond funds will help purchase land as parks around Cobb County, as voters approved by referendum. 
  • We can continue to push for the Tritt property to be included as the newest District 2 park because of the Tritt property's importance to the history of East Cobb, and because it is as the last remaining large tract of green space in the area. "Tritt Park" car magnets coming soon!  See below for the history of the Tritt property, amazing drone videos & the vision for Tritt Park at Ivy Wood!  
  • The Friends of Tritt Park 501c3 non-profit application has been in process since November 2016 and the Friends of Tritt Park are moving forward on fundraising efforts. We are united to show the county that East Cobb is willing to partner in the purchase of the Tritt property, and we ask you to join in the effort in anyway you can. Commissioner Bob Ott pledged $1,000 to the Tritt Park effort at the November 8, 2016 Board of Commissioners meeting.  Many others have sent in emails asking to be on our mailing list and also pledging contributions.  We are so grateful and thank you for your patience as we work through all the details of setting up a non-profit with transparency. There are a lot of variables involved in working with the county and a private property owner that take time.  The Friends of Tritt Park appreciate all the interest, enthusiasm and sign-ups! 
With gratitude,
Concerned Citizens of East Cobb


A message from the Friends of Tritt Park:  Thank you for helping to make Tritt Park at Ivy Wood a reality for our East Cobb community.   We are so grateful for the community staying united towards this goal all these years.  East Cobb is such an amazing community, and we are proud to be a part of it. 
Drone video of the Tritt property from 1,000 feet: You can see the island of hardwood trees surrounded by the neighborhoods of East Cobb
Part of the vision for the Tritt property, besides saving greenspace, is to have a place to preserve the history of East Cobb and all the families who first settled here and were so prominent in making East Cobb what it is today.  East Cobb has a rich legacy and history we feel is important to save, connect to and pass on to future generations before those stories fade away.  Just as Roswell and Marietta have retained their historical identities, we also want East Cobb to do the same.
We can compile stories and pictures from families to create a place where our history isn't forgotten.  Let us know if you would like your family story told from the early days of Cobb County.   Visit for details.  ​​​
Tritt property line
Drone video around the Tritt property line: Another great video which runs the boundaries of the Tritt property and features East Cobb Park and Sewell Mill Creek
What is the Vision? The vision for the new Tritt Park at Ivy Wood includes walking & hiking trails, different levels of mountain biking paths, a community art center, an East Cobb history center, weddings at the gazebo, children's storytime at the grove, camping with s'mores and many community gatherings.

Will the County buy the land?  We hope so.  The Tritt property was included in the Top Tier of the 2006 Park Bond list for purchase as well as the 2008 Park Bond list for purchase.  We feel this property should be included as the #1 District 2 property in the new Park Bond 2008 property list. The county can actually purchase any property as greenspace without a Park Bond, and District 2 has by far the lowest district for greenspace.  District 2 also has the least amount of available land left available to be saved.  
Now is the Time to Join The Friends of Tritt Park to Make Tritt Park a Reality in East Cobb!

Which District Has the Least Amount of County Parks? District 2. Also, the 2016 Property list for Park Bond 2008 just published has no Tier 1 properties mapped for District 2. But we can recommend one: The 54-acre Tritt property. Read the details here.
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The Tritt family is giving our community a golden opportunity to help shape the future of East Cobb! 

Mrs. Tritt personally wrote a letter about how she would like to see the 54-acre Tritt property on Roswell Road become a park for all of East Cobb to enjoy. (click to view).

The 54-acre Tritt property next to East Cobb Park is one of the last remaining large undeveloped tracts of land in East Cobb.  It is more than just saving greenspace, it is the preservation of property that was here when East Cobb was settled 185 years ago. We can preserve the history and create an exciting and memorable destination.  Join the Friends of Tritt Park today!