Which District Has the Least Amount of County Parks? District 2. Also, the 2016 Property list for Park Bond 2008 just published has no Tier 1 properties mapped for District 2. But we can recommend one: The 54-acre Tritt property. Read the blog post here.
Now is the Time to Join The Friends of Tritt Park to Make Tritt Park a Reality in East Cobb!
The MDJ obtained the New 2016 property list for Park Bond 2008.  In 2008, 29 properties were listed for purchase, yet in 2016 only 13 properties are selected on the New 2016 list.  For District 2, there is one Tier 2 property on the map. Read about how the Tritt Property was a key property in both the 2006 & 2008 Park Bond Referendums. 
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There's a New Petition to sign before the November 8 BoC meeting in which Commissioner Birrell will propose some Park Bond 2008 funding.   Here's the new AJC article about the November 8 Board of Commissioners meeting.  Please attend the November 8 at 9AM meeting if you can.  

The Tritt family is giving our community a golden opportunity to help shape the future of East Cobb! 

Mrs. Tritt personally wrote a letter about how she would like to see the 54-acre Tritt property on Roswell Road become a park for all of East Cobb to enjoy. (click to view).

The 54-acre Tritt property next to East Cobb Park is one of the last remaining large undeveloped tracts of land in East Cobb.  It is more than just saving greenspace, it is the preservation of property that was here when East Cobb was settled some 184 years ago. We can preserve the history and create an exciting and memorable destination.  Join the Friends of Tritt Park today!