Newsletter Act for Change - septembre 2017, numéro 8
Editorial by Philippe Vollichard, Sustainability officer
The 9th Conference of the International Sustainable Campus Network was held this summer in Vancouver. Three days of refreshment and learning for yours truly and his Vice-President, Etienne Marclay, who was impressed by the topic’s dynamic nature and the progress achieved in 10 years.

More parking spaces for your bicycles

Before the end of this year, around 600 parking spaces will be deployed on the campus ! For example at parking Rivier, where the bike shed had to be elevated to make way for two-storey models by the end of October.
Projects by Sustainable campus
An Act for Change idea becomes reality!
Since the beginning of the semester, purple reusable boxes invade the campus every day at lunch time.
15 years of mobility under the microscope
For the first time since 2003, the Mobility survey reveals the behaviour change between winter and the terrace season.
Campus Farmers combine furnitures and urban farming
Campus farmers and the Atelier de la conception de l'espace ALICE design the future shape of Place Nord.
Act for Change Portrait
The interview of Jacques Simonin
While construction works just started for the Bike Center 2.0, get to know its manager for twelve years.
ISCN awards ceremony
Since 2009, the International Sustainable Campus Network rewards four member univerisites for their excellence.

Sustainable events

  • Think Global - Act Local. November 8, 2017, 17:15, Polydôme.
    Conferences, round table, discussions, stands and aperitif. With Martin Vetterli, professor and President of EPFL; Martin Beniston, honorary professor at UNIGE and Christian Arnsperger, professor at UNIL.
  • Health Days. October 9-10, 2017.
    On each day, 3 sessions to move and 3 sessions to relax. Details here.

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