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Geotec can be used for the complete management of your piezocone and seismic piezocone penetration tests, from the batch import of source data (depth, cone resistance, friction and porewater pressure) to the calculation of several parameters. You can then:

  • Establish correlations between test results and properties of adjacent borings, such as Su and σ'p
  • Insert data from the seismic piezocone (Vs)
  • Calculate Vs if necessary
  • Superimpose results from several piezocone tests
  • Produce CSV reports with the calculation results
  • Do the SBT interpretation based on six Robertson methods
Piezocone penetration test report

In practice

Following landslides, borings and piezocone penetration tests can be done simultaneously on the investigation site. With the Pro module, you can generate profile views along the landslide axis to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of all data collected.

Profile view - borings and piezocone tests

Tips and Hints

You can superimpose several borings in a unique log – and define their distinctive attributes (color, marker)
The superimposed borings can be aligned with the natural ground, rock surface or geodesic elevation
It is possible to modify the calculation assumptions based on the needs or the interpretation (NKT, NσT)


We offer sessions adapted to suit individual needs. Whether you are a new or an experienced user, we can help you optimize your use of Geotec for your projects!


An application for data entry directly in the field for Android tablets
The application has a log updated automatically, allowing a first immediate validation in the field
The application will be tested under field conditions during the summer
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