Rock characterization

Did you know?

Although Geotec is typically used for soil characterization, it can also be used to detail the geology and geomechanics of rocks, including:  

  • The lithology
  • The geological formations
  • Each core joint: type, angles α and β or dip and direction, Jr, Ja, Jn paramaters, etc.
  • The major structures: type and number of joints
  • The runs: TCR, RQD, strength and alteration, discontinuities, RMR classification or Barton Q-value
  • The in-situ permeability tests (Lugeon)
  • The uniaxial compressive strength tests
  • The point load tests

Recent projects

The geological and geotechnical investigations carried out for the construction of a 4 km-long watermain tunnel to supply the Rosemont Reservoir, in Montreal, were documented in Geotec. Borehole reports and profile views were produced by the Log and Pro modules. 

Profile view - Rosemont reservoir
Profile view - zoom

Tips and Hints

We can assign a color to various MATERIAL codes to add visually relevant information

The borings are projected based on their azimuth and dip on the profile views
We can exclude borings far from the axis on the profile views

Soon - Geotec 8.07

Display in Pro of extremities and intermediate points of the axis, and of intersections of seismic lines

Importation of .csv data files in all tables
New query options, including a way to exclude some records


We offer sessions adapted to suit individual needs. Whether you are a new or an experienced user, we can help you optimize your use of Geotec for your projects!

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