Did you know?

Our modules use the Geotec database (DB). 

  • Normalized DB structure
  • Continuous improvement of the DB to meet customer needs
  • Evolution of the DB in line with new standards and technologies
  • Great flexibility of the DB from its multiple tables and fields
  • Suitable for various projects (environmental, geotechnical, mining, etc.)
  • Data sharing between colleagues, divisions and supplier / clients
  • Customizable graphic presentations independant from the DB
In practice

Geotec offers several advantages. 

  • Data insertion in a centralized DB
  • Single input - use in Log, Lab, Pro, Site and DBM of all data entered in the DB
  • Validation of data and of relationships between records
  • Instant refreshing of a graphic output after data modification - no graphic editing required before reprint
  • Search of information in the DB - no consulting of archived PDFs or printed reports needed
  • Search facilitated by simple or elaborate criteria
  • Google Map to locate sites and boreholes from the DB
tLog app

The DB used by the tLog application for Android tablet will have the same structure: you will be able to export data directly from the field to your centralized DB!

No retranscription necessary!


We offer sessions adapted to suit individual needs. Whether you are a new or an experienced user, we can help you optimize your use of Geotec for your projects!

Tips and Hints

Several public services - Ville de Montréal, Ville de Laval, Hydro-Québec and Transports Québec - have centralized geotechnical data from thousands of projects and exploration campaigns in Geotec

To provide them data:

  1. Launch DBM
  2. Create an empty DB
  3. Export data from the corporate DB to the empty DB
  4. Select the sites to provide
  5. Execute and send the new DB to the client!
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