Geotec 8.07 is now online.  
It requires a support and maintenance contract in good standing through October 2016.  

To view the complete list of additions and modifications...

Additions in Pro
  • Retrieval of a corridor of borings around the axis
  • Display of axis end points and / or intermediate points
  • Display of sismic line intersections
  • Display of axis line projection
  • Modifiable display of the stratigraphy border for borings far from the axis
Additions in Log
  • Configuration of the representation of the piezometer protection
  • Lost percentage of a sample displayed with filling
  • Choice of alignment of superimposed borings (depth from the ground surface, soil surface, rock surface or elevation)
  • Display of superimposed borings with distinctive colors and / or markers
Additions in Site
  • Display of data in the domain associated to the reference site
  • Plan view: Text information from the BORING table under each boring displayed
Additions in Lab
  • Automatic calculation of silt, sand and gravel percentages per grain size analysis
General additions
  • Calculation fields in all formats of entry forms
  • Importation of CSV data files
  • Possibility of excluding records from queries with "!" operator
  • Calculation of longitudes and latitudes in SITE table
  • Display of DESCRIPTION of a value from tables of lists if an equivalence does not exist
  • Partial protection of fields - allowing to only select from a list of values
  • Improvement in saving table formats
  • New option in the preferences to save file paths in DB
Modifications to the Geotec DB
Update your database with DBM 8.07 to obtain these modifications: 
  • Addition of FILE_NAME field in CLIENT table for a client logo
  • Addition of RESISTIVITY field in CPTU_POINT table
  • HAMMER of BORING table becomes a Text field of 40 characters
  • COBRA test number becomes a Text field of 20 characters
  • Deletion of "required" attribute for several fields
  • Lengthening of file name fields to 255 characters to include entire path
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