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I've been immersed in what is the leadership needed and how do I best support my community in these times. Shortly I have to get back to planning the Re-Authoring Leadership mini-workshop I'm co-hosting this week with Jim Drescher from Windhorse Farm, Olu from Inspiring Communities, Alfred from Collective Action, and Louise Adongo from NS Housing. We'll be exploring "what does leadership mean to you?" Where are we seeing leadership rising in these times? What parts of our leadership do we want to put forward in these times? Details here. Here's a pretty image of their smiling faces just cause we can't have enough smiles in these times...more on this further down.

Next week's How We Thrive Narrative Project session will be on cultivating Joyful Learning. We'll be exploring what are the ingredients for joyful learning? What supports a lifelong love of learning?

Next I'm going to share things that our shared co-living house has found helpful as well as a few conversational and learning processes:
  • Brene Brown's podcast, specifically this episode on Shame and Accountability - I found it helpful to think of anti-racism work and things to avoid when doing bridge, unity in diversity, and trust building work. My partner Anne and I have been listening to them together and discussing them together.
  • Here are three questions from Anne you can adapt for any experiential learning process. For example, if you listen to a podcast, webinar, or do some active learning and want to learn with others: 
  1. What happened today in terms of [insert topic]
  2. What struck us or bubbled up for us about [insert topic]?
  3. What’s one key thing or what are the key things we are taking away today?
  • In order to support my 3 nieces during these times, I've been learning emotional communication through Curious Parenting Instagram's channel and website. I'm giggling constantly while reading this stuff because the work I'm doing with adults with re-authoring narratives and relationships is often  about unlearning behavioural patterns learned in childhood.
  • If you are looking for a laugh, This Hour Has 22 minutes released a video called: Is Every conversation starting to feel...the same? Back in the early days of the pandemic, I wrote a post called 15 questions to ask instead of how are you doing? I've started to use these questions again after every conversation was starting to feel similar again.
  • Chat Waterfall: Overwhelmed by chat reflections in Zoom and never read them on Zoom calls or find them distracting as chats come in when you are reflecting? One simple solution is to ask participants to take 2-3 min to type their reflection in the chat, but wait until the facilitator says to "ok go" to send all the chat messages. Then invite everyone to read all the reflections for 2 minutes. 
Most recently, we were inspired by several daily lockdown lists as well as  Brene Brown's gap plan interview to create a plan for what we do as a household when our hearts and bodies are at 20% or lower energy level. Here's our first go at it. It's going on the fridge :-)  For fun, I've included a few other lists I used to create this one:


What have you found helpful during these times to support your heart and body?  What would you add to these lists? Any online facilitation tips you've found useful during these times?

Love and hugs!


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