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Newsletter #18 - July 2018

A Note from Zhug

Whoopsie doodle!

I messed up and didn't include MOST teams in the raid update! My sincerest apologies. Let me copy/paste this thing again. I'll triple check before I send again. ;)

- Pat

Legion Raid Wrapup


Congrats (once again) to all the teams on a well fought effort! 

**Progression List for Antorus**

Wreckedified - 9/11 M, AOTC

Edamame Enterprise - 8/11 M, AOTC

Facepull - 5/11 M, AOTC

Casually Elite - 3/11 M, AOTC

Hyjal Volunteer Fire Dept. - 2/11 M, AOTC

The Asparagus Initiative - 1/11 M, AOTC

Dark One's Own Luck - AOTC

Hell Toupee - AOTC

Raid Six - AOTC

Highly Offensive - AOTC

Epic Eggplant - AOTC

From the Ashes - AOTC

Gruuls Gone Wild - AOTC

Project Failsauce - AOTC

Resolve - AOTC

Salad Senate - AOTC

Standard Dragon Protocol - AOTC

Threat Level Midnight - AOTC

Bacon and Kegs -  AOTC

Fallen Knights -  AOTC

Humpday Heroes - AOTC

Nine to Midnight -  AOTC


Marginally Competent - 9/11 H

TLDR Just Pull - 9/11 H

Rolling Thunder - 9/11 H

The Raidy Brunch - 9/11 H

Gluttons for Punishment - 10/11 H

Room with a Moose - 5/11 H

Rubber Chicken Coalition - 6/11 H

The Troublemakers - 10/11 H

Banana Republic - 9/11 H

Sunday Mass Resurrection - 8/11 N

Baiting Hooks - 4/11 N

The Mischief Moose - 4/11 N

Any teams not listed might be experiencing some sync issues with our progression tracker, so apologies if your team isn’t shown! Please contact your friendly neighborhood Team Liaison for help! 

*N = Normal difficulty, H = Heroic difficulty, M = Mythic difficulty

** AOTC – Ahead of the Curve – Killing the final boss of a raid dungeon on Heroic before the next tier

*** CE – Cutting Edge – Killing the final boss of a raid dungeon on Mythic before the next tier

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