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Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Dear Friends,
Welcome to the 34th edition of the Jane Network News! Say hello to the holidays and time to be thankful!

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Adopt means to “take and treat as one’s own” (as with a concept or a child.) Adapt means “to modify to make suitable.” Adept is an adjective meaning “proficient or well trained.” Adept is a noun that means being very good at doing something that is not easy.

When someone is adopted, or a new culture or climate is taken on; one needs to be very adept and everyone involved needs to adapt. Everybody makes choices in life and as we move closer to the year 2020 the realization of the anticipation of the year is a concept we will try to adapt and adopt, and it will take being adept!

Learning to listen helps when trying to adapt and the art of listening is a gift which comes in handy when learning or teaching a different language. In my 43 years in business I have encountered many foreign friends and families. Being from Baraboo, Wisconsin it was nice to know about the big world outside of my city limits. We didn’t have to travel far to experience people of differing nationalities or lifestyles or languages. Native Americans were part of our growing up in Wisconsin and with our parents we met and were friends. And as a dancing family, we knew and appreciated the art and history of Native American Indians dancing and costumes.

Melanie Tallmadge-Sainz & father, Roger Little Eagle Tallmadge on the sandstone bluffs of the Wisconsin Dells

“Wisconsin” (originally “Meskonsing”) or “River Running Through A Red Place” is the English spelling of a French version of a Miami Indian name for a river that runs 430 miles through the center of the state, currently known as the Wisconsin River. A historical linguist Michael McCafferty convincingly argues that this was a reference to the red sandstone bluffs of the Wisconsin Dells. Over the next two decades the “M” completely disappeared as writers and mapmakers always called the river by a version that began with a vowel. For the next 150 years the area was called “Ouisconsin” and on July 4, 1836, when territorial status was authorized, the state became officially “Wisconsin.” 

The Eventors were hired to promote the tourism area of Wisconsin Dells to Chicagoans. Over 4 million visitors come annually. The month of October celebrates Columbus Day (marking the founding of the United States by Christopher Columbus) although some versions of history credit the Icelandic explorer Leif Ericsson discovered America. But much to everyone’s surprise – the Native American people were already here so they should get the credit for the discovery.

Melanie Tallmadge-Sainz is the Executive Director for The Little Eagle Arts Foundation (LEAF) which supports cultural preservation and economic development of the arts. Collaboration between many Wisconsin Arts Organizations helps to preserve the culture that has lived in the area for centuries. The tradition of “Columbus Day” was changed to promote Indigenous Peoples’ Day to foster a spirit of respect for all people.

Ana Bankovic
Ana Bankovic joined my special events class at Columbia College Chicago and we have been connected since the first day of class! A beautiful young woman, she gives me too much credit for her inspiration and what led to a variety of event and public relations experiences that have shaped her career to date. When you are passionate about special events and the accompanying publicity it brings it is not hard for that enthusiasm to spread. Ana embodies what I hope every student I meet can grasp and learn and as I say on the last day of class – create a rewarding life, be nice and keep in touch. Ana was recently married in Cacak, Serbia to Mario Lekovic, a Marketing Director at Atlas SN Holdings. Currently she works at Premiere Systems, a technology integrations company, that designs and implements high-end home and commercial automation systems. 
Christy Connors
Christy was someone at the age of 20 that had never been in an airplane or traveled much, but always wanted to experience a completely different culture. After graduating, she was on a mission to do just that and am now currently on her third year working and living in China as an English teacher. She never could have imagined herself there when she was a student, but through different experiences and speaking with different people...there she is! Christy has gotten the opportunity to experience a different culture, but live in it and be a part of it,. She's traveled to other Asian countries and has come to look at the world with a new perspective and to trust the timing of her life. She's looking forward to where this experience takes her next in life. One thing she wants to encourage everyone to do is to take every opportunity to travel, even if it’s to another city. The world is huge and everyone is different. The more you understand the world, the more enjoyable it becomes!

Christy Connors graduated from Columbia College Chicago in December 2016. She majored in fashion business and minored in public relations. The minor was an addition halfway through my degree, but it included some of herfavorite classes and experiences at Columbia. She got to incorporate a lot of my major into the work she was doing in my classes for PR, which made the entirety of it all come together as a whole. It was the best decision she made and opened my eyes to a whole other world of the business industry and the creative industry coming together. One class that really sticks out in my whole time at Columbia was her special events class. It was one of the most enlightening and honestly just fun courses she took. It was actually the people she met in her PR courses that led her to the path she is on now. Meeting the people in the courses with different backgrounds and ideas led to her going after various goals of traveling.
Mariola Wroblewska & Roksana Zdunek

Mariola & Roksana were two exchange students from Jagiellonian University (Kracow, Poland). From all of the courses available on CCC they chose among others ‘Special Events and Promotion’ taught by Jane Canepa and that was a life-changing decision. They had the chance to spend one semester last year on Columbia College Chicago and had a wonderful time there! Thanks to classes with Jane, they had a chance to meet many inspiring people and take part in events of great importance. I was able to teach them how to engage their resourcefulness and faith in their abilities, often repeating “Is it snow, is it rain - we will be there!” - even at 6am in the heavy rain, being volunteers on the Chicago Marathon! :)

What is more together with our class we organized Jammin with Jane, which is one of our best experience. They went back from the USA with a suitcase of wonderful memories, beautiful friendships and practical knowledge, for which they would like to thank everyone they met on their way (including Jane Canepa!). On a daily basis, they both work at a Krakow advertising agency: Mariola is a social media specialist and copywriter, Roksana works as an account executive. This year they graduated from the university with a master's degree. Roksana continues her academic career as a PhD student - on the science of communication and media program.

Nuria del Campo

Nuria is originally from Madrid and moved back home this year. She has a degree in Public Relations and Marketing from Columbia College Chicago. Her studies and the absorption of another culture have given her the capacity to work with a more open mind and be more creative. She would like to put her knowledge and skills into her next job, while at the same time, improve her skills and gain experience.  

I always encourage my students to get a passport and travel. Start with a visit to Wisconsin – it is only a short drive from Chicago. Our  Jammin with Jane fundraiser events were designed to benefit charities that needed publicity and marketing support. Kaleidoscope is a non-profit child welfare agency that has been serving children and families impacted by abuse and neglect since 1973. They serve more than 600 families annually. Kaleidocsope’s mission is to empower children, youth, and families impacted by abuse and neglect to build resourcefulness, resiliency and supportive relationships. Check out their website and consider giving to support these children and families who live in foster care. As the holidays approach and all year these families need support. 
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