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Day 7 -  Make a Hedgehog Pencil Holder!

Be cool. Be Hedgy.
Hey there Curious Kids! It’s been a whole week of boredom busting and there is still so much fun to come! Today we’re organising our stationery with some help from our spiky friend, the hedgehog. Read on to find out how to make a handy hedgehog pencil holder and learn all about this awesome animal in today’s feature article.

Activity: Handy Hedgehog Pencil Holder

Looking sharp!
Give a second life to a plastic bottle by turning it into a cute earth friendly pencil holder for your desk.

Use a strong plastic bottle.
We used a thick shampoo bottle, but a soda bottle will work just as well.

Drill holes for the pencils
  • Ask an adult to help you.
  • We filled the bottle up with water and froze it, so that it was easier to drill through.
  • Remember to plan where you want to place the holes.
  • The holes should be 8mm in diameter.
 If you don’t have a drill, you can carefully cut small X shapes with a sharp craft knife.
  • Drill the holes before you decorate – you can easily poke holes through the paper later.
  • The more holes you poke, the more spiky your hedgehog will be.
  • Put some gravel inside the bottle to turn your hedgehog into a paperweight.
  • We dipped the paper in a mixture of glue and water, and then wrapped it all over the bottle.
Give it some legs
Stick some soda bottle caps onto the base using contact adhesive glue.

Decorate your hedgehog
Use some old gift-wrapping paper, paints and some white wood glue to cover the bottle and strengthen the legs.

Make some googly eyes
Paint some thumbtacks and stick them into the bottle.

We used materials that we had lying around. Challenge yourself to get creative with used and recycled materials.

Article: Hedgehogs

Why can't they just share the hedge?
Hedgehogs are small mammals with pointy noses that are easily identified by the short spines that cover most of their bodies. There are seventeen different hedgehog species in the world, of which four occur in Africa. Only one species naturally occurs in South Africa, the Southern African Hedgehog (Atelerix frontalis). Download the full article for more.

This article first appeared in Supernova Volume 3.5
Download the Article

Puzzles: Hidden Pictures

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Yesterday's Riddle

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A 7 foot clown stood up and held a water glass over his head. He accidentally dropped the glass, but nothing spilled. How is this possible?

The glass had no water; it was only a water glass!

Today's Riddle

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The more you take,
the more you leave behind.

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