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Day 3 -  Where do we fit in?

The much, much bigger picture.
Hi, Boredom-busters! It’s a new day and there’s lots learn and lots to do! Do you ever look up into the night sky and marvel? If you don’t, you should! Humans already have an amazing history, but don’t you wonder where we stand in terms of that huge, strange place – the universe? Download the full article and read all about how we fit into the universe.
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Activity 1: The galaxy of me!

What makes you, you.
You might not be the centre of the universe, but you should be the centre of your own galaxy. Make a poster about your unique self to boost your self-confidence.
  1. Cut out pictures from old magazines and newspapers. Ask for permission before you cut family photographs.
  2. Put a picture of yourself in the middle of an A3 carboard sheet.
  3. Paste words which describe you or make you feel good.
  4. Put your poster up in your room and look at it often.
  5. Share your poster with us!

Activity 2:
Make your own Serval mask out of recycled material

Let’s get back down to earth. It’s sunny outside and it’s the perfect time to run around the garden and pretend that you’re a magnificent serval. We had so much fun making this mask! We used flour and water to make the glue for the paper-mâché. Download the full instructions here.

Remember to send us pictures of you and your friends in your masks!
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Yesterday's Riddle

What could it be?

Turn us on our backs
and open up our stomachs,
and you will be the wisest
but at the start a lummox.
What are we?

The answer is... a BOOK!

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