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"Beyond Is Genesis History" Now on Amazon Video

We're excited to announce that all twenty videos of our new series are available on Amazon Video. If you use a Smart TV, Apple TV, or other mobile streaming service, you can start watching "Beyond Is Genesis History" today. 


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Watch 12 Clips from "Rocks & Fossils"

The State of Science : Beyond Is Genesis History? Clip

How Should We View Science?

Dr. Kurt Wise explains how Christians should approach the world of science.

WWII Planes Covered in Ice?

Dr. Larry Vardiman recounts the story of fighter planes covered in 250 feet of ice.
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The Age of Things: Does it Matter?

Watch this in-depth explanation that one viewer said was the "best ever presentation and argument about the Young Earth related to the Claims of the Genesis 1-11 as the foundation of the Christian Faith."
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