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From the desert back to creativity

From the desert back to creativity
Ethereal Aspens, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 30"
A Creative Journey
My personal creative journey with a happy ending

What happens when creativity lulls?
I never thought I’d end up in a creative desert.  But I did. Changes in my life, some good, some that were painful, "interfered" with my process. I tried to paint, but nothing flowed.  I didn't like anything I produced. 

Great things happening anyway
Externally, great things were happening.
1.  This summer I was part of a show in Santa Fe,
Embodying Spirit.
It was thrilling.
(Check my website for some good  Santa Fe dining tips.)
(Left) Marion & Vic Fleming Fleming in front of Marion's Floating 3at Nocturne 818 in Santa Fe
(Right) Lauren Mantecon & Marion in front of Marion's 
Little Bear at Embodying Spirit Show

2. For several months my Yampa Valley Sunset XI (above), 24" x 48" has hung in the Colorado State Capitol.

3.  Eight pieces are hanging at Vail Health.
See three examples below.

Above Left: Yampa Valley Sunset VII, 36" x 36", oil on canvas
Above Right: Yampa Valley Sunset VIII, 36" x 36", oil on canvas
Above: Surgence, 36" x 36", oil on canvas

The desert to the brambles
Back in the studio I had to get out of my rut because production is required for the upcoming shows. (See listings below)

From the desert I entered the brambles, a scratchy place but with a way out. 

I could tell work was nascent in my brain and I waited impatiently for ideas to materialize, ideas that would motivate the best and highest of my skills and my creativity. I persevered in my head, but nothing was coming out. It was a period of renewal. 

A surprise!
Then I went to Santa Fe for a workshop with my inspirateur, Lauren Mantecon. Before the workshop my painting partner, Deborah Fleischer, from San Francisco, and I rested.
I meditated. Wordlessly, I asked, “What shall I paint?

"Portrait of a frog," came the answer, quickly.

Surprised and embarrassed, I went to our first group gathering that afternoon. To get the laughter out of the way, I told everyone I was going to paint a portrait of a frog. No one laughed.  Lauren was actually very supportive and excited. She told me that frogs symbolize transformation.
My face lit up. If there was anything that I wanted, it was to be transformed. Let my creativity return!  And it did. I was reaching for a new level of creativity, and it arrived in the form of a frog.  How ridiculous!  How wonderful!

New work arrived!
The Frog Formerly Known As Prince, 36" x 36", oil on canvas

Technique and honesty
After that when I was stuck on a painting, I realized I wasn’t being true to myself. I haven’t painted another frog yet, but I have painted with joy and abandon. Below are some of the other new paintings available for you.
Mystical Aspens, 36" x 36", oil and gold leaf on canvas
Art is technique and honesty.  Honesty with oneself is much harder to achieve than learning technique. Honesty requires a continual conversation with the deepest part of ourselves. When I am artistically aligned with myself, paintings flow. I still believe that experimentation is important, but more important is to know where home is inside ourselves.  And when we’re home, we’re happy, peaceful.
The Graind Prairie, 48" x 48", oil on canvas
Have you ever been in a creative desert?  If so, I'd love to hear how you found your way home.

My wish for you

May you be filled with peace, love and gratitude. I’m grateful, happy and peaceful. Nothing could be better. And I wish the very same for you.

Big hug,
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