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Dear Community,
NOPE wanted to let you know of our continued commitment to representing all communities affected by Duke Energy’s Pipeline Plans.   The outpouring of interest in what individuals along the Preferred (“Orange”) and Alternate (“Green”) routes has been overwhelming and the question that we frequently hear is “what can we do to help.”
  Hopefully, this newsletter will provide those answers.

There continues to be significant changes in pipeline route and application and your continued support is much needed.



Duke Filed an Amended Application:

On January 20, 2017 Duke filed several hundred pages of an amended application with the Ohio Power Siting Board.  NOPE will begin the process of reviewing this application but from a cursory review it appears as if there have been some significant changes to the route selection.  For example, the Orange Route no longer runs behind Kenwood Country Club’s golf course but runs along the golf cart path in the front of the club close to many residences.  Next, the Orange line along Flora Avenue has been relocated to opposite sides of the street.  Lastly, the Green Line which runs along Summit Park in Blue Ash has been shifted.


NOPE is troubled by the timing of the filing in light of the fact that Duke’s next mandatory informational meeting is a mere six days after this filing giving the public little, if any, time to review the amended filing prior to having an opportunity to ask questions.  Furthermore, there was no public announcement of the filing AND as of January 22nd, the amended application is not located on Duke’s webpage that talks about the Central Corridor Pipeline.   These actions do not appear to align with the concept of being transparent.


Duke’s Informational Session is January 26, 2017 at 5:30-8:30 p.m.

The session will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Blue Ash and is an open house where one can come and go on his/her own time schedule.  Duke has scheduled two half hour project overview presentations that are scheduled promptly for 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM




NOPE is still raising funds to help pay for intervention and to assist in furthering our mission:

In September 2016, NOPE retained the legal services of attorneys from the law firm of Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit law firm that provides legal services for modest means clients such as NOPE.   

From its inception NOPE’s multi-community based activism had primarily been funded by the efforts and/or generosity of its few founding members.  NOPE is a non-profit LCC and all members are volunteers on a non-paid basis.  However, the legal process takes money, lots of money, so we had to turn to you, the community, to assist in funding these efforts.  Should NOPE’s application for leave to intervene be approved NOPE will not only need to pay its legal counsel but will likely want participate in the retention of experts.  That is why NOPE has established a GoFundMe account at in which to raise funds to continue its fight for all communities.  


Through your generosity, we have raised over $24,700.00 to date! But we continue to need your help!  Please donate. You can either do so on-line by clicking on a link on our webpage at or by mailing a check to:   


c/o Glenn Rosen, Treasurer

9228 Bluewing Ter,

Cincinnati, Ohio 45236


We hope to pass the half-way mark prior to the meeting on Jan. 26th.


Donations are NOT tax deductible.

NOPE’s efforts began with a few individuals who were willing to walk their communities, engage their friends, family and neighbors, and make certain that information regarding the pipeline was made widespread.  Unfortunately, there are still many communities and neighborhoods that are still potentially impacted that we have not been able to personally reach.  So, we need you be “foot soldiers” and continue this path among your own friends and neighbors. 

How would that work?
o        Be a contact point for your immediate 
o        Walk the neighborhood and pass out flyers &    
           postcards.  We are happy to provide templates for 
           these items.
o        Encourage your neighbors to place yard signs, 
          make donations towards the intervention, and
          ask others to walk and hand out information
          including a copy of Duke’s emergency evacuation  
          policy that was sent recently sent to business
          owners (Letter will be posted on

o       Review Duke’s amended application for omissions
         of any sensitive locations
o        If you sent a letter to the Ohio Power Siting Board
          prior to Duke’s application being filed with the
          change in pipeline size/pressure, send another   
          letter and encourage others to do so.  Please 
           reference project 16-0253-GA-BTX. 
           information is on 

o        Identify businesses nearby and those you
          patronize and:     
          Send letter and copy of map showing where they
          fall in relation to the blast zone (a sample letter will
          soon be on
          Have NOPE speak at your school, place of worship,
          and  place of business.
o        Encourage your neighbors to join together to fight
          Duke’s  efforts to obtain any easements should the
          application eventually be approved.   

Provide feedback/suggestions to NOPE.


Community TO DO LIST:

1.      Join NOPE’s Action

2.      Register in NOPE volunteer database

3.      Continue to contact
         your local, state and
         federal govt. leaders
         to express your

In the Communities:

·      NOPE’s petition for leave to Intervene is waiting for ruling

·      The City of Madeira has filed an application seeking leave to intervene and is waiting for ruling

·      Hamilton County Board of Commissioners remain committed to intervention and have set aside funds to support this legal process

·      City of Cincinnati remains committed to intervene and have also set aside funds to support this legal process.

·      NOPE held its 4th Town Hall at the Evendale Recreation Center on January 12, 2017.  Guest speakers were Commissioner Denise Driehaus and attorney, Matthew DeMarcus who spoke about the easement process.

Commissioner Todd Portune was expected to speak but regrettably had to cancel due to an unexpected family illness.   He sent his sincerest apologies.

·      NOPE has been invited to hold another Town Hall mtg in Deer Park.  Date TBD.


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