Volume I, Issue 1 - October 2016
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Happy October Academy Members!

I am so glad you’ve chosen to join me in building your doTERRA business by sharing the oils and teaching others in the yoga community.

This newsletter is written exclusively for Academy members (please don't forward) to communicate updates and ideas you can use in your EssentialYoga Program workshops, as well as in general business growth. 

I hope you’ll find it valuable and give me feedback on topics you’d like to explore further i the months to come.


CONNECTING: Online Options

ANYTIME, ONLINE: Pose your questions and comments on our secret Academy Facebook page. What would you like to know? Post it here and let's get the conversation underway!
LET’S MEET UP ON-LINE: Make sure to join me on our monthly, one-hour ZOOM call. 2 are offered on that day – join in on one or both, your choice.  This month: Wednesday, October 12th. Log in details and times are on our website under the Monthly Live Zoom Call tab.


10% of your investment in the Academy was donated to the great work of doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation – thank you!

Click here to learn more about the many ways doTERRA (and you!) are helping make the world a better place.

NEW: Tear Pad Training Webinar, For You!

How to Effectively Use the Tear Pad
In this new webinar, I explain the multiple uses and value of The EssentialYoga Program Tear Pad. Use it as both a teaching tool to help your audience remember what they learned about doTERRA, the oils used and how to reach you as their next step. But there are many other valuable uses for marketing future workshops.  Click here to go to the post in our Members section. Webinar password = Academy. 

NOTE: Important Workshop Preparation Tip

CLICK HERE for: Creating a Workshop Instructor Introduction

Your personal Workshop Instructor Introduction  is such an Important marketing tool to prepare prior to your workshop. I'd suggest you write this now – and make sure it includes words of excitement about you as a business leader, not just your yoga or business credentials. When you have your co-instructor “edify” or talk you up before the workshop begins, it helps the audience focus more on what you are saying. It gives you credibility in your role in the workshop which is even more important if you've never met the audience before. 

The Introduction needs to describe how you are bringing the best of your training and experiences to the day’s workshop so the audience can get the most from it.  You will also want to weave in a few points that indicate you are a business leader in doTERRA.  Take a look at the purposeful and subtle words used in my example.  Then create yours!  And practice reading it out loud so you’ll know if it makes sense to someone listening. Tip: record it on your phone and play it back to make sure others can read it aloud easily.

ROSEMARY: From My Essential Oil Yogi Series

Listen to this recording from my new Essential Oil Yogi series to learn more about the Rosemary essential oil we diffuse in our November workshop.  Rosemary is a beautiful oil to incorporate into any yoga practice. It's also doTERRA’s October Product-of-the-Month, which makes it FREE for those of you whose Loyalty Reward Program order processes before the 15th of October. 

COMING SOON: Travel and Learn!

Watch for details coming soon about my April 2017 Costa Rica EssentialYoga Academy immersion week where we'll be holding daily workshops and in-person business training, as well as enjoying essential oil and cultural exploration.

It is going to be an outstanding trip for learning together on every level. You'll be one of the first to be invited!

GREAT READ: New Oils & Emotions Book

I am a major fan of adding resource books to your collection to inspire new ideas and oils experiences. One of my favorite new books is “I Am Fabulous – Blends for Emotional Well-Being” by Desiree Mangandog.  I got to hear Desiree speak at a pre-convention training event and I was so impressed with her heart-felt, intuitive blending approach that leverages her training as a Licensed Acupuncturist, essential oil expert, intuitive healer and leader. 

The book introduces us to her multiple-oil blending approach designed to address specific emotional needs. It is created in a spiral notebook with black & white illustrations that serve as a coloring book too!  I think it makes a nice “add” to your library and can serve as a source of ideas for your own classes and workshops.

My team has made her book the foundation of a weekly series where we introduce existing and new team members to the concepts of blending oils, and the physical and emotional properties of each oil as we add it to a rollerball and create a blend to take home.  We’re calling it our “Soup & Study” series as I’m making a huge batch of vegan soup (using oils of course) for people to sample as we discuss the blend of the week. We then move into the kitchen and everyone gets to play with oils and make that blend to take home.  It’s a fun social event for local teammates, and by charging $10 per person, I cover my costs.  We’re trying it as a 4-week series.  Other team leaders are helping with soup making as well.

You can choose to use the blends in classes or as samples in whatever way your creative mind desires.
Thought in preparation for our November GRATITUDE workshops: 


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