Volume I, Issue 2 - November 2016
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Welcome to December, Academy Members!

When I thought about this month's EssentialYoga Program theme of Compassion, I realized that for many of us, spending some time to look within and develop self-compassion is a piece of this month's message. 

You may find yourself a bit overwhelmed, scattered or anxious about upcoming year-end holidays. How can we incorporate compassion for ourselves, so that we can reflect that out to the world at this time? Who is in need of the compassion we can offer?  Probably everyone we know!

So this month, I want to address some other dimensions around the concept of compassion - and while you're reading this, pull out the Rose oil or Geranium oil if you have one of them handy. Let their aromas help you connect to your heart. Share this message and its emotion as you practice and teach this holiday season.

In this month's newsletter, I'm continuing the chakras and oils series as we move on to the sacral chakra. I've also included a few new tips to incorporate into your efforts and workshops, as well as an announcement about some new additions to our website. Share the oils and enjoy this journey.

Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays!


Let It Begin with Me

This image states the concept of self-compassion so beautifully. It was posted by The Centre for Compassion-Inspired Health, located at 678 Franklyn Street Nanaimo, B.C. Canada.

December is one of the most important months for many of us to extend compassion to ourselves and and others. Our EssentialYoga Program theme encourages us to "Cultivate Kindness" in our actions, words, thoughts and connections. 

Listening to your own body's signals is key. Do you need to step back and regroup? It is time to move forward with your vision? Can we quiet ourselves amongst all the "noise" that accompanies the end of a year, to truly check in and hear the messages?

As we move into interactions with our fellow yoga students or teachers, with our doTERRA teammates, with the staff at doTERRA - are we approaching each of these relationships with care, concern and compassion?  Use the oils to get you there and keep you there this month. Use the platform of the Program to share what you've learned. Because the world needs our compassion now, more than ever.

doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation:
A Model of Compassion

I encourage you to share stories about the Healing Hands Foundation and its efforts as you introduce the value of using doTERRA essential oils into your EssentialYoga Program workshops this month.

You might want to email workshop registrants a copy of the video below from the doTERRA International YouTube Channel in advance of your event, and let them know that you will seeking donations for Healing Hands at your workshop. I've often donated the workshop income I generated, to Healing Hands. It is a simple way I can express compassion for those less fortunate who need our help.

Sometimes, I've done a student donation request where anyone who enters gets their name in a drawing for a tube of the Rose Lotion. This month, you may want to consider purchasing a $20 bottle of the Hope Blend that was specifically created for rescue operations undertaken by Operation Underground Railroad or O.U.R. and do the same idea.

Healing Hands supports Co-Impact Sourcing communities such as in Guatemala, Bulgaria, Madagascar, Nepal and Paraguay to name a few.  But Healing Hands is reaching deeper into our world to bring support and healing to those who need a hand up in a different way. Your contributions make a difference. Let's not keep this model of compassion a secret---let your workshop attendees know more about this unique doTERRA program.
With over $500,000 in funding from doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation in the past year, Operation Underground Railroad has rescued over 550 women and children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

Online Connections

LET’S MEET UP ON-LINE: Make sure to join me on our monthly, one-hour ZOOM call where two time periods are offered. This month: Wednesday, December 14. Log in details and times are on our website under the Monthly Live Zoom Call tab.  Please note - we are using only ONE log in beginning this month - not a different one for each call as that got a wee bit too confusing!
ANYTIME, ONLINE:  Remember to pose your questions and comments on our secret Academy Facebook page. What would you like to know? Post it here and let's get the conversation underway!

Chakra Balancing with doTERRA Essential Oils

For the next few months, we will continue to explore the use of doTERRA essential oils to activate or balance chakras and our energetic being. This is an interesting approach to use with yoga students or your home practice.

This month, we begin with the sacral chakra/2nd chakra/ or Svadhisthana.  

Creativity. Passion. Friendly. Enthusiasm. Sensuality. Intimacy. Emotion. Radiating love and perfect to explore this month together.

As most of you know - movement in the hips and pelvis through yoga, and forms like hoop vinyasa or acroyoga are a wonderful way to open up the sacral chakra. Add some doTERRA essential oils to your practice, class or workshop - applying to low back or lower abdomen to add an extra emphasis that realigns and balances this powerhouse chakra!

“The sacral associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity, while its element is water, characterized by flow and flexibility. The function of the sacral chakra is directed to the principle of pleasure. It's found about three inches below the navel, at the center of your lower belly. Reignite your passions and create an aphrodisiac blend with 3 drops each of orange blossom (substitute Wild Orange), ylang ylang,  rose, and sandalwood essential oils in one cup of grapeseed oil (substitute Fractionated Coconut Oil)" Source:

I'm always researching many sources for my newsletters. The most common single oils suggested to balance the sacral chakra include the following. Think about how you could incorporate a message about chakra balancing into your next yoga workshop or class using some of the information below:
  • SINGLE OILS: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cypress, Jasmine, Juniper Berry, Melaleuca, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Wild Orange and Ylang Ylang
  • BLENDS:  Clary Calm, Citrus Bliss, Motivate, Passion, Purify, Serenity and Whisper
According to our friends at the Enlighten group (publishers of Emotions & Essential Oils), the root chakra represents two primary needs that can be addressed through the use of these suggested oils for the Sacral Chakra.

Emotional Health
  • Primary indications: Poor emotional circulation, stuck, stagnant energy held within the energy system, not progressing emotionally, unable to experience one’s emotions.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Emotional circulation, dynamic movement/progression, emotional transformation, dynamic feeling life. 
  • Primary indications: Workaholic, over serious, over-doing, unable to laugh or enjoy life.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Relaxation, sense of fun, connection to inner child, creativity, relaxed state of heart and mind. 

GREAT READ: Frankincense, By Dr. David Hill

By Dr. David Hill
$14.95 from

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and re-reading Dr. Hill's book on Frankincense. The book is not brand specific, so it contains great real life stories about the impact this amazing oil can have in healing a variety of health conditions. I recommend you put this on your shopping list to add to your essential oil reference library.

"In Frankincense—the first volume of the Essential Oil Library series—Dr. David Hill journeys through the history, production, and science of one of nature's greatest gifts. Widely used in antiquity, Frankincense is also one of the most studied essential oils in modern times. Discover why frankincense oil—with its unique chemical constituents—is hailed by researchers for the ability to help with cancer, inflammation, brain function, skin and hair health, respiratory conditions, and more!"

Sampling and Follow Up for Workshop Attendees

Many workshop hosts have found business building success by providing a small 10-15 drop sample and brief explanation to give to those who attend their EssentialYoga Program event.  Consider choosing a more unusual essential oil, and make sure you include instructions for use, along with a few of the physical and emotional benefits of the oil. 

One of my favorite ways to package a sample includes punching a hole in my business card and securing a 1/4 dram bottle into the card. Then that goes into a small organza bag along with a folded piece of paper with usage tips and my photo. I've found that this special "present" can be an inexpensive workshop gift, and allows for an instant conversation item to discuss during my follow up call to an attendee. 

Turn to and or your favorite accessory supplier who carry:
  • 1/4 drams
  • 1/2" hole puncher
  • O-Pressto sample bottle orifice aid (this is a MUST have if you making a lot of samples and want to save your thumbs!)
Try Michaels or your neighborhood Dollar store often carry small organza bags

TIP: Make sure you tell all workshop attendees that you have a little "gift" for them at the end of the workshop. Take just a few moments to enthusiastically present the gift and its contents/benefits at the end of the workshop so they will VALUE your investment. Let them know you will be calling them in a day or two to see how they enjoyed their EssentialYoga Program experience, and this beautiful little present. They will only notice this gift, if you point it out, so don't be shy!  Make it sound FUN and worthwhile...because it is!

Tap into my "Essential Oil Yogi" series!

Over the last few months, I've started a series of audio recordings called the Essential Oil Yogi, about using certain essential oils in your home yoga practice, classroom or in a workshop format. I provide some background on the oil, and tips for physical and emotional benefit specific to yogis. If you haven't had a chance to listen yet. Take a few moments to do that by clicking on the oil name below to download the recording. I WELCOME your feedback on our secret Academy Facebook page, or in a private email to  It will help me improve! Thank you!

Roman Chamomile

Website Update: New Photo Images

You'll see even more material uploaded to our EssentialYoga Academy website over the coming month. Check out the photo compilation of each month's oils now available on the PHOTOGRAPHY section of our password-protected site.  Here's an example of each month's image:


COMING SOON: Travel and Learn!

I hope you will join me APRIL 7 - 13, 2017 on the beautiful beaches of COSTA RICA for a week's immersion into The EssentialYoga Program and even more Academy training highlights. 

Details will be released within a week, so stay tuned!
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