Volume I, Issue 2 - November 2016
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Welcome to November, Academy Members!

It is with deep gratitude that I send this e-newsletter to all of you who have an interest in growing your doTERRA business in the yoga community using The EssentialYoga Program. 

Gratitude is the theme of this month’s workshop – one I hope you are either teaching somewhere or moving through in your home practice. (Try adding candlelight to an evening workshop with the oils to create a beautiful, calming and peaceful space.)

Our world ever need the peace and joy yoga and doTERRA essential oils can provide right now! 

In this month's newsletter, check out my new series around chakras and oils, beginning with the root chakra, plus a few more tips and ideas you can use in your workshops. Share the oils and enjoy this journey.


Express Your Gratitude to the World

November is the perfect month to pause and notice the things for which we are grateful. Consider sending a short note of thanks to someone who has offered to host a workshop for you or who has done so in the past. Or maybe sending something to encourage a downline friend?

Taking a few moments to write a few kind words on a beautiful note card and mailing it to those who are supporting your doTERRA team building journey, is a great gesture that helps you both.

doTERRA: A Company Doing the Right Things

As I listened to doTERRA CEO, David Stirling, address a group of doTERRA leaders in a training program I recently attended, I was struck with gratitude for the owners of doTERRA who remain steadfastly committed to doing the right things and encouraging us to take the right actions, service, speech, livelihood, etc.  The parallels in the yoga world are worth noting when we review the Yamas and Niyamas.

Maybe that’s why doTERRA can claim the top spot worldwide, in essential oil company scale, quality and purpose. 

Be grateful for your abilities and the smart decision you’ve made to be a part of this movement that brings natural healing back into our homes.

In your next workshop, take a few moments to tell people what strikes you with doTERRA and why they can be proud to align their actions, dollars, time and attention with such a purpose-driven company.

With thanks to True Self Yoga on Pinterest who created and posted this beautiful graphic!

Let's Connect Online

ANYTIME, ONLINE:  Remember to pose your questions and comments on our secret Academy Facebook page. What would you like to know? Post it here and let's get the conversation underway!
LET’S MEET UP ON-LINE: Make sure to join me on our monthly, one-hour ZOOM call. 2 are offered on that day – join in on one or both, your choice.  This month: Wednesday, November 8. Log in details and times are on our website under the Monthly Live Zoom Call tab.

Chakra Balancing with doTERRA Essential Oils

For the next few months, I’d like to explore the use of doTERRA essential oils to activate or balance chakras and our energetic being. This is an interesting approach to use with yoga students or your home practice.

This month, we begin with the root chakra/1st chakra/muladhara or foundation.  

Here’s my situation: I have spent much of the last few years traveling to support my doTERRA team's growth.  Disrupted sleep schedules, coordinating travel details, functioning at full capacity for teaching workshops, means I often need help getting settled when I get there, and when I get home.  Even though I’m an energetic person who is more comfortable in motion than standing still, I’ve found myself drawn to oils that quiet and calm me for balance.  Sound familiar?

“The root chakra is the first chakra located at the base of the spine. It is literally ‘the root’ of your being and establishes the deepest connections with your physical body, your environment, and the earth. Your fight-or-flight response is initiated from this chakra, such is its primal, animal nature. The energy of this chakra allows you to harness courage and resourcefulness.” – Kayla Johnson,

In researching many sources for this series, I’ve found the most common single oils suggested to include the following. Think about how you could incorporate a message about chakra balancing into your next yoga workshop or class using some of the information below:
  • SINGLE OILS: Basil, Cedarwood, Cilantro, Douglas Fir, Frankincense, Geranium, Myrrh, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver, White Fir, Ylang Ylang
  • BLENDS:  AromaTouch, Balance, OnGuard, Deep Blue (sounds like an AromaTouch Technique session!), Console, Peace
According to our friends at the Enlighten group (publishers of Emotions & Essential Oils), the root chakra represents two primary needs that can be addressed through the use of these suggested oils:
  • Primary indications: Feeling unsupported, feeling that one does not belong, disconnected from family, negative generational patterns or issues such as: addiction, abuse, alcoholism, co-dependency, eating disorders etc.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Sense of belonging, feeling safe with one’s family, positive connection with family, generational healing.
  • Supporting oils: Birch, White Fir 
  • Primary indications: Ungrounded, not fully present, difficulty connecting to one’s body, joyless in life, not wanting to be on the earth, disconnected from nature.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Grounded, present, full participation in earth life, solid connection with one’s physical body.
  • Supporting oils: Balance, Myrrh, White Fir

GREAT READ: Chakra Wellness Made Simple

By Connie Boucher with Dr Susan Lawton
$22.95 from

This book is a wonderful addition to your library on oils. It includes affirmations, blends, crystals, suggestions for healthy lifestyle choices and more.  Put a copy on your shopping list this month as a gift to YOU!

“Chakra Wellness Made Simple is colorful, easy to read and fun. It takes the weirdness out of chakras and will give you a clearer understanding of how they tie into everything. It is designed to be used as  a reference guide, and to inspire you to take good care of yourself, so you can enjoy the happiest, healthiest and most fulfilling life possible!”

Silly Tip? Maybe, maybe not?

I got a kick out of this idea found in a blog post from the Aromahead Institute last year. Not sure that this is the first thing I’d bring up – but if it DID come up in conversation…

“If you’re running a studio, it’s also a good idea to use aromatherapy and essential oils in the bathroom. They cut through funky smells, and keep the space neat and clean without resorting to toxic chemicals. Lemon (Citrus limon), Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and Juniper Berry (Juniperus communis) are a few essential oils that can disinfect surfaces and make a room smell amazing.”

25 Resources To Share Emotional Value of Oils

I’ve assembled a list of books, tools and tear pad ideas you may want to investigate to discuss the use of doTERRA oils for emotional purposes.  Click here for a copy. 

COMING SOON: Travel and Learn!

Watch for details coming soon about my April 2017 Costa Rica EssentialYoga Academy immersion week.

It is going to be an outstanding trip for learning together on every level.

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